The Problem with Woke Women and Wimpy Men

Matt Kean didn’t see the light in sacking Malcolm Turnbull before he’d begun his climate gig. He saw outrage among lots of (yet to be re-educated) Liberal voters. Kean belongs to the green-left of the Liberal Party. The Libs have a green-left faction? Perhaps not too long ago they didn’t. They do now. My local federal member, Trent Zimmerman, is among their number. Of course, excepting the odd holdout, the modern Labor Party is far gone.

I intend to vote for the Nationals as my new default. It is a question of voting for a mainstream party which is best holding out from going woke. Unfortunately, the Nats are tied to the Libs so eventually the whole lot of them will drift woke-wards and I will vote informal or maybe for Pauline Hanson’s or Fred Nile’s lot.

Take Cristina Talacko, the vice-president of the NSW Liberal Women’s Council. (Who’s the vice-president of the counterpart men’s council, I wonder?) She had a recent piece in The Australian arguing for women’s quotas in politics. It was a silly piece, which Janet Albrechtsen took apart a couple of days later.

But as we know Scott Morrison, in tearfully shouldering the never-ending woes of modern Western women, is open to quotas. In fact, he is open to anything which he forlornly thinks will win him some votes, such as zero net emissions by 2050. Why he thinks he can make electoral inroads among ABC viewers and their ilk I have no idea. They loved Malcolm ever so much more, yet he didn’t win their votes.

Anyway, Ms Talacko thinks women are “more empathetic” than men. More giving, she claims. More motivated by passion. They care more about people, the community, the environment. This is sexist stuff. I’m terribly offended. But two can play at that game. Women have long fouled the political process in Western democracies through their voting pattern. Consider the US experience, where women obtained the vote in 1920 and immediately provided the winning margin for the passage of Prohibition. Al Capone and organised crime generally have been thanking them ever since. Goodness knows what they would do with more political power. Goodbye Western civilisation. Unless, of course, they are Mrs Thatcher-like; a very rare breed.

Women’s votes tend to be weighted more towards the left than are men’s votes. That’s apparently where their caring for others takes them. This has meant more left-wing governments creating messes in their wake, which have to be continually cleaned up by centre-right governments. Critically, it has now resulted in the election of Joe Biden and his radical puppeteers. Donald Trump won easily counting only male votes. What a cost is that of women’s suffrage.

Maybe America will survive Biden. It had better. All of our children’s and grandchildren’s lives depend upon it. Do Liberals, like Ms Talacko, even begin to understand what is at stake. Do they understand that an America crippled by affirmative action, untrammelled illegal immigration, and a switch to costly and unreliable energy will be no match for China? Do they understand that our freedoms and prosperity can be taken away?

Of course, there are many right-thinking conservative women and many deluded men. I am simply talking about averages. Women are a little more likely to be deluded than men, and often enough this produces severely damaging election outcomes, as it did last year in the United States.

But let me set the record straight. I am not all sure that this difference in voting patterns comes down to biological factors. It might well come down to the changing face of industry. How many voters laying bricks for a living are woke? Hard to find one, I bet. If you are on the lookout for woke greenies it would be better to look for men and women in suits in the inner city. Making things is grounding.

Unfortunately, those making things are far fewer in number, relatively speaking, than in days of yore. Even so, if you were to take a cross-section of men and women there would be many more men making and repairing things than women. That’s probably a better guide to voting than sex.

So, I’ll let women off the hook. I suggest that women bricklayers would be as unwoke as men bricklayers. To be really woke you have to have gone to university. And, as baffling as it may seem to feminists with a continuing axe to grind, markedly more of the ‘oppressed’ sex now attend university than do men; e.g., in Australia, in the US, in the UK. QED.

14 thoughts on “The Problem with Woke Women and Wimpy Men

  • Harry Lee says:

    Woke women and woke-ists of all genders, colours and creeds?
    Marxist-inspired feminist power-lusters?
    White men who support such women and parasites of all types?
    Weak, ignorant and lost, if not also parasitic.
    We are now dominated by ignorant, ungrateful, nett-consuming people who have no clue that the creation of wealth, the maintenance of systems that support the creation of wealth, and systems of security of the social order, and defence of the nation from internal and external anti-Westernist forces are essential factors that make possible the lives of parasites, power-lusters, and evil people generally.
    The ALP and the Greens, and their allies in the public services, media and education systems, have insisted that the folk must embrace parasitism as a virtue, and that the folk must believe that facts/logic and contributory, constructive citizenship are tools of oppression instituted by White males.
    And of course, the Libs and the Nats have had to slide this way too -chasing the voters.
    And our Constitution provides no defence against any of this.
    Finis. Kaput. The End.
    (The Chinese and the Muslims will have a tussle over who gets the spoils, and the Muslims will lose.)

  • Harry Lee says:

    Is the word “Biden” being used as a metaphor for the wide and deep alliance of Anti-Westernist, Big Statist parasites that now controls the US federal government and 20 odd of the 50 States, and 90% of the US equivalent of public services, and 90% of both the mainstream media and education systems -all with strong support from Big Money, Big Tech, and Big Biz?
    If yes, it’ll be a very hard slog for the USA to survive as a good country.
    But I think that the anti-marxist pro-Western forces within the USA will fight a longer and better rear-guard action than will be fought in Australia.

  • call it out says:

    Peter, I think you are right about the impact of “making things”. By doing so you are dealing with the empirical world, not a world of ideas, not of “how things should be” , but how they actually are.

