The Barbarians Are Inside the Gates

Just when you thought politically correct madness and woke idiocy couldn’t get any worse there’s yet another example that beggars belief. In France a Green, feminist member of parliament, Sandrine Rousseau, argues men gathering around the BBQ is a sign of male virility and inherent sexism.

Throwing a prawn on the hot plate or grilling a steak symbolises the way men dominate women, according to the French eco-warrior and, as a result, she argues “we have to change mentalities so that eating an entrecote steak cooked on a barbeque is no longer a symbol of virility”.

According to Ms Rousseau, in addition to men around the barbeque reinforcing the patriarchy, eating beef also contributes to the end of the world as a result of climate change.  She argues “If you want to resolve the climate crisis, you have to reduce meat consumption, and that’s not going to happen so long as masculinity is constructed around meat.”

This most recent example of going down the rabbit hole where common sense no longer applies and where cultural-left mind control and group think dominates joins a long list of woke examples proving sanity no longer prevails.

Breast feeding is now described as ‘chest feeding’, fathers celebrating the birth of their child are ‘non-gestational parents’ and women, instead of being women, are called ‘bodies with vaginas’ or ‘people who menstruate’.

Anyone, like JK Rowling, who questioned the idiocy of such descriptions are vilified. When she tweeted “People who menstruate. I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?” she was attacked being ‘heteronormative’ and exclusionary.

While woke madness is often laughable and dismissed as unbelievable, it now infects society to such a dangerous degree that even pre-school and kindergarten children are not safe from being indoctrinated with radical, neo-Marxist ideology. A paper informing the review of national standards for kindergartens argues that, because children have “multiple and changing identities”, they should be taught about “identity formation that encompass gender identity and gender expression (with a non-binary dichotomy) and family diversity.”

The children’s Kids Helpline under the heading ‘Sexual, gender and bodily diversity discrimination’ tells children gender and sexuality are fluid and dynamic and they have the right to self-identify as whatever gender best suits them. “There are lots of possible gender identities out there!” the site advises. “People can identify as one of the binary genders, as moving between genders, as no gender or as another gender altogether.” Those who disagree by arguing gender and sexuality are binary as human biology suggests are criticised for promoting hetero-cisnormativity and hetero-cissexism – described as believing “the expectation that being straight is normal”.

As well as being taught there is nothing beneficial or preferable about being male or female children are also indoctrinated with the belief the world is about to end because of man-made global warming. In schools, climate alarmism is commonplace where instead of being impartial or balanced children are taught about the evils of coal and gas and how the only solution is to embrace the brave new world of endless, renewable energy from wind and sun. Ignored is telling students wind and solar power are not always available and cost effective, that nuclear power is a viable alternative and that prematurely closing coal fired power stations and stopping gas exploration is causing financial ruin and ill health to the old and underprivileged.

No wonder at strikes organised by the left-leaning School Strike 4 Climate alarmists young girls are seen distressed and crying because they believe the world is about to end and there is no point in being a mother and having babies. Given the prevailing sense of gloom and despondency, also fed by children being taught Western civilisation and societies like Australia are racist and guilty of genocide and white supremacism, it’s no wonder increasing numbers of children feel anxious and depressed.

The woke narrative reinforces negativity and guilt instead of acknowledging what, for all its sins, is a way of life worth defending and celebrating.  Western civilisation is underpinned by Judeo-Christianity where the teaching is that we are all  made in God’s image deserve liberty, justice and freedom.

It was the West that legislated to ban slavery, give equal rights to women and develop a form of government based on the separation of powers, the rule of law and popular sovereignty.  This helps to explain why so many millions have migrated here since the end of WWII.

Unlike Iran where women are beaten and jailed by the morality police, Russia where opposition figures are either poisoned or imprisoned, China where the Uyghurs are forced into re-education camps, in Australia our rights and liberties are protected.

At least for now.

