Caroline Cooper: ‘Green’


I am Green, I’m the colour of bile
I’m jealousy, envy, a hue on the Nile.

I’m Kermit’s colour, and Neptune’s cave
A golf course green, an ocean’s wave.

I’m the colour of peace, an Olympic ring
Ivy and holly, a parrot’s wing.

I’m an exit sign, and Green for Go
I’m crème de menthe, the grass you mow.

A martini olive, an apple core
And khaki soldiers off to war.

A country meadow, St Patrick’s Day
Broccoli, peas and spinach soufflé.

I’m a leaf in the forest lit by the sun
I’m a pine tree, jade, a geranium.

I’m a cluster of emeralds, a stormy sea
A naive young person, Japanese tea.

I’ve a place in the rainbow, I’m the colour of lime
And distant hills and oozing slime.

I’m a starboard light, a turquoise gem
A praying mantis, daffodil stem.

All these things I make green for you
Love me too.
Don’t let me be blue.

Caroline Cooper

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