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He’s a Republican? Guilty!

2 thoughts on “He’s a Republican? Guilty!

  • Bwana Neusi says:

    Courtesy of en passant (September 22, 2018)

    Apparently, Brett Kavanaugh was only the third choice for nominee for the SCOTUS job.

    The first candidate for the vacant position at SCOTUS was somebody called Jesus (I don’t know his second name). He was rejected because:

    1. He was known to associate with a prostitute called Mary;
    2. He did not follow the laws of the land, but only those of his god (so it was suspected he may go against the Constitution);
    3. Like Obama, his Birth Certificate was suspect as he claimed that his father, Joseph was not actually his father.
    4. He has a charge of assault for physically attacking moneylenders – and not through the auspices of a Royal Commission;
    5. Like Obama, he is not known to have ever had a real job, or paid taxes;
    6. He had an inner circle (a sort of Ruddy kitchen cabinet), but one of them leaked detrimental details that brought him undone – so his judgement and character assessment skills appeared to be wanting;
    7. He healed sick people, but did not have the appropriate license to do so.

    The second candidate, Mohammad did not pass the initial cursory screening because:

    1. He was worse than Bill Clinton for fooling around with women;
    2. He was a war criminal who was alleged to slaughter his enemies after they surrendered;
    3. He allegedly kept slaves – in fact, he apparently created slaves from conquered peoples;
    4. He possibly had an undiagnosed mental illness as he heard voices in his head;
    5. The less said about his ‘attraction’ to children the better
    6. He initiated wars of annihilation to enrich himself and his followers (sounds like a precursor to the Clinton Foundation)
    7. He preached the destruction of all who did not submit to his preaching – sounds like the Clinton Crime Cartel, Merkel, Macron, Agenda-21 and Hitler all rolled into one.

    Now if Jesus and Mohammad, given their record, cannot become Supreme Court Justices, then what hope has Kavanaugh?”

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