The Art of the Real

trump targetDid the FBI and Department of Justice use a dodgy and salacious dossier on Donald Trump, paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, to repeatedly obtain a FISA warrant to wiretap the hapless Carter Page, for a time a bit player in the Trump election campaign? Did they deliberately omit to tell the judge about the provenance of the dossier? Did this mean that they wiretapped Trump Tower; which, incidentally, would have given them access the communications of Trump himself? Was Trump therefore right in March 2017 in claiming to have been wiretapped by the Dems?

The answer to all of these questions seems to be ‘yes’.

Is the whole Russian investigation a crock? Another ‘yes’. It is amazing really. After over a year of looking not one shred of evidence has been dug up to show collusion between Trump’s campaign and Putin. And yet the baseless slur continues, as it can. If nothing is found today or tomorrow, who knows what next week or month will bring if we keep digging.

Recall this all started with a suggestion that John Podesta (Clinton’s campaign head) had his emails phished (not ingeniously ‘hacked’ so far as we know) by the Russians in cahoots with Trump. The plot thickens. The Russians then passed them on to Wikileaks.

In other words, Trump and the Russians got into a (figurative or real) backroom to devise how to trick Podesta (or his staff) into revealing his email details and hence his dirty secrets. Why they stopped at Podesta, who knows? To this day we have no precise idea how it was done, but have to take it as fact from intelligence agencies that the Russians did it and, moreover, that Putin himself must have been personally complicit.

It is a joke. Where is the evidence? Apparently, you are disloyal if you ask. And, to boot, a Russian spy.

Though it’s true to say that Russian collusion – not a crime in any event – has lost its allure. Now, apparently, attention has switched within the Democrat-staffed Robert Mueller star-chamber investigation into obstruction of justice. This turns on Trump sacking James Comey or, perhaps, it’s to do with the allegation that Trump asked Comey if he could see his way to going easy on General Flynn.

I am not a lawyer, but Trump could have sacked Comey because he didn’t like the colour of his socks. That’s his constitutional right. And sacking Comey does not prevent any ongoing investigation at the FBI. It is also within the President’s right to direct Comey on any matter. But, as it happens, Comey is on the record to Congress (Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, 3 May 2017) as saying he never felt politically pressured to do anything untoward.

Patently, it is all a beatup from start to finish. Show me the man and I’ll find the crime, or if I don’t I’ll stretch out the process to make life as uncomfortable as possible for the target. It is a strategy redolent of Stalin’s Russia and tin-pot dictatorships. It should have been ‘ridiculed out of court’ long before now.

But who does the ridiculing in these cases? Who do we depend on? We depend on a free, fearless press. But this time around the US mainstream press is in the tank for the Democrats and for corrupt law enforcement practices. They are part of the Inquisition.

How can sense be made of what is going on in the greatest, freest democracy the world has ever seen or, the way things are going, will ever see? This is how.

First, America and, in fact, the rest of the Western world is being white-anted from within by a coalition of people without patriotism. You can variously call them postmodern leftists, latter-day Marxists, greens, globalists, and LGBTQI activists. Collectively, you can call them creeps, if you like (which I do).

Their intent is to tear down traditional (family and Christian) values and Western nation states with them. They have largely taken over what used to be working-class political parties; and have infiltrated the media, schools and universities and, tragically, churches. With them, truth doesn’t matter, only their loathsome agenda matters.

Second, Trump stands head and shoulders above the limp-wristed excuses for leaders elsewhere in the Western world. And, calamity, he is ‘winning’, as he said he would. He represents a real and present danger to those prosecuting the loathsome agenda. His success is their nightmare. When you saw Democrats glumly sitting on their hands throughout Trump’s brilliant State of the Union speech, you saw a glimpse of the dark side which is our lot if he fails. They will stop at nothing to get him.

He is a giant of our age. This gives me a glimmer of hope. But the opposing forces are ruthless and operate outside of the anchors of truth and morality. Deceiving a FISA court judge is a bagatelle to them.

