Editions: 2009

December 2009 Volume LIII, No. 12

Heroic acting in the stalls

Michael Connor
Le Vieil Homme Assis
Myra Schneider
How True Was Freud?
Rafe Champion
Annus Mirabilis Reversed
Jamie Grant
The Limits to State Regulation
Des Moore
Requiem for Alexander Buzo
Jamie Grant

November 2009 Volume LIII, No. 11

The secret plan to invade sydney

Michael Connor
Refusing to Be Victims
J. J. Spigelman
My Grandpa … And Yours
Alison McNaught
The Tanah Merah Exiles in Australia
Ross Fitzgerald & Graham Irvine
What Happened at Bardia?
John Donovan
Cracking the Shits
Edith Speers

October 2009 Volume LIII, No. 10

The Extraordinary Robert Conquest

John Whitworth
Visual Arts, Untaught and Unlearned
Alan Lee
Surviveor and Authority
Douglas Hassall
Madrid Zoo
Graeme Hetherington
Passing the Bradman Test
James Allan
A Semi-Education for All
Peter Ryan

September 2009 Volume LIII, No. 9

How the War in the West was Won

Geoffrey Luck
Duped and Self-Duped
Patrick Morgan
And the Oscar Goes to …
Peter Kocan
Rogue History
Michael Connor
Views of Darwin
James Franklin
Mark Lewis

July - August 2009 Volume LIII, No. 7-8

Taking Pascal’s Wager

Peter Coleman
The Politics of School Choice
Kevin Donnelly
Rudd, Blair, and Reform of the Public Sector
John McDonnell
I am a Woman; Heartbreak Hotel
John Whitworth
About Autumn
Andrew Lansdown
Poetry in the Movies
John Izzard

June 2009 Volume LIII, No. 6

The Australian Crowns and the Rules of Succession

Anne Twomey
Alva’s Boy by Alan Collins
Lee Shrubb
Sleazy Sod; Sunflower
Ashlley Morgan-Shae
The Apparel Oft Proclaims the Man
James Allan
Pedder by Max Angus
Giles Auty
Lucy K. Hahn

May 2009 Volume LIII, No. 5

The Bombing of Darwin

Tom Frame
The Widow Clicquot
Philippa Martyr
Melbourne Burning
Ashlley Morgan-Shae
The Lamb Enters the Dreaming: Nathanael Pepper and the Ruptured World, by Robert Kenny
Robert Murray
Giving It Away
Hal G.P. Colebatch
Conservatism in America: Making Sense of the American Right, by Paul Edward Gottfried
Peter Kocan

April 2009 Volume LIII, No. 4

Turning Points

Harry G. Gelber
Anzac Bridge
Sheryl Persson
Green Myths About Australian Farming
David F. Smith
The Biases of Genocide Studies (Part II)
William D. Rubinstein
The October Tree; Stingrays
Shane McCauley
The Beersheba Photograph
Neil McDonald

March 2009 Volume LIII, No. 3

A Marathon for Australian Art

Patricia Anderson
More Control, Less Prosperity
Des Moore
Australia: Echoes of Xavier Herbert
Laurie Hergenhan
The High Price of PC Power
Ray Evans & Tom Quirk
The Great Australian Folk Song That Wasn’t
Keith McKenry
Obama and the Weathermen
Mervyn F. Bendle

January - February 2009 Volume LIII, No. 1-2

A Place for Rhetoric

J. J. Spigelman
A Family History of Smoking by Andrew Riemer
Penelope Nelson
The Contradictions of the Garnaut Report
Tim Curtin
Scare Campaigns and Science Reporting
Sharon Gould
Philippa Martyr
Contradictions in the Garnaut Report (ii)
Tim Curtin