A shorter version of this essay appeared in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph.  Dr Kevin Donnelly is the author of The Dictionary Of Woke, available at

16 thoughts on “The Barbarians Are Inside the Gates

  • Brian Boru says:

    Yes Kevin, children are now being denied their childhood with all this. I heard recently that there is a need for more child psychologists in order to remediate their mental health.
    I thought about that and decided the best tool would be wooden, about 30 centimetres long and could also have calibrations of length on it so that you could use it to measure things as well.
    I wonder why no one has ever thought of that.

  • Paul W says:

    At the heart of all this is a desire to break apart self-reliant groups because they are less susceptible to brainwashing. Men gathering around the BBQ is males bonding together without females, in exactly the way that females can without men. But males bonding is not only good for their health, it makes them more likely to resist as a group because young men are inherently more likely to resist and fight than anyone else. Breaking their bonds is a divide and conquer strategy.

  • Stephen Due says:

    Not in Victoria! Our ‘rights and liberties’ mean nothing to Daniel Andrews. He famously said of his own pandemic lockdowns – which placed millions under house arrest in case they caught a virus – “This is not about human rights”. Now he has endorsed the sacking of Andrew Thorburn.
    He’s done this in a manner that makes clear his opinion, not only that Christians should not express their beliefs in public, but also that they are unfit to be employed if they are known to hold those beliefs. In short, Christians are unwelcome in Victoria.
    The Premier is invariably emotional when speaking about sexual morality, a subject on which he considers himself to be something of an expert. Unfortunately he is an insufferable bore on that and every other subject. His ludicrous pronouncements are completely predictable and utterly uninteresting. To make up for this incompetence he gets attention by being pompous and belligerent.

    • peter dwyer says:

      I can’t understand why the majority of Victorians support Andrews performance as their Premier. It beggars belief how stupid they are. One thing he is good at is fooling the majority of voters. A November 2021 poll showed 60.5% approved of his overall performance especially with the Covid lockdowns.

      Mark Twain was spot on when he said it was easy to fool most of the people but difficult to convince them they had been fooled.

      The Victorian voters must have all been overseas or their brains in neutral when Andrews presided over the woke media in vilifying the Catholic Church and painting all priests as paedophiles. Also in the trolling by the police for witnesses to come forward and claim sexual abuse at the hands of poor Cardinal George Pell. The judges who initially found him guilty should have been struck from the bench for unbelievable arrogance in their belief that they could on the evidence come to that conclusion. They showed deplorable bias.

      This shocking display of media (read woke ideology) hatred for Christianity has strong parallels with the Azaria Chamberlain Case. I remember it well. It was because they were Christian and belonged to a Church that was seen as “a bit odd”. People I came in contact with immediately took sides as to whether Lindy was guilty or not.

      Some woman in the news giving her opinion said she thought Lindy was guilty because of her lack of emotion having seen her on the TV. Well that says it all doesn’t it? We don’t need long court cases any more just get 12 people who have the same remarkable prescience.

      The Chamberlains only fault was the decision in August 1980 to go camping in the Australian desert with a baby. Thanks to the vicious media we have in Australia (even then) they were subjected to trial by media and also the NT Police showed their bigotry as well.

      It makes me now realise how far you can go back to the infancy of woke idealogy. Where did all the old commos in Australia and other western countries go? Answer- nowhere they stayed with us passing on their godless filth to whomever they could recruit. In the intervening years the new generation regrouped and into the witch’s cauldron they threw in every vile bit of filth and subversion they could think of (neo Marxism post modernism and critical theory) and dressed it up as being a caring ideology for the oppressed and alienated. WRONG!

      Our universities, the devil’s playground, were the breeding grounds for the revolutionaries during the 70s and 80s but didn’t stop there.

      What has evolved is wokeism. It’s stayed very much below the radar but has infiltrated every institution, workplace, government state and Federal, schools, universities and so on. It’s like the horrible Gorgon with snakes for hair but at least it won’t turn you to stone if you look at it or mess with it. It will just try to cancel you.

