The Desecration of France’s Christian Symbols and Heritage

One doesn’t need to be a conspiracy addict to be surprised at the speed with which Parisian authorities declared the devastating fire in Notre Dame Cathedral an accident — or to raise an eyebrow at the invention of the bland new phrase for its cause: “involuntary destruction by fire.”

The coincidence that the most important Christian church in Paris should go up in smoke in Holy Week, just a month after an arsonist set fire to the church of Saint-Sulpice, seems to have passed largely without comment in the mainstream media. That first blaze was started shortly after the midday Mass and did several hundred million euros damage before firemen brought it under control.

At about the same time, the Basilica of Saint Denis, a mediaeval abbey church in the north of Paris, was vandalised. The church houses the tombs of French kings from the 10th to the 18th century and includes, significantly, that of Charles Martel, who ended the Muslim invasion of Europe with his victory at the battle of Tours in 732. The attack heavily damaged the 200-year old organ as well as smashing stained glass windows. Saint Denis is in a ‘no-go’ suburb.  A Pakistani migrant who arrived in France only two months ago has been charged with causing the damage.

In Nîmes, the ancient Roman city in the Gard Department of Provence, the church Notre-Dame-des-Enfants was desecrated, the main altar looted and a cross smeared on the walls with human excrement.  Again, there was a link to the Christian defeat of the Muslim Umayyad Caliphate which had enslaved southern Europe. Charles Martel’s 736 expedition destroyed the city; in 752 Pepin the Short finally ended Muslim rule there.

In just eleven days, nine churches were damaged or desecrated in what appeared to be a coordinated attack across France. They included the towns of

# Vienne, south of Lyons, the church of St Vincent de Naintre. At the Council of Vienne in 1311 Pope Clement V abolished the order of the Knights Templar.

# Angouleme in the Charente Department in the south of France. The evangelical church of Hope and Life was damaged in the town where Crusaders murdered 3000 Jews in 1256.

# Lavaur in Tarn, southern France, the scene of religious wars of the 16th century.

# Maisons-Lafitte and Houilles, two towns in the Île-de-France region north-west of Paris.

Notwithstanding the immediate response that implicitly ruled out terrorism and connections with earlier atrocities, a serious investigation of the cause, origin and seat of the fire in Notre Dame is now underway.  Before the last flames were extinguished, Paris Prosecutor Rémy Heitz opened a preliminary investigation by the judicial police. The next day, while backing away from the quaint excuse, and favouring the theory of an accident, he set fifty investigators to work.

Five companies had been contracted to carry out a total of €150 million worth of renovations to the cathedral, starting with the roof. One of the companies, Europe Echafaudage was engaged in 2017 to work on the spire but insists that none of the 12 men on the project were on the job at the time.  A huge mesh of scaffolding was being erected over the roof, and one of the first explanations was that welding had caused the fire. Australian scaffolding is assembled with self-locking pins but it is not yet known if the French system was fitted or welded.

The investigators will want to known from witnesses where the fire was first seen, in what form, and the colour of the flames. That last clue could indicate what was burning and whether an accelerant had been present.

France has 42,258 churches, and they are coming increasingly under attack. Last year, 875 were vandalised, according to police, as were 59 cemeteries. After centuries of protection and safety, Christians and their churches are now easy targets for terrorists aiming to reverse the Islamic defeats of the 15th and 16th centuries. In this modern secular world, it is not only Saint-Sulpice and Notre Dame — Europe itself is burning.

15 thoughts on “The Desecration of France’s Christian Symbols and Heritage

  • Salome says:

    Out in social media land, Americans in particular are asking people not to donate to the restoration of Notre Dame, because the RC Church has lots of money, but instead to donate to the restoration of the three churches in St Landry parish, Louisiana, recently destroyed by fire. The St Landry churches’ congregations are predominantly people of African heritage. The alternative message being put about is that the billionaires who are so quick to donate to Notre Dame could have solved world poverty if they’d been so inclined (this one reminds me of that Bible story where someone complains that money spent on an extravagance could have been given to the poor–now, who was that?). Notre Dame will be repaired by throwing lots of money at it (more than I can afford to make a difference with, so my charity dollar will go elsewhere). The St Landry churches’ crowdfunding collection has raised more than enough. And that’s good. But what about the churches in Nigeria that are getting burned down? Why don’t these virtue signallers start a collection for them? Is it because they are quick to help when people have suffered or had property destroyed because whey are black, but no so quick to help when people have suffered or had property destroyed because they are Christian?

  • Alistair says:

    Methinks that the churches of France have already accepted dhimmi status under leftist governments – so they will have no trouble accommodating to dhimmi status under the Islamists at some point in the future either.
    Same thing here. The major churches toe the leftist government line when required – consider the churches’ complete silence on the Israel Folau episode.

