Weighed by the flounce

malcolm and theodora

News of the Turnbull coup reaches the backwoods of New England, where Mark Steyn shares thoughts and memories of Australia’s penultimate and latest PMs:

Tony Abbott is – was – more to my taste ideologically. He’s a monarchist, a social conservative, the man who repealed Australia’s disastrous carbon tax. But he was not an effective executive or parliamentarian or shifter of public opinion – and, partly as a result, he let me down badly on one of my two core issues: freedom of speech.

Malcolm Turnbull is far less to my taste ideologically. He’s a republican, in favor of gay marriage, who’s hot for all the climate-change hooey and supported that ghastly carbon tax. He’s also a little thin-skinned – to the point where he walked out of one of my speeches. Not over anything I said, alas. He never got that far. He took umbrage at something Nick Minchin, Australian Senate leader and Finance Minister, said during his introduction of me: Nick and Malcolm were on opposite sides during the monarchy referendum, and so Turnbull flounced out in what, for a republican, was a very queeny huff.

Steyn does, however, see some redeeming value in Turnbull’s grasp of fertility and demographics, as may be learned via the link below.

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