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Climate notes

In late November, Brazil informed the United Nations it wouldn’t be hosting yet another of the endless climate conferences of which lobbyists, rent-seekers, hangers-on and politicians who enjoy room service are so very fond. The nation’s new environment minister, Ricardo Salles, explains in the subtitled clip below why the Bolsonaro government pulled the plug.

On another front, David Bidstrup writes:

… Funnily enough, global cooling is again on the agenda backed up by some science on solar cycles and past climate events like the “little ice age”. The Arctic ice refuses to die even though the climate change boosters have been giving it another year to disappear every year for the last 15 years. Greenland is amassing ice, glaciers are growing and Europe and the USA are enduring horrifically cold winters with “record” snow. This is apparently caused by carbon dioxide. The Great Barrier Reef is OK and Australian summer temperatures are normal despite all the “scientists” telling us they are not.

The media are in climate frenzy with dire stories every day about “heat waves”, “extreme temperatures” and other twaddle which can be challenged by looking at past records. Even an old bloke like me can spot it …

Follow this link for the full post, all of it worth reading.As for global warming, this is what it looks like in Austria right about now.

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