Editions: 2009

December 2009 Volume LIII, No. 12

The Travails of the New South Africa

Andrew Kenny
The Language of “Bullying” and “Harassment”
Anna Wierzbicka
The Swing
Anna Buck
What’s Wrong with Australian Fiction?
David Free
That Was It
Neil McDonald
Todd Hardy

November 2009 Volume LIII, No. 11

The Flawed Rationalism of Christopher Hitchens

Gary Clark
Some Problems in the Art World
Patrick Morgan
Two Poems: 1
Melinda Smith
From Red China to Reagan’s America
Ben-Peter Terpstra
Confronting the Confrontationalists
Chad Swanson
The Year I Nearly Went to India
Bruce Dawe

October 2009 Volume LIII, No. 10

The Extraordinary Robert Conquest

John Whitworth
The History Wars and the Holocaust
Mervyn F. Bendle
A Novel Look at Faith
Sophie Masson
The House of Figs
Robyn Lance
The Mole and the Letter
Michael Connor
In Candide’s Garden
Peter Coleman

September 2009 Volume LIII, No. 9

Human Rights and the Unborn

Angela Shanahan
Not Just America
Patricia Anderson
Peter Skrzynecki
How Derivatives Brought On the Crash
Lincoln Wright
Blue Poles and Mediocrity
Chad Swanson
Janine Fraser

July - August 2009 Volume LIII, No. 7-8

The Lessons of Black Saturday

Ray Evans
Veronica’s Robe de Chambre
Anamaria Beligan
Cloning the Thylacine
Allen Greer
Bloody Diamonds
John Eppel
Science and Its Limits
D.M. Armstrong
Religions in Decline and in the Ascendant
Patrick Morgan

June 2009 Volume LIII, No. 6

Following Keynes to Disaster

Hugh Morgan
A Chinese Lear on a quivering rock
Michael Connor
The unimportance of mountains
Peter Coghill
Spying on Friends
Donat Gallagher
Playing the Radical
William Briggs
North-West Tasmania
Leon Trainor

May 2009 Volume LIII, No. 5

Greaseproof Rose

Les Murray
Bill Stanner and the End of Aboriginal High Culture
Keith Windschuttle
Australian Apologetics for Islam
Peter Day
Ten Haiku
Gary Hotham
A Bill of Wrongs
John Izzard
Two Bottle Blues
Graham Sheil

April 2009 Volume LIII, No. 4

A New Policy Direction for Climate Change

Bob Carter
Revenue Raising
Michael Wilding
The Wonder
John Whitworth
All the World’s a Playstation
Tom Quirk
Choosing to Forget
Margaret Barbalet
A Question for God
Knute Skinner

March 2009 Volume LIII, No. 3

A Marathon for Australian Art

Patricia Anderson
More Control, Less Prosperity
Des Moore
Australia: Echoes of Xavier Herbert
Laurie Hergenhan
The High Price of PC Power
Ray Evans & Tom Quirk
The Great Australian Folk Song That Wasn’t
Keith McKenry
Obama and the Weathermen
Mervyn F. Bendle

January - February 2009 Volume LIII, No. 1-2

Dreaming and Nightmares in Central Australia

Peter Vallee
Spark on Evil
Michael Giffin
The Two Horsemen
Peter Kocan
War and the City in the New Urban Century
Michael Evans
Pale Imitations
Neil McDonald
Sea Shanty
Philippa Martyr