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Enemies of pleasure

At Powerline a guest poster notes what may well be the universal and defining characteristic of the Left: its sheer and utter joylessness

… Think about how the leftists have spoiled every single source of joy. You like new cars? Do you fondly remember your first car? Well, then you are clearly a BAD PERSON. To quote the world’s angriest (and probably by now richest) teenager, St. Greta, “HOW DARE YOU?” Why, your love of fossil fuels and the internal combustion engine have RUINED Greta’s life. She only has 7, maybe 8, years left to spend all her loot! All so YOU can get from Point A to Point B without consulting a schedule for a noisy, belching bus filled with a diverse array of losers and fare-beaters who are hoping to assault you and take your money.

Perhaps – in my opinion – the only thing more fun than a new car is a new BABY. The good folks at Zero Population Growth were willing to allow you TWO of the little critters, one more than the ChiComs. A friend with three kids out for a walk in California had one of the baby-haters come up to her and say, “Your third child is breathing my air.” Seriously. I would love to introduce her to one of my favorite commenters who calls herself “Homeschooling Mother of Eleven” and watch her stroke out. (Bonus ancient Steve Allen joke: “In China, a woman has a baby every 3 seconds…we must FIND this woman and stop her…”)

Read the whole piece before some neo-wowser gets it banned.

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