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  • Bwana Neusi says:

    $192,000 and counting! That is our contribution so far to the largesse of the Federal Government, by way of donating our pension.
    Yes we did contribute our taxes, including a pension component, to the Australian Federal Government for nearly half a century.
    We also contributed to our own super fund, foolishly believing that this would provide a supplement to our meagre pension.
    Imagine our dismay when our pension was disallowed because we had been too frugal and saved our pennies and thus failed the means test.
    And how better to keep us disallowed than to periodically move the goal posts for qualifying for that elusive pension.

    Pensioners are just some of the low hanging fruit that the Government have in its sites. But wait there is more – What about those empty nester mortgage free family homes.
    Just a simple asset grab by way of a Government “reverse mortgage” should fix that or maybe just reintroduce “Death Penalties”

    The current grab is small change in the scheme of things.

  • en passant says:

    From the little that remained in the wreckage of the 1987 crash I cashed in all my ‘donations’ to the ‘professional’ superannuation funds and started my own. I have exceeded ever known managed fund year in year out and also put in as much as I coul affor based on the rules that I knew no government in its right mind would ever change as it meant that people like me would be self-funded and would never be a burden on the taxpayer by drawing $1 from any mendicant and bankrupt government.

    Yes, I am indeed one of the despised $Millionaires who missed holidays, worked 7-days a week, who (as in the song ‘Cats in the Cradle’) apologised to his children ‘who learned to walk whie I was away, ‘cos there were planes to catch and bills to pay …).

    It would all have been for nothing if I had tried to retire (at 70+) in Oz. I have moved much of my assets overseas where my investments are funding the lifestyle I anticipated in Oz, but which would now be beyond the reach of my income.

    Oz is doomed through a level political treason not seen here before.

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