A Very Sad Apology for Leadership

I seldom watch the ABC news these days and even more rarely SBS news. Yet last Thursday I tuned into SBS at 6.30pm. The first segment, which lasted about fifteen minutes, was about flooding. The news anchor was a member of the sexual cohort with female body parts, formerly called without ambiguity “women”. Someone from emergency services was interviewed as was a meteorologist. Both women. Three reporters on the spot were brought in to explain the conditions in their neck of the woods. All women. Two premiers were interviewed Ms Palaszczuk and Ms Berejiklian. Are you getting my drift?

Only the oppressed sex seemed to have a guernsey. Not one man. I can only assume it is such an onerous business to front cameras that misogynous men must be forcing women to do it. Things must change. As Scott Morrison put it at his mea culpa press conference on March 23, “it is not OK.”

You might think this piece is about women. It’s not. Well, not entirely. It’s also about men in general and one man in particular.

Mr Morrison’s press conference, in part at least extolled by the sisterhood, was, in my view, his worst performance to date and he’s had a number of bad performances. You might recall him, when Treasurer, callously dismissing the concerns of part-pensioners when he impoverished many of them by reducing their ability to access the pension. You might recall his policy of discriminately taxing the big banks, seemingly ignorant of the door he was opening for Labor.

You might recall his inept governance when the bushfires hit; his weak-kneed response to state premiers closing their borders at a whim; his premature and shameful condemnation of our troops when the Brereton Report came out; his unconscionable bullying of Christine Holgate during the affair of the Cartier watchesand she, a woman no less! Was this the face of misogyny to rank with Tony Abbott’s? I can only leave that to posterity to decide.

Apparently, so he tells it, the PM has “heard” that “women are too afraid to call out bad behaviour for fear of losing a job or being intimidated in the workplace.” Not in my experience, though it is bound to happen. Men are victims too. It’s not a perfect world we live in. When I had responsibility for workplaces, I put procedures in place to ensure that harassment was not tolerated. The Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate should ensure that harassment is not tolerated within Parliament House. Simple as that.

Morrison should shift the responsibility to where it lies and get on with being PM. End of story. But of course, he is in full apologetic mode and determined to shoulder the burden of saving women everywhere.

“Women,” for example, “who are afraid to walk to their car from the train and [who] carry their keys in their hand like a knife for fear of being attacked [and who] walk daily in that fear.” According to Morrison, “that is not OK.” I admit to having carried my keys like that in dark threatening places. Will Morrison save me from footpads and ne’er-do-wells. It’s so ridiculous it can’t be parodied.

Again, he has “heard” – from whom, I wonder – “that women are overlooked, talked over by men, treated like they have nothing valuable to contribute.” They are, he claimed, “marginalised” [and] “intimidated” [and] “belittled” [and] “diminished” [and] “objectified.” None of that is OK, says Morrison. Just in what universe does he live? It’s not the one I live in.

Though, as I’ve said, some women are being forced, apparently, to work for SBS, which might be a fate worse than death. I also acknowledge some objectifying going on when I see women being forced to gyrate their bare bottoms in crass fashion on music videos beamed into my gym. Incidentally, I avert my eyes lest it puts me off women entirely. And, though she does it with aplomb, that Kylie Minogue in older videos is not shy about showing some bare flesh either. Goodness knows which monstrous man is behind that. Sorry, I’m at my coffee shop and have just objectified a shapely young woman walking past with skin-tight stretch leggings. Some self-berating is in order.

Morrison is now beyond recovery. Once you start apologising to modern feminists (and, generally, to leftists, LGBTQ activists and woke radicals) you can never stop. You will never satisfy them. Nothing will ever satisfy them. They live and breathe victimhood and identity politics. Shifting Christian Porter of out of his Attorney-General job will be a self-defeating and useless gesture.

The case of Porter tells us everything we need to know about this pathetic non-Christian age we are inhabiting; led by rabble-rousing media and mediocre politicians and their talentless, wannabe apparatchiks, masturbating over desks. By the way, aren’t those aforementioned apparatchiks gay? Hardly mentioned.

