Editions: 2008

December 2008 Volume LII, No. 12

On Being a Co-Author

Peter Coleman
Why We Need to Revive Federalism
Henry Ergas
Chairman Rudd’s Education Revolution
Kevin Donnelly
Clunes 1873 – The Uprising That Wasn’t
Christopher Heathcote
Of the Fist
John Eppel
Libby Sommer

November 2008 Volume LII, No. 11

The Cultural Roots of Aboriginal Violence

James Franklin
The Futile Quest for Climate Control
Robert M. Carter
The Return of the Old-Fashioned Thriller
Neil McDonald
Walking Along Stansbury Foreshore
Gary Clark
The Nolans at St Kilda Pier
Sheryl Persson
Penny’s New HAT
Michael Galak

October 2008 Volume LII, No. 10

How to Rethink Arts Funding

Michael Connor
The Prehistory of 1968
Mervyn F. Bendle
Stuart Macintyre and the Blainey Affair
Keith Windschuttle
Lord Mansfield and the Culture of Improvement
J. J. Spigelman
The Education Counter-Revolution
Mark Lopez
Rehabilitating Australia’s National Museum
Rob Foot

September 2008 Volume LII, No. 9

Aboriginal Employment and the CDEP

John Stone
Personals Ad
Philippa Martyr
Man of the World
Jack Sexton
The Democracy Rock
Frank Devine
bad day
Carole Wilkins
Philippa Martyr

July - August 2008 Volume LII, No. 7-8

Today is for Swimming

Kristen Roberts
The Head of State Debate Resolved
David Flint
Les Murray
On the Way to Your Funeral
Kristen Roberts
Home Alone
Frank Devine
The Woman on the Train to Venice
Patrick Walsh

June 2008 Volume LII, No. 6

Singapore High-Rise Restaurant

Hal G.P. Colebatch
The Hours
Jeff Guess
The Fine Art of Benefaction
Patricia Anderson
Regulation and the Regulatory Burden
Chris Berg
Hal G.P. Colebatch
Jeff Guess

May 2008 Volume LII, No. 5

Sigmund Freud’s Antique Gods

Patricia Anderson
Dictionary Certified
Shane McCauley
The Brave New Conformity
Peter Saunders
Things Diana Mosley Told Me
Philip Ayres
Searching the Past
Neil McDonald
Last Sister
Elizabeth Smither

April 2008 Volume LII, No. 4

Vale Paddy McGuinness

Tony Abbot
The Right Word
Paul Dolphin
Czech Republic (2)
Graeme Hetherington
Fine Romances
Neil McDonald
Bent as an Arrow
Rod Usher
John Howard and the Constitution
James Allan

March 2008 Volume LII, No. 3

January - February 2008 Volume LII, No. 1-2

A Love of Headaches

Richard Baker
“I’ll Take the Fifth on That”
Helen Dale
In What Dimension?
Neil McDonald
Geoff Page
Quine’s Pine
John Whitworth
What Makes a Man a Hero
Iain Bamforth