Editions: 2008

December 2008 Volume LII, No. 12

Wadeye: Failed State as Cultural Triumph

Patrick McCauley
On Being a Co-Author
Peter Coleman
Why We Need to Revive Federalism
Henry Ergas
Chairman Rudd’s Education Revolution
Kevin Donnelly
Clunes 1873 – The Uprising That Wasn’t
Christopher Heathcote
Of the Fist
John Eppel

November 2008 Volume LII, No. 11

The Cultural Roots of Aboriginal Violence

James Franklin
320 Years of Freedom
David Flint
Standing Up and Speaking Well
John Izzard
Coming Home to Tea
John Eppel
Van Demonisation
John Dawson
Read All About Him
Robert Murray

October 2008 Volume LII, No. 10

How to Rethink Arts Funding

Michael Connor
The Prehistory of 1968
Mervyn F. Bendle
Stuart Macintyre and the Blainey Affair
Keith Windschuttle
New Misdirections in Kinship Studies
Warren Shapiro
Illusions of Climate Science
William Kininmonth
Moxham Ave
Jennifer Compton

September 2008 Volume LII, No. 9

Religion in a Secular Society

Nicholas Tonti-Filippini
Shane McCauley
Nude or Naked
Patricia Anderson
Some Hollywood Good Guys
George Thomas
Australian Rules Football as Secret Men’s Business
Patrick McCauley
They’ve Changed the Guards
Olivia Byard

July - August 2008 Volume LII, No. 7-8

The Ethics of Literary Hoaxes

Simon Caterson
No Going Back
Rod Usher
Garnaut and Climate Change
A Restored Masterpiece
Neil McDonald
China, Taiwan, and the Future of Geopolitics
Paul Monk
The Soft-Marking Syndrome

June 2008 Volume LII, No. 6

Today Is Shopping Day

Russell Erwin
Short Takes IV
Alan Gould
Doc Martin, Culture Warrior
Frank Devine
Women in Christopher Koch’s Novels
There is a God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind, by Antony Flew
Dennis O'Keeffe
John Clare Catches A Scent of Goose Grass in the Grounds of Northhampton Asylum
Jan Hutchison

May 2008 Volume LII, No. 5

America as the New Rome

Mervyn F Bendle
The Bad Guy Gets Booed. Understood?
Frank Devine
Two Weeks On
Geoff Page
Fascism and the Left
Michael Warby
Securing Australia’s “Special Intersection”
Michael Evans
Cannibalism: A White Colonist Fiction?
Geoffrey Partington

April 2008 Volume LII, No. 4

Responsible Government – in Dilution

I.D.F. Callinan
At Passchendaele
Lyle Dunne
Mosquito Meditations
Andrew Lansdown
Jan Owen
The Fox and the Hedgehog
Simon Caterson
The Case for a National Security Strategy
Michael Evans

March 2008 Volume LII, No. 3

January - February 2008 Volume LII, No. 1-2

The Liberals: The NSW Division 1945-2000, by Ian Hancock

Peter Coleman
Ever-Ready Ted
Jeremy Gadd
The Pen-Pusher is Mightier
Michael O’Connor
Even Children
Geoff Page
Jennifer Compton
Anti-Semitism, Its Origins and Prognosis
Michael Galak