Cool Hand Trump, He Blinked

exec order trumpI make no secret of my support for Donald Trump. Have a look at the alternative. Politicians everywhere in the West who have sold out their ordinary citizens with ruinous multiculturalism, and the infection of Islam; who have chased votes by dispensing money as though it were confetti; who have penalised workers and the poor by buying into global warming hysteria; who have entered into trade deals careless of the consequences for many workers and their communities; and who, time and time again, have been shown to be personally corrupt.

And, to add to this litany of betrayals, they have orchestrated a reckless and potentially suicidal run-down of military readiness. As the erudite Melanie Phillips (March 16)[i] succinctly puts it: “Iran and North Korea are now out of their box, China is on the march and Russia is out of control. And the person left holding the parcel as the music stops is Donald J. Trump.”

Trump is a breath of fresh air with policies unashamedly directed towards improving the economic security and safety of ordinary people: lowering taxes, eliminating regulations, protecting borders, reducing low-skilled migration, renegotiating trade deals putting his country first and, vitally, rebuilding the military. All of these policies appeal to me. How is he doing? Pretty well, but?

Why the ‘but’? He blinked. I think it is fair to say that he was cowed into signing a giant $1.3 trillion spending bill. Now I am prone to making the odd excuse or two for those I support. In this case, Trump was put in an invidious predicament by Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and the rest of the many RINOs in the US Congress. They encased the desperately needed increased military spending inside an omnibus bill. They gave Trump no option, or did they?

There I go again with a caveat. Trump surely knew that the progressive, national self-loathing, open borders Democrats would not agree to increased military spending without domestic pork. He surely knew that the pusillanimous Republicans in Congress would cave. He could have stood firmer.

He could have insisted on a standalone military spending bill, by making it clear he would veto any omnibus bill which included military spending. You have to pick your battles. He had the perfect battle cry. “Are you going to put our military in harm’s way by arming them with deteriorating and outdated equipment? Are you going to put our country’s security at risk in the face of threats from Russia, China, Iran and North Korea?”

With a standalone military bill, his other priorities, including funding for the wall, could have been negotiated against the domestic pork that Democrats love. As it is he gained only a miniscule down payment for the wall while, for example, Planned Parenthood — the abortion factory, seller of baby parts, and Democrat cheerleader and sponsor — is fully funded, as are so-called sanctuary cities.

He has given away powerful leverage and got too little. That doesn’t seem like the art of striking a good deal to me. On the other hand, maybe we, of patriotic and conservative bent, expect too much from one man. Putting all of our hopes on his aging shoulders.

Recall Paul Newman in the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke, burdened with all of the desperate hopes of his fellow prisoners: “Oh come on. Stop beatin’ it. Get out there yourself. Stop feedin’ off me. Get out of here. I can’t breathe. Give me some air.”

Trump is under siege. He is battered each day by media hacks and by RINOs like John McCain, Bob Corker and Jeff Flake — the top twenty-five RINOs are listed by ‘conservative review.com’, for those interested. He is under a trumped-up investigation by Mueller’s star chamber of Democrat lawyers. Impeachment is a constant, if mindless, refrain. Leakers in the Deep State are ever vigilant for a misplaced word. Women of questionable reputation from past dalliances are after him for publicity and loot.  His elegant wife is attacked and ridiculed whatever she does. Even his children are targeted. It must be enormously wearying. However strong you are, as Luke discovers at the hands of the prison warden, you can be beaten down.

Trump is resilient and cool under pressure but, like Luke, he is human not a superhero. So, I’m going to give him a pass and put the blame squarely on Ryan, McConnell and the RINOs. At the same time, Trump’s blink can’t turn into a habit. That way we would have just another politician.

In my view, Trump is carrying the leadership torch for Western Civilisation. No-one else is remotely in sight. Those who understand this need at least to lend a hand and, as Luke pleaded, get out there themselves.

[i] http://www.melaniephillips.com/west-pays-price-decades-folly/

13 thoughts on “Cool Hand Trump, He Blinked

  • pmacsporran@pac.com.au says:

    Peter, have you looked at the claims that the Bill was not a budget bill but, following Obama’s example, an Omnibus expenditure bill that allows the Pres. to spend pretty well what and how he likes without being bound to any detail in the bill. It is said that he czn now proceed with the Wall that will be built by the Army Corps of Engineers. If true DT outsmarted them.

  • Bwana Neusi says:

    Well put Peter! So many sit on the sidelines and expect Trump to prevail and then criticise him for not meeting their expectations.

