Editions: 2008

December 2008 Volume LII, No. 12

On Being a Co-Author

Peter Coleman
Why We Need to Revive Federalism
Henry Ergas
Chairman Rudd’s Education Revolution
Kevin Donnelly
Clunes 1873 – The Uprising That Wasn’t
Christopher Heathcote
Of the Fist
John Eppel
Libby Sommer

November 2008 Volume LII, No. 11

The Cultural Roots of Aboriginal Violence

James Franklin
How to Think About Strategic Futures
Paul Monk
Philippa Martyr
Knute Skinner
Faith, Hope but Not Much Charity
Michael O’Connor
My Friendly Neighbourhood Psychiatrist
Philippa Martyr

October 2008 Volume LII, No. 10

How to Rethink Arts Funding

Michael Connor
The Prehistory of 1968
Mervyn F. Bendle
Stuart Macintyre and the Blainey Affair
Keith Windschuttle
Rod Moran
Double Vision
Alan Gould
Our Misgoverned Universities
James Allan

September 2008 Volume LII, No. 9


Dan Guenther
Leonski’s Grave
John Stephenson
On the Street
J.R. McRae
Shots Fired by Sam Francis
Peter Kocan
The Other Side of Sunset: Memories of One of the Last True Pioneer Settlements in Victoria, by Campbell Curtis
Peter Ryan
On Burchett by Tibor Meray
Patrick Morgan

July - August 2008 Volume LII, No. 7-8

Midnight Train from Budapest

Sev Sternhell
Jennifer Compton
What We Achieved In Iraq
Brendan Nelson
Haddon Chambers and the Long Arm of Neglect
Roger Neill
A Tale of Two Leaders
David Lee
The Burning Fiery Furnace
John Whitworth

June 2008 Volume LII, No. 6

In the Course of Duty

Hugh Canham
The Soft-Marking Syndrome
Malcolm Saunders
A Depressing New Agenda for Aboriginal Politics
Keith Windschuttle
The Gentleman from the Lotteries Commission
Martin R. Johnson
Culture Wars in Regional Australia
Douglas Hassall
Getting the Schools Back to Basics
Kevin Donnelly

May 2008 Volume LII, No. 5

America as the New Rome

Mervyn F Bendle
“Unswerving Loyalty”
David W. Lovell
Will China Fail? The Limits and Contradictions of Market Socialism, by John Lee
Ted Rule
Shane McCauley
Pluto Deposed
William Rush
Shane McCauley

April 2008 Volume LII, No. 4

The Obsession of David Scott Mitchell

Peter Coleman
Love and the Morally Ambiguous
Damien Freeman
Witch Hunt
Philippa Martyr
Moral Sentiments
Roger Sandall
History and Meaning
B.J. Coman
God’s Secretaries: The Making of the King James Bible, by Adam Nicolson
Michael Giffin

March 2008 Volume LII, No. 3

January - February 2008 Volume LII, No. 1-2

Poems from Lerici: Minòn

Paolo Bertolani/Jennifer Compton
Solving Two Problems with Nuclear Power
Leslie Kemeny
Geoff Page
The Art and Craft of Luncheon
Peter Ryan
Dancing Around
Kerry Conway
Policy Debate in the Rudd Years
Chris Lewis