John Thatcher: ‘Miss Wiles and Miss Lewis’

Miss Wiles and Miss Lewis

Powdered nose and over-rouged cheeks,
Kindness felt even before she speaks,
Loving, caring for the children of others,
Little sisters and little brothers.

A dedicated teacher for many years,
Cuddling the hurt, wiping the tears.
Life given in the service of others,
Trusted friend of so many mothers.

Dreams defeated; chances lost,
One more victim of war-time cost.
Life alone in a loveless space,
Turned to joy in a child’s face.

Selfless life: she asks no prize,
Satisfied only with the loving eyes
Of her charges’ smiling glances,
At art lessons and folksy dances.

We cry for young men
Never thinking of women.
Male lives that were lost
But women bore the cost.

John Thatcher

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