To be clear. Porter is innocent. No, it’s not a case of we don’t know because we weren’t there 33 years ago. The tale is tall beyond words. Wouldn’t it have been refreshing if Morrison had found some strength of character and resisted the pressure to shift him, as he did today (March 29),  and not use the feeble excuse of there being a ‘conflict of interest’. There was no conflict of interest. He could have recused himself in the unlikely event anything remotely related to his defamation case in the federal court came across his office desk.

What a hyped-up mess this Australian parliamentary version of ‘Me Too’ has all become. At the same time, it’s an ill wind. Don’t mind Morrison making Peter Dutton defence minister. Hope that isn’t just the sexist in me oppressing Linda Reynolds.

36 thoughts on “A Very Sad Apology for Leadership

  • DougD says:

    Malcolm Turnbull is to head a new board to advise the NSW government’s long-term climate policy. And this by the best coalition government in the country. Is there no absurdity the Liberals are incapable of stooping to?

  • Salome says:

    You mean, the news anchor had a high voice and attire normally associated with those who identify as female. You did not notice any body parts.

  • Harry Lee says:

    1. Elected politicians must go where the votes are.
    In these times, that means elected politicians must pander to the majority who want to feel good about themselves in Woke-ist terms, without effort on their part, and/or reside in parasitism, and/or alcohol/other drug stupor, and/or in attendant extreme ignorance of the requirements for human flourishing.
    2. As such, the quality of behaviour of elected politicians reflects the quality of the voters, nett nett.
    3. As such, we will have low-quality behaviour from elected polticians for as long as the vast majority of Australians cannot be bothered to smarten/toughen themselves up.
    4. Demand for better politicians, in the absence of discussion of the quality of voters is naive, or worse. In many obvious cases, in the mass media, in the education systems, and within the leftist political forces, it is malign.

  • Harry Lee says:

    DougD -no there is no limit to this absurdity and malignity.
    It’s what voters want, nett nett.
    The End. Finis. Kaput.

  • gareththomassport says:

    I run my own business.
    Several years ago I was defrauded to the tune of thousands of dollars by a female employee. My business nearly went to the wall.
    Despite police investigation no charges were laid.
    My son, who also runs a business and had a similar occurrence, later exacerbated by the Victorian Covid fiasco. a straw poll of colleagues who run businesses suggests that fraud, usually by female employees, is rife.
    Were we victims of female malevolence?
    Maybe, being part of the patriarchy, we deserved all we received, and the female employees were the real victims.

  • Ceres says:

    Totally nailed it Peter, as usual. As a human being (and incidentally, a female) I am appalled at Morrison allowing himself to be hijacked by lefties, on the distasteful Canberra culture amongst some. For weeks on end he’s talked about virtually nothing else and today we learn Marisse, MIA, Payne, is the PM for Women. Spare me. Where’s the Minister for men? Men, particularly white, don’t stand a chance now, as Morrison muses about female quotas. It’s all too insane for this woman.

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    Harry Lee–so long as your hope is in man, you will have no real hope. Hope is found only in God. The Bible tells us that things will get worse and worse overall as time passes, but we can see from both the Bible and history that that does not mean that things cannot improve for a time. When I look at the world around me, especially over the last year, I could easily despair. But while I believe I should be trying to work for a better world, that is just a part of the work I need to do for the Lord. And from the book of Revelation I know that, in the end, evil WILL be destroyed–not by me, but by God.
    I do not at all mean that as a copout. As a Christian, I have EVERY reason to try to help my country, and MUST not simply sit back content in my own security. But when things go wrong, I can still know that God will ultimately win. “In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

  • Harry Lee says:

    Rebekah Meredith -thank you for your kind and helpful comment.
    I make efforts to Commune with God, and to Walk with God, and to serve my fellow human beings in tune with God’s will.
    And I have been helped by many Christians during my long life, and I well know the positive nett contributions of Christianity to Life-on-Earth generally.
    Now, in my never-satisfied curiosity in my search and comprehension of God, and my communication with God, I draw more widely from sources than those presented in the Old and New Testaments, and in concepts and practices derived within Judaism and Christianity since those Scriptures were written and authorised by the Priestly Classes.
    One dimension of my wider appreciation of God comes from the research and suggestions by many anthropologists.
    This is in realising that the presentation of God, as decided by those Priestly Classes, is deficient in proper acknowledgment and presentation of The Divine Feminine.
    And this inadequacy can be traced to the arrivals of various peoples of extreme Masculine cultures who invaded the precincts of the Levant over the many millennia.
    I make these points to state my own situation regarding God, not to disagree with you, and certainly not to criticise the bases of your Faith.
    Sincerely, and all best wishes to you, Harry.