  • Wyndham Dix says:

    Seven verbs characteristic of the tiresome modern female:-
    I cannot recall such women during my youth 70 years ago. Perhaps these traits were all the while latent and passed on to their daughters and grand-daughters, needing only the timidity of weak men to be given voice under the cloak of political correctness.
    The genie is out of the bottle, never to be returned short of divine intervention or a tabula rasa resulting from widespread armed conflict. Extinction of the species via deliberate failure to breed at or above replacement level might well precede both.

  • Harry Lee says:

    It is an error to think that China wants the USA to cease to grow.
    To feed and control its own peoples, China needs the USA-Canada and Europe to continue to buy its manufactures in increasing quantities.
    Yes, China will seek increasing control of North American and European buying and selling decisions -that’s what the infiltration is all about.
    CCP infiltration here is well-advanced.
    The public squabbling and fake military threats from China are simply for show and to divert attention from the infiltration.

  • Patrick McCauley says:

    Windham Dix – don’t forget about the remarkable fine art – of ‘nagging’ – to repeat the same incorrect historical reality of ‘the Patriarchy’ for example or the ‘Violence against women’ – ‘all men are rapists’ nag … and the now well assumed entitlement and privilege every woman can at least expect, if not receive.

  • lbloveday says:

    “……I will vote informal or maybe for Pauline Hanson’s or Fred Nile’s lot”.
    That’s a problem I don’t have – I refuse to participate in the corrupt Australian election process and got taken off the Electoral Roll way back in 1980 and have not seen any reason since to re-enrol.

  • Wyndham Dix says:

    Woke Women and Wimpy Men:-
    Only yesterday another weak male capitulated to the self-entitled sisterhood, this time to those who objected to the local government library in a well-heeled area ceasing to stock their preferred gossip magazines.

  • Francois Stallbom says:

    God did not create this world and agree to put us in it for us to be safe; He created this world and agreed to put us in it to grant us the opportunity to be saved.

    Salvation is the only safety anyone can hope to find in this world; all other hopes of safety are misguided and delusional.

    You cannot be saved by staying safe. You must take risks in order to reach salvation. Because men are the natural risk takers it is part of the reason why men are commanded by God to guide and protect women. This inversion of that natural order has had dire consequences for the state of the world, as well as men and women individually. We are being nurtured to death and apparently most people are perfectly happy with this. It is an infantile doom.

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    I agree completely that politics has slid to the left (while families have slid to the gutter) since women got the vote. I fail to see, however, how banning the consumption of alchohol was an example of left-wing values. Just because thugs profited from its illegal sale does not make the law itself bad; Capone, today, might be a drug dealer. In any case, alchohol consistently causes more deaths than any other drug.
    I have to agree, too, that women are more easily fooled than men. That goes back to the very beginning; the Bible tells us that Eve was deceived by the serpent; Adam was not (he sinned wilfully, which is another issue). Men are generally less swayed by emotion, deeper thinkers, better at reasoning, better able to keep their heads in a crisis. Publications like Quadrant, with their overwhelmingly male contributors, illustrate this.
    Then along came the Panicdemic, when so much of what we thought we knew went out the window.
    The people I know personally who have most opposed the oppression are women. I’m not saying that that is the case, overall; but it seems to be among those I know. The governor of South Dakota, lauded and shamed (depending on one’s politics) for mostly supporting freedom over the past year, is also a woman.
    This is just one of the many enigmas about 2020/2021/? which I cannot understand, but seems to suggest that the world is utterly mad.

  • norsaint says:

    Even Germaine Greer is on record as saying women have destroyed the political process.

  • Harry Lee says:

    On the topic of woke and wimpy women:
    I see that Christine Holgate is saying that when she was asked to be accountable for doing something silly, she got depressed and had suicidal thoughts, and thought she was being publicly hanged by the Prime Minister.
    And with this we see the consequences of affirmative action and the ALP/Green psychology/election pitch, viz:
    “Telling people to be responsible for themselves and get over their resentments is a device used by Whites, esp dead English males, to oppress the Irish, Blacks, female parasites and others such.”
    Ned Kelly had that idea -but he was correctly hanged for being a violent, murderous criminal.
    Holgate will likely get a 20 million dollar handout for being brave enough not to top herself.
    Then she will be appointed to the Senate by the ALP or the Greens.
    (Not all females are parasites -but leftist, power-lusting, white-male-hating feminists are.)

  • thebrae1 says:

    The Nationals are well on the way to woke – unfortunately.

  • lhackett01 says:

    An important rupture in society presently is the woke movements demands that women can act and dress however they please and men are to blame if they react because of sexual interest. We have situations like, ‘He looked at me with lustful eyes, probably because of what I was wearing, but he should not have done so. I felt uncomfortable. Sack him, send him to gaol.’

    A must read article is by Jessica Wolfendale in 2016 when she was Associate Professor of Philosophy at West Virginia University. She is now at Marquette University, Wisconsin. She has a long-standing interest in fashion as it expresses values, sexuality, and identity. The article can be read at Dangerously Provocative – Dangerous Women Project (https://dangerouswomenproject.org/2016/07/04/dangerously-provocative/?fbclid=IwAR21G_07xtnyfmKgW-Rkglaj42tFas-hoSep_6xeVRKV2hHpxaCmi2hYO7I#_ednref2)

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