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October 2017

Volume LXI, Number 10, No 540

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A Proper Defence Academy locked

Editor's Column

The Vandals Take the Handles Keith Windschuttle


Mistaken Identities John O’Sullivan


Loupiness Anthony Daniels

Western Civilisation

Strauss, Bruckner and the Dying of the Light locked Brian Sully

East Asia

Chinese Political Rivalry and Xi’s Great Dilemma locked Peter Rowe

Inside a North Korean Commando Raid locked Anthony Paul


The Myth of Bolshevism Dies Hard Paul Monk


The Same-Sex Marriage Debate: A Forum Keith Windschuttle, Greg Walsh, Shimon Cowen, Michael Kowalik locked Greg Walsh, Keith Windschuttle, Shimon Cowen and Michael Kowalik

How to Lie with Sexual Statistics William D. Rubinstein

The School of Pro-Islamic Studies Tony Thomas

Philosophy & Ideas

Kenneth Minogue and Responsible Individualism locked Alberto Mingardi

The Marxist Resurgence and Its Three Stepchildren locked Noel Weeks


The Subverting of Our Democracy Patrick Morgan

Time to Clip the Senate’s Wings James Allan


Recognition Roulette Nicholas Hasluck


The Sydney Success Story locked Robert Murray

Verse at the Breakfast Table locked Lin van Hek

Dancing in Hope and Fear locked Penelope Nelson

Defeating Islam in the Battle of Ideas Daryl McCann


The Merchant of Nowhere locked Michael Connor


Anthony Powell’s Very English Dance locked David Martin Jones & Lana Starkey

The Rightful King and the King Innate locked Alan Gould

A Brief Note on Poetics in Cormac McCarthy locked Ivan Head


Two Removals locked Gary Furnell

A Tale of Two Pities locked Derek Fenton

Sweetness & Light

Detroit Beat Hitler, Then Came the Yips Tim Blair


Alan Gould: Two Poems locked Alan Gould

Catherine Chandler:Scintillae locked Catherine Chandler

Damian Balassone: Four Poems locked Damian Balassone

Dan Guenther: Christmas Eve locked Dan Guenther

Dennis Haskell: Two Poems locked Dennis Haskell

Graeme Hetherington: Three Poems locked Graeme Hetherington

Hal G.P. Colebatch: Three Poems locked Hal G.P. Colebatch

Joe Dolce: Three Poems locked Joe Dolce

Ken Stone: Brick locked Ken Stone

John Whitworth: Three Poems locked John Whitworth


Kitty Donnelly: Two Poems locked Kitty Donnelly


Pascale Petit: Three Poems locked Pascale Petit

Rod Moran: Casualty locked Rod Moran