Editions: 2009

December 2009 Volume LIII, No. 12

Hanging On to the Bitter End

Jack Robertson
Sophie Masson
Last Rite for a White
Derek Fenton
On Liberty
Mervyn F. Bendle
And So Much More…
David Askew
A Return Visit to Mount Darwin
Derek Fenton

November 2009 Volume LIII, No. 11

The Most Accurate Prediction in History

Bernard Levin
The Frederic Manning Revival
Laurie Hergenhan
Giant Bamboo
Andrew Lansdown
The Future of the Pax Americana
Daryl McCann
The Journey of Beethoven’s Hair
Agnes Selby
In Praise of Etymology
Suzanne Edgar

October 2009 Volume LIII, No. 10

The Extraordinary Robert Conquest

John Whitworth
The Museum against Democracy
David Barnett
Silent Magic
Neil McDonald
Geoff Page
New Deal or Bad Deal?
Geoffrey Luck
Taipan Run
Ron Rodgers

September 2009 Volume LIII, No. 9

Utopia, Superstition and Keynes

Peter Smith
What Shall We Do with Our Lives?
Peter Coleman
Unfinished Symphony
Bert Almon
By the Nerds, For the Nerds
David Alexander
Death and the Poets
Roger Sandall
The Draw
Sebastian Schloessingk

July - August 2009 Volume LIII, No. 7-8

Science and Its Limits

D.M. Armstrong
Religions in Decline and in the Ascendant
Patrick Morgan
What Would Keynes Say Now?
P.D. Jonson
The Neo-Socialism of the Twenty-First Century
Steven Kates
David Williamson by Mrs Williamson
Michael Connor
Desorientation a Deux
Graeme Hetherington

June 2009 Volume LIII, No. 6

The Surge to Success

Tom Switzer
What is “the Chinese Language”?
Ted Rule
Belvedere Gardens, Vienna
Graeme Hetherington
Ah, McGeough, You’ve Done It Again
Michael Danby
Missing the Point
David Free
Derek Fenton

May 2009 Volume LIII, No. 5

Bill Stanner and the End of Aboriginal High Culture

Keith Windschuttle
Australian Apologetics for Islam
Peter Day
Ten Haiku
Gary Hotham
A Bill of Wrongs
John Izzard
Two Bottle Blues
Graham Sheil
Libby Sommer

April 2009 Volume LIII, No. 4

Reflections of a Neo-Liberal

Steven Kates
Things as They Are, and Were
Stephen McInerney
Slightly Grubby (Melbourne)
Ashlley Morgan-Shae
Kevin Rudd as Philosopher-Politician
Geoffrey Luck
Buying for the Gallery
Patricia Anderson
Epitaph for John Mortimer
Hal G.P. Colebatch

March 2009 Volume LIII, No. 3

A Marathon for Australian Art

Patricia Anderson
More Control, Less Prosperity
Des Moore
Australia: Echoes of Xavier Herbert
Laurie Hergenhan
The High Price of PC Power
Ray Evans & Tom Quirk
The Great Australian Folk Song That Wasn’t
Keith McKenry
Obama and the Weathermen
Mervyn F. Bendle

January - February 2009 Volume LIII, No. 1-2

A Soldier’s View of the Iraq War

Michael O’Connor
Leon Trainor
Jim’s Monologue
Geoff Page
Seeing and Not Seeing
Patricia Anderson
Good Luck, Lads
Alan Gould
Peter Kocan