  • Harry Lee says:

    Meanwhile, as bad as the L-NP Govt is, here’s a useful development:
    The new appointments in Cabinet portend well.
    It shows there is some capable talent that can step into new roles.
    And it will be useful broadening/deepening experiences for the ministers involved, one or two of’em deputy leader material and possibly even PM prospects, should Freudenberg slip up.
    Plus, it gives the Libs the chance to promote talented women.
    The continuing bad news is that the Left, with the ABC as its propaganda arm, is still to spread more manufactured manure over the Libs and Nats, with the rest of the media piling on.
    Most likely scenario is that the ALP, with the Greens in the caboose, will win the next Federal election.
    And this will give the marxist forces in the Federal public services, and in the ALP Staes and Territories and at Council level, full scope to:
    -kill free enterprise
    -destroy the reliable generation of electricity,
    -further reduce water capture and supply
    -ensure the best fuel conditions for runaway bushfires
    -open the borders to parasites and other anti-Westernists (future ALP voters) from everywhere
    -further restrict free speech, and thereby further dumb-down the education systems
    -do deals with/sell us out to China
    -ensure that Identity replaces Competence in all assignments of human beings to jobs with responsibility for people’s lives and people’s money
    There’s more of course, and it’s all Very Bad.
    (Reminder: The L-NP Govt does bad things because it would lose even more votes if it did good things.)

  • Harry Lee says:

    Stand by for the ABC to try to torpedo Michaelia Cash.
    That is, the ABC will channel anti-Cash material as supplied by ALP and Greenist operatives.

  • Stephen Due says:

    Feminism is (a) a pain in the neck (b) unbiblical (it’s not alone in that regard, but it’s worth noting) and (c) tedious in the extreme. It is a simple fact of life that relations between the (two) sexes are fraught with both peril and opportunity. Consequently the opportunity comes with risk, which is what makes it interesting. The shrews, harridans and white-man-hating ex-housewives who predominate at the ABC are trying to make relations between the sexes ‘safe’. The result is insufferably boring, intellectually-deficient, ideology-driven content on the airwaves.
    The ABC ought to be privatised. Let the user pay. That will be the end of most of what the ABC broadcasts, and also (as a side benefit) of the long-since mentally ossified P. Adams, the constantly-name-dropping communist friend of the rich and famous – and of his legendary ‘listener’, who presumably is asleep, and therefore may not even notice that the radio has gone silent.
    According to Woke geology, our era is the Anthropocene. But what’s in a name? Let’s just call it the End Times, and look forward to the denouement. At least that will be interesting – though not necessarily safe.

  • Stephen Due says:

    Achtung, Harry! The LNP government only thinks (in italics) ‘it is doing bad things because otherwise it would lose even more votes’ Really it is doing bad things because (a) it is incompetent (b) it is hamstrung by the Public Service aka the Deep State (c) it is comfortable with badness.
    Our best hope is that our various governments will do as little as possible. At one time I worked briefly as a consultant to a Victorian government department. I could write a book. Let’s just say that I quickly learned to dread the meeting at which a public servant said “I’ve had an idea” (often followed by “since talking to Amanda” or “on the train coming into the office” etc).

  • Harry Lee says:

    Stephen Due -yes indeed, almost all reaches of the public services -Fed, State, Territory and Council- are staffed by marxist scum.
    And that is true too for the ABC, SBS and 80% of the commercial news/opinion media, and the law industry, and the universities, and the state school systems.
    Now, let us devise systems to produce smart, tough Lib and Nat candidates for elective office -and push, shove, and support those candidates -esp after they become MPs.
    And any such strategy must be informed by the obvious truth that the country-wide proportion of parasitic voters -those who vote ALP or Green- is fast becoming an unassailable majority -as a result of the immigration/refugee systems and the education systems.
    Incompetence among Lib and Nat MP’s is simply a direct reflection of the incompetence, indolence and ignorance among nominal non-marxist voters.
    All administered by public servants as described in my opening sentence.
    For non-marxists to do nothing is to pass ourselves into slavery.
    The imminent Federal ALP-union-Green government could well be the final death knell of Proper Australia.
    But let us remember:
    It is our good fortune to be located in a place on Earth that is essential for the USA to have a staunch ally.
    That fact might be our salvation.

