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Beating France to Botany Bay
by Margaret Cameron-Ash

The reason French isn’t Australia’s native tongue? Well, it was a close run thing, as Margaret Cameron-Ash details in her page-turning account of the race between superpowers that would determine if the Union Jack or Tricoleur claimed the Great South Land. Order here


The Persecution of George Pell
by Keith Windschuttle

Had it not been for the High Court, an innocent man might still be in prison for a ‘crime’ that simply could not have been committed as VicPol’s stitch-up of an investigation insisted. Windschuttle lays bare the travesty of Pell’s persecution in a forensic examination of what may well be the most appalling legal and media lynching in living memory. Order here


Bitter Harvest
by Peter O’Brien

Fauxborigine Bruce Pascoe was pocketing awards and prizes all over when O’Brien picked up his Dark Emu ‘truer history’ and realised within a few pages that it was not merely a work of slipshod scholarship but, far worse than that, a brazen confection written in the ink of bare-faced gall. Order here


The White Australia Policy
by Keith Windschuttle

Academic historians argue Australia’s immigration policy was so shamefully racist it bears comparison with South Africa under apartheid, even suggesting it represented an overture to the ‘master race’ nationalism of Nazi Germany. None of this resembles the truth, not even remotely. Order here

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