Editions: 2009

December 2009 Volume LIII, No. 12

The Limits to State Regulation

Des Moore
Requiem for Alexander Buzo
Jamie Grant
Economics and Socialism Don’t Mix
Peter Smith
Summer in a Time of War
Jamie Grant
The New Frontier of Modern Art
Chad Swanson
The Composition Hut
Myra Schneider

November 2009 Volume LIII, No. 11

The Annus Mirabilis of a Subdued Radical

David Bird
Standard Habbie
Jamie Grant
Alison McNaught
From Muhammad to Anthony Mundine
Barry Peters
Dividing the Unknown
Hal G.P. Colebatch
Ashlley Morgan-Shae

October 2009 Volume LIII, No. 10

The Extraordinary Robert Conquest

John Whitworth
How to Feed the African Poor
David F. Smith
We Are Under Siege
Dikra Ridha
Four short poems
Jennifer Compton
Flowers, Books and a Bucket
Ted Rule
The Gun Shop; The Gods
Geoff Page

September 2009 Volume LIII, No. 9

Conversations with Djilas

Desmond O'Grady
Believing in Cliches
Hal Colebatch
Living Below the Poetry Line
Andrew Slattery
The Future of Journalism
Stephen Quinn
Woman of Letters
Ann Dix
David Chandler

July - August 2009 Volume LIII, No. 7-8

Taking Pascal’s Wager

Peter Coleman
The Politics of School Choice
Kevin Donnelly
Rudd, Blair, and Reform of the Public Sector
John McDonnell
I am a Woman; Heartbreak Hotel
John Whitworth
About Autumn
Andrew Lansdown
Poetry in the Movies
John Izzard

June 2009 Volume LIII, No. 6

John Vincent Barry

J.B. Paul
Chinese Calligraphy
Oliver Burckhardt
The Fate of the Cicadas
Brian Hawkins
Adela Pankhurst and The Rule of Law
John Gava
The Chatterers of Australia
Peter Ryan
The Spanish Wife
Sophie Masson

May 2009 Volume LIII, No. 5

The Lamb Enters the Dreaming: Nathanael Pepper and the Ruptured World, by Robert Kenny

Robert Murray
Giving It Away
Hal G.P. Colebatch
Conservatism in America: Making Sense of the American Right, by Paul Edward Gottfried
Peter Kocan
The Miseries of a Defence Minister
Michael O’Connor
Partisans of Allah
Paul Stenhouse
The Fabrication-Deniers
John Dawson

April 2009 Volume LIII, No. 4

The Beersheba Photograph

Neil McDonald
Sylvia’s Verse; Right Thinking; A Nearly Ballade of Poetic Misery
John Whitworth
The mesmerising Guy Pearce
Michael Connor
I Go Cold with the Memory of It; Green Light
Knute Skinner
Nancy Borlase
Peter Coleman
The Leavings; Doing the Laundry; Lament of the Ageing Bird-watcher
Suzanne Edgar

March 2009 Volume LIII, No. 3

A Marathon for Australian Art

Patricia Anderson
More Control, Less Prosperity
Des Moore
Australia: Echoes of Xavier Herbert
Laurie Hergenhan
The High Price of PC Power
Ray Evans & Tom Quirk
The Great Australian Folk Song That Wasn’t
Keith McKenry
Obama and the Weathermen
Mervyn F. Bendle

January - February 2009 Volume LIII, No. 1-2

Prenatal Diagnosis – Benefit or Betrayal?

Deirdre Therese Little
A Last Message from Your Leaders; Respected Poet
John Whitworth
The Day I Turned Left
Michael Connor
Send Me Jenny Agutter
Peter Kocan
Saigon as War Loomed
Bern Brent
Learning Portuguese
Jan Owen