  • ianl says:

    Harry Lee

    >”For non-marxists to do nothing is to pass ourselves into slavery”

    And so what useful, practical things should we do ?

  • pgang says:

    ianl, exactly. Socialism (Cultural Marxism is merely a sub-set of the whole) is the natural human condition. There is probably no stopping it now – if America falls, we all fall with it; and it appears to have fallen. Only God can save us from this self-imposed slavery, but the whole point of socialism is that we don’t want him around.
    An enjoyable article, which tells us that it should have always been Dutton in the big chair.

  • Necessityofchoice says:

    Scotty was not elected in the platform he is standing on. He was elected on the one supposed to take us in the other direction. Abbott was not popular, but he would have been re-elected. Howard was never popular, and Rudd got in on Howards platform + compassion. Who can forget ” I’m a fiscal conservstive” ?
    The electorate are not dumb. They can and will elect people they dont ‘like’ .
    I see Jeff Kennet is throwing his hat in the ring. Let’s see how be goes.

  • Necessityofchoice says:


  • Occidental says:

    Politically, Morrison is trying to stay in government, and as distressing as his capitulations to the clothy minded left are, a potential labor government of the current crop does not bear contemplation.
    The problem facing Australia and the west is how to incorporate feminism into our society without destroying it. If you look at all the changes taking place, dropping standards in schools, the destruction of the traditional family unit, falling productivity, and a general scientific malaise, all can be attributed to the rise of feminism and the philosophical changes which it demands. If feminism dictates that the needs and aspirations of individuals (including men) are of paramount concern, then to satisfy those aspirations, standards must drop. No better evidence of this exists than in the the legal community. When I entered the profession the idea that a solicitor, let alone a junior one with narrow experience, could become a judge of a District Court let alone the Chief Justice of a state Supreme Court would have been risible, practically beyond contemplation. Now it has become the norm. The problems this causes to the administration of justice are just now being perceived by the general community. If you look at what many regard as a pivotal change in our cultures recent history, the Vietnam war, and society’s rejection of government policy, the hand of feminism can be seen. As I have commented before, the drift to big government must continue as no group benefits more from big government than women, and for single women it provides the security that once was provided by a male partner. The days of a competitive intellectually driven western culture exalting excellence are over, replaced by a demand to redistribute the rewards for past effort to certain “needy” segments of “society”.

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    Harry Lee–29 March 2021:
    The Bible presents God as masculine because He is. There is not some feminine god out there somewhere. “For there is one God.” I Timothy 2:5. Priestly classes did partly (though certainly not entirely–David and Solomon were kings) write down the Bible, but they were not the authors of it. “For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.”
    The Bible declares itself to be God’s truth for man. Full stop. That makes it either true, or a complete lie. The good that has come from it throughout history shows that it surely cannot be a lie. That being the case, mixing truth with other things will only lead to confusion, not greater truth. “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

  • Harry Lee says:

