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Take it from a charlatan

Maintaining the standards for which he is so well know, fabulist, grant-grabber and Aboriginal impersonator Bruce Pascoe demonstrates once again that everything he writes — even, as Mary McCarthy said of Lillian Hellman, “the” and “but”, is a lie. The latest demonstration of that special Pascoe gift comes via Crikey!, where editrix Sophie Black must have approved this precede to the fauxborigine’s thoughts on the Voice:

The Yuin, Bunurong and Tasmanian writer says we need to listen to experts like Megan Davis, not ‘the arguments of the huckster’.

Oh, but that’s rich! Crikey! gives a pulpit to one of the biggest scam artists since George C. Parker repeatedly ‘sold’ NYC’s Brooklyn Bridge, allowing him to accuse someone else of being a “huckster”. You wouldn’t read about it — except at Crikey! you can.

As to the Richmond Cornishman’s insights, as usual don’t believe a word:

Reason is exactly what the Uluru Statement suggests. It is the most gracious and modest statement. It opens the way for a relationship that white and Black have never had in this country, suggesting a way of us living together in some kind of justice and harmony. The avoidance of this opportunity reveals a cynical view of humanity and the role of justice.

— roger franklin

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