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Quadrant Online’s comment threads are for the convenience and enlightenment of our subscribers. They are are not for petty squabbles, trading insults, vendettas and dragging discussion into the cul de sac of personal, and all too often picayune, passions. Such exercises in ego and obsession diminish threaded conversations and are an insult to the efforts of the authors beneath whose essays they appear.

And, on a personal note, vetting comments occupies time and effort the editor of this site might profitably invest in more worthwhile pursuits, not least being able to enjoy a meal without the interruption of mobile-phone alerts demanding the latest comment be checked for irrelevance or, less often, obscenity.

Offenders have been warned about hijacking threads, one serial offender in particular, yet the disruptions persist.

Well today it ends. Any commenter who persists in violating standards of behaviour will be banished.

Those who wish to peddle egomaniacal idiocies should visit Twitter and stay there. They are not wanted here.

— roger franklin

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