    He has achieved more in one year, despite unrelenting opposition much of it from within his own party, than any previous President and in my opinion he is playing the long game.

    The mid term elections could well give him the leverage he needs to steam roll the opposition. Lets hope for America’s sake, the Americans support him at the ballot box.

    It won’t stop the RINOs, the MSM and the Deep State from continuing their vendetta, but it will weaken their cause.

  • peter prenavon says:

    That movie, left my spirit high,the endurance of a man swamped.Trump leaves me with the same feeling,swamped by politicians/media/feminist/left not beaten down within a year, even if he blinks he gave us a year he gave us an option for the future.
    Might be a close run thing, but the left could still be defeated, Churchill where are you.

  • Jody says:

    Trump is reckless and I’m sitting by watching my share portfolio being trashed because of his new trade war which will do NOTHING – repeat NOTHING – for American jobs and industry beyond an evanescent initial wriggle.

  • Warty says:

    The thing about Luke, was one never knew whether or not he was bluffing. He appeared to succumb when he’d dug out, filled in and dug out the ‘cigarette pit’ repeatedly, all day and well into the night. He appeared to have submitted to the ‘deep state’ (Boss) until he hijacked the truck and took his final triumphant stand. What was of greater interest was what the film said of those who gave up on him, spurned him, and then reverted to their mindless hero worshipping. How cunning or not Luke actually was no one ever knew, other than the fact he took his triumphant stand on the top floor of that huge shed, and gave his life in order to spit in the face of a tyranny.
    How does this translate in comparison with Trump? Well Jody, for instance laments her ‘share portfolio’ appearing to have been ‘trashed’, though a sluggish ASX had already started clawing its way back, despite the more dramatic US recovery. But share portfolios are, in themselves, such a tiny prism for analysing any Trump reconnaissance. The objective is not an isolated machine gun post half way between here and China, it’s more the one-way full-on trade assault (significant trade imbalances, intellectual property theft etc etc) meekly allowed under a limp-wristed Obama regime.
    We cannot judge Trump on his response to an omnibus bill: he is not a Turnbull, incapable of defending anything, including his own position.
    Feisty though she may be; well-read one doesn’t doubt . . . but overly quick to judge an unfathomable Cool Hand Luke may well be Jody’s downfall. Tis far better to be slow to judge and quick to praise (when the latter is called for).

    • Jody says:

      No; a share market rout is not a good sign for Trump. And it isn’t significant, unless you have only a small holding. I’m down many tens of thousands of dollars. In fact, some shares have gone to hell in a handbag. And this will get worse before we see any improvement. It all looked so healthy and promising before Trump launched his trade war.

      • Warty says:

        Having retired I too am affected by the share market, but my financial advisor periodically reminds me to look to the long term and not be spooked by short term fluctuations. Admittedly we haven’t fully recovered from the GFC; but the same reassurance applies to Trump’s alleged trade war with China.
        For a start don’t lock into the idea that there will be a trade war, despite the reactions of an easily ‘spooked’ financial market. Secondly, China has far more to lose in any trade war with America, so rest assured Trump know more about the art of the deal than either you or I.
        Again, rest assured Trump knows what he is doing, with regards to the overall well being of America and the rest of the Anglo sphere.
        Now don’t get me started on Abbott, because there was bucket loads of villainy perpetrated by the centre left of the Liberal Party to ensure his failure.

  • Warty says:

    By the way, I simply have to quote Dennis (double ‘n’) Prager on Trump: “My opposition to Donald Trump was wrong. People are packages. What a president does is more important to me than a president’s demeanor. He is so much better a president than Mitt Romney would’ve made.
    Mitt Romney would’ve awakened every day to read The New York Times editorial page to see how he’s covered . . . [Trump] doesn’t give a damn about what the press says about him. That is the only way to govern. It is the only way to advance the principles of conservatism in the United States is to not give a damn.”
    I don’t feel like a package, but I do understand what Dennis is saying.

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    Wrong about Trump winning the Republican nomination.
    Wrong about Trump winning the Presidency.
    Wrong about Trump being impeached.(whatever happened to the warcry:”not long now?)

    Jody why didn’t you do something about your portfolio before Trump acted on his policies re trade and China?

    Did not blame him, blame your own inaction or lack of forethought.

    • Jody says:

      I did not having anything to say about your two points. I made no predictions, so get your facts right. Oh, that’s right; you don’t deal in facts, only ad homs. Fasten your seat-belt; it’s going to be a bumpy economic ride with Trump. The same nation who so aggressively pushed for free trade and played dirty games now wants to play another type of dirty game. We shall see.

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