The ABC loses Australia’s jihadis

abc mapThe ABC today features a report detailing where ISIS recruits are coming from, complete with a gee-whiz map (above) that invites the viewer to hover his or her cursor over various spots on the globe and learn how many weird-beard inductees have departed from those particular locations for Iraq and environs. Fascinating stuff it is, too. The interactive map tells us, for example, that some 60 jihadis hail from Norway, 30 from Ireland and 100 out of Canada.

Curiously, there seems to be something missing.

According to the ABC’s cartographers, the world extends no further than the north-west corner of Western Australia, which means no information is readily available on the number of Australian passport holders — as opposed to bona fide Australians — who have traded Centrelink for Syria.

Why the ABC chose to omit our homegrown moocher-hideen is a matter for speculation, not least because the accompanying story mentions that between 100 and 250 jumbuk jihadis are now throwing homosexuals off tall buildings, conducting slave auctions, lopping heads, burning captives alive and generally acting in a righteously Islamist manner. Admittedly, that number is buried way down in the text of the accompanying story, but it is there. Just.

It’s almost as if the ABC would prefer that the local Islamist connection slip from view, quietly and without comment!

The national broadcaster’s attempt at a coherent report can be read via the link below.

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