    Ianl, thank you for asking.
    I can describe useful and practical steps -the elements of a strategy.
    But the bad news is:
    The work involved will take years/decades to bear fruit, and will require maintenance in perpetuity.
    Some people want “useful and practical” to translate to “quick and costless”.
    But the job is a big one, and will take great sacrifice by volunteers of their time and their money -their lives.
    It will require a couple million Australians to self-organise and self-resource.
    The What, the Where, the, When, the How?
    Here, I will simply point to the key fronts on which these volunteers must fight:
    1. Reformation of the Libs and Nats -to be staunchly, implacably pro-Western and anti-Leftist, with due regard to necessary security against counter-attacks by the marxist peoples who now dominate all of our institutions, and with due regard to the fact that the voting electorate is fast sliding leftwards/greenist.
    2. Establish and maintain a fully secure anti-Leftist news/opinion multi-media platform.
    3. Establish and maintain a fully secure anti-Leftist social media platform.
    4. Establish and maintain Saturday and Sunday schools for the young -on proper cititizenship in an anti-Leftist, Western nation.
    5. Establish and maintain anti-Leftist/pro-Western schools systems in the States and Territories -devoted to training children in how to develop their intellectual-emotional systems, along with presenting the truths of the great effectiveness of Western Civ and all the boons and benefits for the human being that have been created only within Western Civ.
    6. Establish and maintain adult education systems that deal with the subject areas described in #5, and which go further, esp in the areas of:
    -economics, the essential role of the nation and nationhood in maintaining a workable global order, contributory citizenship, defence (internal and external), effective treatment of the violent and other criminal classes, and of infiltrators and insurrectionists working for foreign and transnational political forces, including those masquerading as religions and enterprise which pretend to be “just trying to make everything nice for everyone.”
    Ianl, in my reading of history and the effectiveness of social, political, economic, admin/management, engineering, technical, and scientific systems, “useful and practical” always involves hard, smart, tough work by a sizable minority of the participants in the systems -without cease.
    And, the kind of extreme tasks ahead of us, to avoid our enslavement, have never been undertaken
    In complexity, ambiguity and in-built conflict, it exceeds all earlier revolutions in the work required.
    All best, Harry.

  • Ian MacKenzie says:

    “Malcolm Turnbull is to head a new board to advise the NSW government’s long-term climate policy.” Climate and renewables subsidies are one of the two main money makers in Australian politics (the other being superannuation for the ALP). Senior members of the NSW Liberals are deeply involved, some personally, some through other members of their family. With a Green-Left Minister for Energy and Environment, the NSW Government is enabling these troughers while destroying the state’s energy supply. This illustrates the problem with a party that believes in nothing but what’s expedient. Victoria is another example. Why vote for an partly woke Opposition when you can get the real thing?

  • Peter Marriott says:

    Good piece Peter. Prime Minister Morrison is so very, very average I’m afraid, with a sort of survivor type cleverness. You nailed it nicely with your reference to Feminist, Leftists and the LGBTQ activists and I’d just add the entire Greens Party types as well. Why does he demean himself like this I wonder. These people are never ever going to vote for him, they’ll just laugh at him and mock him. There are no votes to win there, only lots of votes to lose elsewhere just as soon as, and if, OPV was to get in, as in my view it’s only the CPV that keeps the numbers somewhere around respectable at present, and probably compulsory voting as well.

  • Harry Lee says:

    Peter Marriott, the point is this:
    If Morrison/the L-NP do not slide further greenist and leftist, they will lose more of their existing vote.
    Increasing numbers of people believe that the carbon dioxide/climate fantasy is actually the truth, and increasing numbers of voters want the parasitic life.
    The way it is.

  • pgang says:

    Ian MacKenzie, the same could be said of water trading. Our entire economy is being (has been?) handed over to oligarchs.

  • padraic says:

    It gets worse. Who would have thought some years ago that an office disagreement between two people would have been a headline and an article on the front page of a major newspaper, as happened today, and that used to denigrate the PM who had nothing to do with it.

  • Farel says:

    “The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.” Ps.12:8

  • Harry Lee says:

    Australia has long lacked leadership, and the deficit is growing, growing, growing.
    1. Too few Poms, esp high-quality Poms came here in the crucial period of the late 1800’s.
    2. The massive losses in the World Wars, esp the first.
    3. The schools and universities ceased emphasis on developing high-level talent, and switched to the destructive BS of “fairness and equality”, and the consequent dumb-down.
    4. The switch to bringing in non-Westerners -and esp anti-Westernists- as immigrants and refugees, and encouraging all in the direction of parasitism -and not contributory citizenship.
    5. The institution of Multiculturalism is actually a cover for apartheid and anti-White-ism. And so now have many more “residents who consume” and far fewer “citizens who contribute”. And in this context, nothing can be done to improve White culture, esp the production of leadership material.
    6. Generally, the culture has been degraded by the Left’s insistence that criminal behaviour is a result of a “bad society” (that is, free enterprise, freedom of expression, and personal responsibility) and that criminality and all anti-social behaviour is not a property of the individual -and so the criminal justice system is now corrupt and a total failure.
    7. The Left insists that Identity and Rights must replace Competence and Responsibility in all appointments to all offices, in all sectors of society. This is completely antithetical to, and destructive of the possibility of positive leadership and useful, willing followership.
    8. Increasing numbers of Australians, after their formal years of inadequate education, have ceased to be bothered to learn how anything actually works, preferring to spend their lives consuming-
    -consuming food, booze, other recreational drugs, entertainment pap, and sight-seeing, when not at the beach.
    One, just one, aspect of the Australian dumb-down is the pathetic acceptance of and compliance with the dictates of the fake/false Climate Change BS.
    We will not get proper leaders until a couple million Ordinary Australians get themselves organised and mobilised -and press for the founding of a New and Proper Australia.

