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University? Loonyversity!

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They tell us the science is settled, that 97% of scientist live in fear of global warming, and yet the very same climate careerists keep demanding additional sums of other people's money to study a matter they insist is beyond dispute. Be that as it may, there is one thing about warmism that is clearly true: Catastropharianism's high priests burn heretics on the pyre of science's ongoing corruption. Just ask the unfortunate Peter Ridd, formerly of James Cook University.

Hanging in there

South African firebrand Julius Malema explains to a TV interviewer how white farmers might be stripped of their land via legal means, with those considered "essential" perhaps allowed to remain on long-term leases -- or not, as the case may be. As an endorsement of caprice as the rule of law's guiding principle it is nasty stuff, although not quite so toxic as this clip in which Mr Malena enjoys a gloating moment of tribal triumphalism while assuring the crowd that it is white South Africans' turn to suffer. Naturally, as Zeg observes at this link or the one below, the Greens immediately identified the real racists.