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Via No Tricks Zone, a six-point dismantling by German economist Hans Werner Sinn of the myths behind that ‘transition’ to wind and solar we keep hearing about … and paying for.

Sinn’s point #5, illustrated by the chart above, notes 

…using Germany’s current electric energy supply mix, electric cars are emitting far more CO2 over their lifetimes than conventional combustion engine vehicles.

Yet, governments are aiming to force citizens to drive e-cars. In many countries, this will lead to more CO2 emissions, and not less.

His five other arguments against renewables are no less cogent and can be read here (allowing that the green-crippled supply of electricity up and down Australia’s east coast doesn’t fade to black in the meantime)

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(if the power stays on)

  • pgang says:

    Nice to see some numbers put to something I’ve been raising here and with electric car lovers recently – the overall energy inefficiency of electric cars compared with IC cars. While the numbers focus on completely inane CO2 emissions, this is still a useful indicator of overall energy consumption.

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