  • Petronius says:

    The Coalition has gone down a path of appeasement and accommodation in relation to post modernist ideology. Its mistake was, and abetted by Mr Morrison, not really taking it seriously enough to study it and formulate a counter-movement and political voice. A flight of woke arrows, spears and sling shots has been launched by the ABC and other media fellow travellers and caught the Coalition unprepared. They could not fight because they did not understand the enemy. Morrison’s teary speech is actually a turning point of capitulation and surrender; and there is much more to come. The Woke army has won. The ABC collective has won. Morrison has lost face, the Coalition appears weak and confused. What is left to the faithful but to disengage and retreat to the mountains.

  • nfw says:

    Harry Lee: It’s “achtung”.

  • nfw says:

    Morrison (a big sook who doesn’t seem to think Australia is one country but has the power to keep enforcing face nappies on flights) and Glads (look, I’m saving you by destroying you with this scam-demic) have done it for spouse and me. Once life long Liberal Party voters and intermittent party members we have sworn off them for good. Hello One Nation.

  • ChrisPer says:

    Harry, very good comment. Should be expanded into an article.

  • Harry Lee says:

    nfw -thank you for the correction.

  • Harry Lee says:

    ChrisPer -thank you for the compliment.
    Do you mean my comment on the lack of leadership, or the one in reply to ianl?

  • Helmond says:


    Good luck with One Nation. You will be joining some intellectual giants.

  • Helmond says:


    Good luck with One Nation. You eill be joining some intellectual giants.

  • Harry Lee says:

    No proper leaders?
    1. Too few White Australians live as nett productive, contributory, peaceful citizens; they prefer their freedom to scoff, to laze about, to drink, eat and go sight-seeing, when not at the beach. They cannot be bothered to participate in the governance of the place.
    2. Too many non-Whites here give their primary allegiance to their foreign national or transnational cultural/religious/political/legal systems from which they derive-
    -and they hate White Australians and/or treat them at easy duped fools-
    -and they send any surplus cash -they can get their hands on in Australia- back to those foreign/transnational (anti-Westernist) forces instead of investing it here.
    3. The criminal justice system is a tragedy -violent people are released from custody asap -and that includes sex-predators, incl those who target children.
    4. Funds created by nett wealth creators -and paid in as tax and various charges- are freely re-distributed to indolent, ungrateful people of all colours, including anti-Westernist non-Whites, and violent criminals -and this is all plain to see.
    5. The education systems have been dumbed-down to suit the aims of anti-Westernist Big Statist Whites and non-Whites who control the school systems and who can see that ignorant, indolent, aimless people, addled by affluence that comes with no effort, are easily ushered into the non-democratic Big State by promises of even more free delights in being a client of said State.
    6. It is obvious that Multiculturalism is an anti-White project and is designed to provide a smokescreen for the destruction of the legitimacy of our British founding and the British basis of our freedoms and wealth-creating institutions.
    7. The anti-Westernist Left which now controls the heights of all Australian institutions also is undermining our social order by de-legitmising the heterosexual nuclear family-
    -with its insistence that affirmative action for male-hating leftist feminists, homosexuality, many-genderism, and gender change are all more important, and should be provided with more support by way of nett tax-payer created funds, than the maintenance and improvement of the heterosexual nuclear family.
    8. In the ABC and SBS, and in the state education systems, we see nett tax-payer funds being spent to promote and endorse all of these anti-Westernist, anti-nation-building, anti-human flourishing activities.
    9. It is clear that the ALP wants to set Australia within China’s sphere of influence and turn our back on the USA and on the broader Western alliance, and on our European roots.
    And there’s more that is Bad.
    No, a social/civic morass like this will not produce Proper Leaders.

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