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Hooray for Pallywood!

American columnist and blogger Don Surber is always worth reading, his latest effort particularly so.

…Israel is well on its way to ridding the world of Hamas as the West now rejects the Palestinian Propaganda machine — Pallywood — which fakes war crimes by Israel while committing war crimes against Israel.

Palestinian actor Saleh Aljafarawi, 25, appeared in so many of the videos that Americans began calling him Mister FAFO — the acronym for F*** Around, F*** Out. Palestinians are learning what FAFO means.

Liel Leibovitz, editor-at-large for Tablet Magazine, wrote, “Why do we love him so? Why has he become the subject of so much attention, on social media and in the press? Because he is the pure embodiment of a greater truth: We live in an age that has progressed beyond rational argument.

“It should be obvious by now that so many of the creeps who purport to weep for Palestine don’t really care about Palestinians, dead or alive, or about Israelis, or about the historical and moral intricacies of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. What they want is an excuse to indulge in something deeper, more libidinal, ancient, and indeed erotic — hating Jews.

“They cheer for Mister FAFO not despite the fact that he’s so obviously faking it but precisely because of it. His performances promise liberation from the annoyances of a fact-based reality whose contradictions are inherently troubling, and instead affirm that old motto coined by Hasan-i Sabbah, the 12th-century founder of the Hashashin, or the Order of the Assassins — nothing is true, everything is permitted.”

Surber’s piece, which wonders why the likes of the BBC lend their credibility to the blatant confections of Hamas propagandists, can be read in full via this link.

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    That piteous Palestinian kid with the extra finger on the left hand is showing syndactyly brought about by the effects of the merciless and unwarranted Israeli bombing of Hamas peace protesters. The type of syndactyly depicted here is a rare type resulting from the Photoshopus transmogrificus pathogen which develops in wartime scenarios.

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