  • en passant says:

    Thank god I am an atheist.
    Curiously, I quite often visit a nearby blue stone church built by the French just a century or so ago. It is tiny, beautifully architectured and full of superb carved wood panels. I am always alone in it, yet it is well kept and cleaned daily by some unseen person. It is a great place to read a good book. A nice place.
    I once asked a muslim I worked with in the M.E. to take me to a beautiful mosque we passed. He flipped from Jekyll to Hyde in an instant as it belonged to a heretical branch he wanted to see dead, really dead, but to suffer great pain first. He was shaking with hatred.
    France, Sweden, Belgium and others are lost. They will not fight back, because the degree of killing that is necessary to save themselves is too abhorrent to them. Hungary, Poland, Japan, China, Vietnam, Russia, Myanmar, India, Angola & Nigeria will provide the bastions for the fightback. The Catholic Church under Pope Appeasement are not going to be of any help.
    Australia? At 240,000 flooding in a year the threshold for insurrection will be reached in only 7 years. Let’s see how our non-warrior ‘defence force’ handles that scenario when Indonesia declares it will come to the rescue of the oppressed islamic rebels fighting an urban war to create an islamic state in our main cities.

  • Feiko Bouman says:

    Dhimmi status…Alistair 1st para.
    See “Submission ” by Michel Houellebecq or preferably read this devastating, brilliant ,disturbing, prophetic? book.
    It’s here…and Demography is Destiny

  • Jody says:

    en passant: “thank god I’m an atheist”???

  • george@lloydnet.com.au says:

    Here is an interview with a retired architect and engineer who worked on Notre Dame for about three decades and it’s pretty clear what he thinks – the electrical system was safe and 800 year old oak is so tough it’s almost impossible for a stray source of ignition to start a conflagration.

  • Mr Johnson says:

    Looking forward to what the progressive architects come up with for their new forward-thinking and ‘inclusive’ design. My money is on there being a crescent moon tucked in there somewhere.. Otherwise, well, nice church you got there. Hate to see anything happen to it… again.

  • Alistair says:

    Hi Feiko!
    I’m a huge fan of Houellebecq – Submission is of course all about the Left “submitting” and accepting dhimmi status. And yes, the atheists all fall into line as well. Interestingly, the churches don’t even get a mention in Houellebecq’s book – he doesn’t rate them even a whisper of resistance. And neither do I.

  • Alistair says:

    Incidentally, our security forces apparently live in terror over the much awaited backlash against peace loving Muslims. 875 Churches later and not a hint of a backlash in France. Too busy rioting for lower taxes and more hand outs – as the French are wont to do.

  • en passant says:

    One attack by a non-Christian lunatic in NZ killed 50 muslims in NZ. Terrible.
    102 Christians were butchered in a church in Nigeria by the muslim Boko Haram that same week. No big deal, just business as usual.
    I was just reading the British Mirror when I noticed over 200 died in Sri Lanka when three churches and three hotels were bombed. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/sri-lanka-explosions-live-tourists-14440654
    It did make the news here too – just???
    Shall we keep score?
    Should we send the NZ PM to Sri Lanka to tell them how to disarm?

  • Salome says:

    Sri Lanka is well and truly in the news, en passant, but the fact that the people bombed in the churches were killed for being Christian is sort of being played down. The hotels need to be publicised because that’s where Australians stay when they go there to enjoy the beaches (which we don’t have enough of here).

  • deric davidson says:

    For secularists the grave sins of today are not sodomy, adultery and fornication, they are homophobia and Islamophobia. The extraordinary thing is, is that Islam is an established bodily threat to homosexuals more so than any other system of belief. But at the moment the old adage of ‘ the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ hides the reality. The common enemy to both Islam and homosexuality is of course Christianity.

  • Mr Johnson says:

    @Deric Davidson: “The common enemy to both Islam and homosexuality is of course Christianity.’ I think this sentiment from the gay lobby is because they have a poor understanding of exactly what Islam is. They have been persuaded by the love media (and by many Muslims) that islam is little more than smarmy TV presenters, pretty girls in lipstick and hijabs, and a cool fashion choice. They don’t realise that in the backrooms of some mosques there may be fiery eyed bearded men who wouldn’t blink at throwing them off building tops. I wonder if any of them know how many gay bars or gay bathhouses remain in those no-go zones dominated by Muslims across Europe now? Might be an eye opener if they cared to ask a few questions.

  • en passant says:

    Islam is at war with the world, but our elite rulers just don’t know it – yet.
    Another lone wolf in England, but don’t mention the war …
    Is this the New England of the Present and Future?


  • en passant says:

    John Paul Watson nails some very valid questions to the mosque door: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNm9JZ_joBE

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