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Price at the Press Club

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price addressed the National Press club today. It is not to be missed.

Below, the hour and six minutes, including a couple of white guys getting answers they didn’t expect about that intergenerational trauma stuff.

For more on the Voice and the need to see it not merely defeated but defeated absolutely, don’t overlook Quadrant‘s online-only special August edition, which deals with nothing else.

2 thoughts on “Price at the Press Club

  • Patricia Wiltshire says:

    Jacinta Price’s voice is the one I have been listening to since she first appeared at the 2022 Gama Festival. Hers is almost the only one that is capable of answering a question intelligently, honestly and convincingly. Unfortunately one can’t say the same for the journalists who are there to interrogate only. They either don’t understand language, have short attention spans, or deliberately misquote what was actually said in order to stifle reasonable debate. I have watched her speech and replies twice, as well as reading the transcript carefully. Last night I found myself having to defend her from attacks from those relying on current reports where her replies have been skewed not to reflect what was actually said.

  • Ross McLeod says:

    I could not believe how small was the Senator’s audience at the NPC. The tiny crowd seemed to be dominated by her family, friends and colleagues, while the PRESS, whose function this was, could only muster a tiny handful of journos–many of them seemingly not long out of high school–and almost none with the stature to match it with the foremost protagonist on one side of the biggest and most divisive issue Australia has had to deal with for many years.
    It’s not just the ABC that is supposed to report even-handedly on such matters but, I would argue, the entire Australian media. Shame on you all for turning your back on this wonderful, brave, fighting woman! Agree with her or not, she deserves to be respected and heard.

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