Nancy’s latest romp

nancy IIGerard Henderson’s Media Watch Dog, published late on Friday afternoons, is never to be missed, this week’s edition more than most. In addition to a forensic dissection of David Marr’s hatchet job on Cardinal George Pell, The Prince, there is this on Melbourne’s terminally ill Age newspaper and its Sydney stablemate, the SMH:

…. over many years Fairfax Media’s management and editors have allowed their journalists to sneer at traditional readers and advertisers from a left perspective – with attacks on believers, parents who send their children to non-government schools, political conservatives, businesses and the like. Is it any wonder that many of Fairfax Media’s small but still significant conservative readers abandoned The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald? ….

… No wonder so many former buyers of Fairfax Media newspapers are abandoning The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald. After all, the Green Left Weekly does the same job for a fraction of the price.

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