      This has sucked in so many stupid people who are following the woke agenda of political correctness, Many don’t even realise what a destructive pernicious cancer culture they are helping to promote. Wokeism wants destruction of the family unit, resrictions on free speech, allowing all alternates out of the shadows and giving them all sorts of stupid names, attacks on Judeo Christianity and its values that have been our foundation for equality, freedom of expression, democracy for all, equality before the law,the separation of powers

  • john mac says:

    I bet that woman would defend the “Noble savage” until the cows came home , (pun incidental) and yet what defines the noble savage more than standing around a fire cooking meat that they’ve killed by hand ? Self-awareness, Irony never the strong suit of the rabid leftist .

  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    There is a ‘normal’ way to make a baby.
    And gee, don’t they just hate that this is so in their world where ‘normal’ doesn’t exist.

    • STD says:

      Me thinks that they abhor that magical mystical word called Love. What Jesus Christ defined as real(true) love – you know, the only one that can be known by Man. This can only be expressed in the unadulterated created natures of Women.

  • Geoff Sherrington says:

    Some 11 yo boys close to us are so messed in their minds about sex topics that they have started professional medical counselling. There are worries like an early interest in what pet dogs do, expressed as falling in love and making a baby. There is a driven desire for them to feel our bodies, groping through clothing and other unusual conduct. These are in 11 year olds. Puberty comes sooner these days, but 11? Must children be taught about this difficult topic so young? Are they being deprived of their spirit of discovery in more natural ways than in school? My recollections of that age were for me a freedom to explore and to find new information to accept or reject.
    Parents are disbelieved by these children when their ideas clash with teachers’ dogma. This is not healthy, especially when the usual excessive browsing these youngsters do is filled with fantasy and exaggeration. Help! We are all in trouble! Geoff S

  • Ian MacKenzie says:

    “eating beef also contributes to the end of the world”. This nonsense is repeated endlessly by people who don’t understand how farming works. Where I live, in the central west of NSW, we have good rainfall but much of the countryside is too rocky to plough, making cropping impossible. That leaves orcharding or livestock. As local orchardists can’t find enough labour to pick fruit as it is, livestock is the obvious alternative to produce food.
    Further west on the plains, most croppers run a rotation of say a couple of years of wheat, a year of something like lupins which fix nitrogen, a year of fallow and a year of livestock to fertilise the fields. The alternative to livestock would be fertilizer which is expensive, adding to the cost of the food produced.
    Further west again, there isn’t enough rainfall for cropping, so livestock is the only option to produce food. This is the case for much of the world’s ranchlands. On a per-area basis, cropping is more profitable by a long way, but if that isn’t possible then livestock is the best way to use the farmland available.

  • Ian MacDougall says:

    QUOTE While woke madness is often laughable and dismissed as unbelievable, it now infects society to such a dangerous degree that even pre-school and kindergarten children are not safe from being indoctrinated with radical, neo-Marxist ideology. A paper informing the review of national standards for kindergartens argues that, because children have “multiple and changing identities”, they should be taught about “identity formation that encompass gender identity and gender expression (with a non-binary dichotomy) and family diversity.” UNQUOTE
    No reference as to source. Argument from the particular to the general. Case not proven.
    Can do better. Must try harder.
    Mark: 2/10.

  • STD says:

    Baa- Barians- phonics matter!

  • john.singer says:

    The Barbarians are not at the gates – they are inside us, eating the children of our minds.

  • Warwick Lewis says:

    If the choice is beef steak or another billion vegans.
    I’ll have mine medium rare thanks.

  • padmmdpat says:

    This article refers to Kid’s Helpline. I notice an ad. for it occasionally when I’m on the bus. It states: For Kids 5 to 25. Might that be indicative of the mess we are in?

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