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Kurt Schlichter, one of the better commenters on US events and well worth bookmarking, has been thinking not so much about COVID-19 itself, but of the past 18 months of decrees, edicts, censorship, spin and chief health officers who, almost without exception, occupied their pre-COVID days with alarmist bleatings about the ‘climate crisis’. Then, while the real smarties brandished the China Virus as purported evidence of “our war on nature” , the alleged experts to whom our elected leaders have handballed all responsibility switched seamlessly and en masse to the pandemic. Schlichter writes:

…and then there are the revelations about where it came from. They first blamed the innocent pangolin. But it looks like it was our elite’s buddies, the Chi Coms, except when people raised that notion earlier, they got banned by social media. Our establishment limited our ability to speak about something true. Think about that. And they want to do it again.

And that’s where the vaccine hesitancy comes in.

The smart set squanders its trust then is shocked to find that its trust has been squandered. People are seeing side effects from the vaccine. Those were always going to happen. But our elite is unwilling to level with people about them and let individuals manage their own risks. Instead, our garbage elite dismisses people with questions as “anti-vaxxers” instead of engaging with them and earning their trust. See, we peasants are unworthy of engagement. How dare we seek to choose for ourselves? The nerve of us serfs! . . .

… The establishment has squandered its credibility, which is why its demand that everyone take the shot is getting shriller and the attempts to force people more punitive.

Imagine if they had been honest from the beginning. Imagine if they had been held accountable. But to do that, you have to imagine having a ruling class that doesn’t suck. And that’s more imagination than anyone can muster…

Schlichter’s piece can be read in full here

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