Rainbow thugs and bullies


Almost exactly 12 months ago, Anglicans and Catholics, pro traditional marriage groups and the Australian Christian Lobby were to have had a meeting at Sydney’s Mercure Hotel to discuss the push for same-sex marriage.

The meeting never happened. Gay activists went to war, blitzing the switchboard with threats of violence and whipping up a social media mob whose online abuse was so intense the hotel not only had to take down its Facebook page, it also cancelled the meeting.

Six months later in Melbourne, a similar meeting — this one to discuss the appalling Safe Schools program — was blitzed by activists who blockaded the entrance to the conference centre while Victoria Police stood by and did nothing.

More recently, again in Melbourne, a howling posse of gay activists besieged the Athenaeum Club, where Margaret Court was to address a Liberal Party fund-raiser. Mrs Court holds the “wrong” opinion about same-sex marriage. Naturally she became a target of those who preach “tolerance”.

And on Friday, a Father’s Day ad was banished from the nation’s TV screens for, well it’s anyone’s guess, although those responsible for the decision seem to view images of a (presumably) heterosexual man cradling an infant as some sort of political statement.

Tomorrow on Sky’s Outsiders, editor of Quadrant Keith Windschuttle will join Rowan Dean and Ross Cameron at 10am, the topic of the Left’s rainbow bullies being front and centre.

Until then, follow the link below to see how much effort the ABC has put into promoting the Yes vote. The ABC can do that, you see, because supporters of traditional marriage don’t flood the national broadcaster’s switchboards with promises of violence and vengeance.

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