Editions: 2008

December 2008 Volume LII, No. 12

On Being a Co-Author

Peter Coleman
Why We Need to Revive Federalism
Henry Ergas
Chairman Rudd’s Education Revolution
Kevin Donnelly
Clunes 1873 – The Uprising That Wasn’t
Christopher Heathcote
Of the Fist
John Eppel
Libby Sommer

November 2008 Volume LII, No. 11

The Cultural Roots of Aboriginal Violence

James Franklin
Bastard Boys, Bill Kelty and Spin
Ross Martin
Morning Song
Gary Clark
Skiing in the Main Range
Barbara Fisher
If I Had a Hammer
Murray Mitchell
An Afternoon Prayer
Gary Clark

October 2008 Volume LII, No. 10

How to Rethink Arts Funding

Michael Connor
The Prehistory of 1968
Mervyn F. Bendle
Stuart Macintyre and the Blainey Affair
Keith Windschuttle
The March
Russell Erwin
Three Poems
Elizabeth Lewis
The Atheist Delusion of Richard Dawkins
Antony Flew

September 2008 Volume LII, No. 9

Jeffrey Smart and the Voyage to Europe

Ian Marsh
To Go Away
Myra Schneider
Judaism in Transition 175 BCE to 150 CE: Christian and Jewish Perspectives, edited by James S. McLaren
Robert Murray
Philippa Martyr
Myra Schneider
On David Williamson
Michael Connor

July - August 2008 Volume LII, No. 7-8


Phillipa Martyr
Jennifer Compton
Like Smoke
John Whitworth
Dog in a Box
Michael Connor
The Farm Terraces
Les Murray
The Pornification of Girlhood
Melinda Tankard Reist

June 2008 Volume LII, No. 6

The Regeneration of Night

Gary Clark
Honk for Shakespeare
Michael Connor
Family Duties
Alan Smith
Remembering the Forgotten
Peter Ryan
A Pew In a House
Russell Erwin
Room Vacant
Peter Kocan

May 2008 Volume LII, No. 5


Shane McCauley
Pluto Deposed
William Rush
Shane McCauley
Two Naked Emperors
Peter Ryan
Sigmund Freud’s Antique Gods
Patricia Anderson
Dictionary Certified
Shane McCauley

April 2008 Volume LII, No. 4

Two Plays, Two Directors

Michael Connor
Bird Nesting
Andy Halksworth
The St Thomas More Forum Papers, 2005-2007
Sophie Masson
The Cut-Lunch Commandos
Max Teichmann
Who Wants to Teach Physics?
John Daicopoulos
Phillip Hall

March 2008 Volume LII, No. 3

January - February 2008 Volume LII, No. 1-2

Dancing Around

Kerry Conway
Policy Debate in the Rudd Years
Chris Lewis
Geoff Page
Cherry Blossom
John Whitworth
Old suburban country gardens
Julian Croft
Small Hours
Ashley Martin