Education’s Tertiary Condition

The Australian reports:

A SYDNEY woman faces up to two years’ jail after being charged over computer hacking that led to student records about a $60,000 scholarship granted to Tony ­Abbott’s daughter being leaked to the online magazine New Matilda.

NSW police have charged Freya Newman, a 21-year-old communications student from the University of Technology, Sydney, with unauthorised access to restricted data held in a computer.

Ms Newman was served with a court attendance notice at her home on Monday night to appear on the charge before a magistrate next month.

It will be up to the courts to decide Ms Newman’s guilt or innocence, but as a guide to the things that occupy young minds in Australia’s fine tertiary institutions, here are the 21-year-old’s areas of interest and inquiry, as listed on the University of Technology’s website:

Indigenous or Aboriginal Studies, Settler Colonialism & Its Legacies, Sovereignty, Colonialism, Indigenous Studies, Imperialism, Empire, Postcolonial Feminism, Critical Race Theory, Transnational Feminism, Critical Disability Studies, Feminist Disability Studies, and Gender Studies

Quadrant Online contributor Walter Starck may well be on to something…

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