Chatty Parrots and Elected Squawkers

My wife has a parrot she calls “Dick” who is adept at stringing words and phrases together which, at first blush, often seem to make sense. Sometimes they are even in the proper context. He says such things as “Dick wants a bath” and “Dick is a very, very, very clever bird”. He can repeat several verses of “Old McDonald’s Farm” and other examples of rote learning and even knows when it is appropriate to announce “time for bed”. The bird is very polite and says “thank you” when presented with a meal or a bath.

There is no doubt that Dick is a clever parrot. While an extremely intelligent bird, as a conversationalist Dick is a fool. Most of the time his rambling thoughts result in an unintelligible stream of squawks, words and phrases. In this respect Dick reminds me of our Prime Minister and every one of the premiers. They, too, create clever soundbites and two- and three-word slogans which, in the final analysis, are just unintelligible squawks and gibberish. For example, all of them are fond of parroting words and phrases that they have happened upon, such as “tackle climate change” and “reduce emissions” and “meet our Paris commitments”.

Examined under the clear light of logic and reason, such pronouncements are every bit absurd as those uttering them. For one thing, “climate” is a regional parameter used to compare the typical weather (over thirty or more years) in one geographical locale with that of another. “Change” requires a metric, and in the case of climate, that metric is a classification. An historical examination of the classification for many regions reveals no significant change for over a hundred years. Any thinking person must conclude the term “climate change” is no better than parroted gibberish.

There is no empirical data which supports the popular notion that “emissions” of CO2 are in any way shape or form related to the weather. Yet claims about “reducing emissions” and comparisons of the “emissions” from one country to another are strung into the most ridiculous rants. Not to be outdone by the PM and the premiers, there is, of course, the clear, obvious insanity of the Greens, who have ranted about climate doom for decades, every single one of their stated deadlines for global catastrophe passing without incident. Such a yearning for disaster is a testimony to the madness of our times. Even a relatively dim parrot grasps that the sun has something to do with terrestrial warmth, which makes them smarter than the soundbyte squawkers  who prefer their own modelling to the laws of physics and thermodynamics.

Recently, however, the parrot-like mimicking has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. It is obvious to anyone capable of critical thought that the COVID pandemic has been mismanaged at every level from the very start — from those long-ago days of ‘flatten the curve’ to the monstrous indignities still being forced on Melburnians by an arrogant scoundrel of a premier. Daniel Andrews is not alone, of course, just further down the road to the demolition and trampling of our Constitution, the Biosecurity Act (2015), the Privacy Act (1998), the Nuremburg Code (1947) and virtually everything that has grown good and holy over the course of the past 500 years. Surely they cannot be unaware that the entire drama has been enabled by the faulty PCR test, which produces so many false “cases” US authorities are retiring it? The mindset of the elites is to achieve 80 per cent of the population “inoculated” with hastily developed gene therapies erroneously called “vaccines”.

What do they expect to accomplishby rationing the truth while holding fast to their flawed narratives? Surely, they are aware that every other region which has reached a high proportion of the vaccinated (Israel, Gibraltar, Iceland, etc) has experienced a brief reduction in COVID deaths only to be followed by a short, sharp spike in infections, hospitalisations and death? Do these people have no more sense than a parrot? It would certainly seem that way.

  • RB

    What a trifecta, Anna Stazi, Gladys Bin Chicken, and of course Daniel (don’t tell how I fell down the stairs and why) Andrews. Add in the forgettable bloke with eyebrows that would make the thunderbird puppets proud with that complete mental case in WA and you have your explanation.

    All of them with Morrison waving the baton as they band march off the cliff with not a single note of harmony in all of the raucous.

    They must know it will finish their careers. I had the terrible curse of reading twatter yesterday and the commentary supporting these irrational regulations was astounding. If twatter can be believed I am in the minority.

  • rod.stuart

    An interesting list of factual information that should be considered and unerstood by our intrepid “leaders” is attched. To peak your interest here is number 29:
    29. Since the beginning of 2020, the Flu has “disappeared”. In the United States, since February 2020, influenza cases have allegedly dropped by over 98%.
    It’s not just the US either, globally flu has apparently almost completely disappeared.
    Meanwhile, a new disease called “Covid”, which has identical symptoms and a similar mortality rate to influenza, is supposedly sweeping the globe.

  • Alice Thermopolis

    Agreed. Thank you RS.
    “It is obvious to anyone capable of critical thought that the COVID pandemic has been mismanaged at every level from the very start ”
    Indeed, perhaps even some anxious members of the public are slowly becoming aware of this truth: COVID – and climate – controls us, not vice-versa. But then, perhaps not. We live an age when genuine truth is dismissed as “misinformation” and worse by those determined to protect their narratives.
    As for what happens when lock-downs lift, at whatever level of vaccination, you can be sure of one thing: the scapegoat for any resurgence will be the folk who choose not to be involved in this mass gene-therapy experiment. There I go, parroting on again.
    There is, fortunately, some good news in The Spectator this week, posted by a retired lawyer, a QC:”Somebody will have their day in Court “.
    “So far as your correspondent is able to tell—and keep in mind these days I’m more interested in gerberas than germs—no State or Territory has thought through their proposed breaches of the Disability Discrimination Act when it comes to SARS-CoV-2.
    For the moment though, keep in mind that some of the State and Territory laws and some restrictions applied by individual venues which limit access for unvaccinated people to public places will likely breach the Disability Discrimination Act.”

  • Alice Thermopolis


  • Alice Thermopolis

    Speaking on a diplomatic visit to New York Boris Johnson sought to reassure consumers the price increases were only “temporary” as the world economy picked up after the Covid pandemic.

    “It’s like everybody going back to put the kettle on at the end of a TV programme, you’re seeing huge stresses on the world supply systems,” he told reporters travelling with him to the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

  • Stephen Due

    My favourite ‘squawks’ are from the PM and the Victorian Premier, both of whom have said, in what they imagine are suitably avuncular (or perhaps head-masterly) tones: “This is not about human rights”.
    Obviously one can deduce immediately that it most definitely IS about human rights.
    In fact, good public health policy is all about human rights. When you get central government control of health, the result is bureaucratic micromanagement combined with a one-size-fits-all approach. Unfortunately, one size does not fit all, and micromanagement of the health of an entire population of millions of people is unlikely to end well. Good public health outcomes depend people taking responsibility for their own health and well-being.
    Australia would have been much better off in this pandemic if our governments had done nothing at all. They should have taken the wise advice of John Cage, who wrote in his diary: “How to improve the world (you will only make matters worse)”.
    Meanwhile somebody needs to tell the TGA that it has no right to interfere in the doctor-patient relationship by banning proven treatment. They are trying to force people to get the ‘jab’ – picturesquely described by Dr. Zelenko of New York as the ‘poison death shot’.

  • rod.stuart

    How right your are. Stephen.
    Dr. Robert Malone is spearheading a declaration to be signed by doctors worlwide regarding this very subject. As of the 22 of this month he had 1,800 signatures. I would hope that ALL Australian doctors will put their name to this declaration.

  • STD

    Get it right guys, it’s Mr Dicky bird actually.

  • Ceres

    Love this article RS. The appropriate tone whilst making serious points. They’re all cuckoo as they deal with their “challenges”, a word usually inserted in any of their asinine .slogans.
    Great comments above too.

  • Occidental

    I am a bit late to the party, but I had to express my gratitude to Rod for the introduction to Dicky.

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