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It’s enough to make you feel the battle has been lost once and for all, that truth no longer counts and garlands rest, courtesy of the managerial satraps of which Edwin Dyga writes at left, on the heads of rogues. The latest frolic in the PC cesspit comes courtesy of the Children’s Book Council of Australia, which has just awarded its top prize to Bruce Pascoe for his Young Dark Emu. This decision came despite the CBCA being informed by a number of correspondents that the book, like its author, is a shameless fraud.

Below, friend of Quadrant Lindsay Hackett voices his disgust in a letter to those who decided lies are fit reading material for children.

The Children’s Book Council of Australia is to be condemned for awarding first prize to Bruce Pascoe’s book, Young Dark Emu. This book of fiction and distortion of fact does not comply with the selection criteria for the award which is that the book must have the prime intention of documenting factual material.

I am aware that the CBCA was informed by several people that Pascoe’s book was not factual, rather clearly an ideological piece of propaganda. Even a cursory investigation of Pascoe’s sources would have revealed the falsehood of his claims.

Australian children will now be brainwashed with Pascoe’s falsehoods. The CBCA should be ashamed and will, until reformed, have no relevance for those who really care about children’s literature.

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  • L Louis

    As I emphasised to Ms Kate Flamsteed, National Executive Officer CBCA, on 21/7/20, “The Eve Pownall Judging Panel bears a heavy responsibility as Young Dark Emu is being introduced into schools, and its opinions will influence teachers ill equipped to make a critical evaluation of the book.” And I requested that my critique of Dark Emu be forwarded to members of the Judging Panel.

    The Eve Pownall Judging Panel for the 2020 Book of the Year Awards:
    Melinda Allan is the Reading Coordinator at Eltham Library
    Narissa Leung works as a literacy consultant in schools across Victoria
    Lucy Long is currently working for the Federal Dept of the Environment and Energy

    L J Louis ( retired Associate Professor of History).

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