10 thoughts on “The Art of the Real

  • brian.doak@bigpond.com says:

    So pleasing to read it here first and by Peter Smith “He [Trump] is a giant of our age”. Sean Hannity would say it also and anyone not captured by most of the 4th estate.
    For those pretend journalists and others of the pc crowd including Archbishop Philip Freier at the South Sudanese love-in who adopt virtue signalling positions we ought to recall that the Lord Jesus condemned virtue signalling. Matt 6:2-4 do your charity not to be seen, Matt 6:5-7 hypocrites love to pray on the street corners to be seen, better to do it in secret.

  • Christopher Saitta says:

    An excellent article and a delight to read. The author covered the events well with precision and depth.

  • denandsel@optusnet.com.au says:

    I agree with all who say that Trump is not the philosophical warrior needed to turn around the direction that western societies are heading. However I still like Trump, mainly because he makes leftists everywhere  [especially those in the ABC in Australia] go into apoplexy. Margaret Thatcher was much more of the intellectual warrior needed, Reagan and Howard could not have succeeded without her efforts. 

    • ianl says:

      An intellectual warrior cannot succeed against the sheer overwhelming spite and size of the “social” media. Those many who infest the Tweetysphere and InYourFace care not at all for intellect. As deeply crude as Trump is, his very crudity is what is required to even have a hope of matching the malevolent influence and superficiality of this social media – a millimetre deep with the width of the diameter of the globe. Whether this resistance will be successful is not predictable, I suggest.

      But most definitely yes – he induces leftoids’ heads to explode. Wonderful.

  • Mohsen says:

    Same here as Christopher Saitta said; thank you!

    Also, you’re absolutely right on “They will stop at nothing to get him.” And also “He is a giant of our age.” The fact that they’re so committed in their conspiracies and so active everywhere in his pursuit is unbelievable and should be a warning to his supporters. (As you have suggested here and before, he represents by far more than mere U.S. Presidency).

    And your article is not the only delight! Watching this giant fabulously hitting his enemies nonstop on his own is delightful, too!

  • pgang says:

    Peter I think this issue has become small beer in reality. The only people for whom the supposed Russian collusion still matters are people who don’t matter. They are the rusted-on democrats who are facing years in the wilderness; journalists (a subset of the former), whom very few Americans trust anymore; Hollywood, which has become a laughing stock (and is a subset of the former); and foreigners who don’t receive any meaningful news about anything going in the USA.

    The President is safe, but I think it’s going to get worse for the cronies.

  • en passant says:

    I watched the replay of his SOTU presentation and then carefully read the speech. Both were Presidential in the First Degree.

    However, never underestimate the Left, especially when they get desperate and lose their minds. Demonbrat Gutiérrez was ‘near to tears’ and walked out? Give me a break! His hatred knows no bounds, so it will only take his encouragement for another ‘Scalise-shooter’ to ‘end’ their nightmare. To the Socialist Left, the Bill Ayres, the Pelosi’s, the Clintons’, the Obama’s of this world, life was good on their ‘Animal Farm’ and their future was certain with the cronies sucking their dying economy dry. How else can you explain Fauxcohontas, ‘Dumb as Soap’ Pelosi and Mad Maxine becoming multi-$Millionaires on their salaries? Hillary was to be their crowning glory, but when the proles rebelled the Left’s shock, grief and hatred exploded into Antifa, the ripping off of the De Niro and Hollyweird masks and the exposure of their elitism. If only King George had it half as good as their cocooned view of the world then the USA would still be part of the British Empire. The Left is so irrational they support the Venezuelan and Cuban tyrannies, terrorism (as something we all have to accept as part of the ‘normal’ price of UN globalism) and the destruction of the USA to the standards of a 3rd world poverty-stricken country. Sorry, delete ‘country’ as that implies sovereignty and control of your own affairs.

    Trump is shaping up to be the greatest President ever as he has achieved a lot despite the Denizens of the Deep Dark Swamp opposing him at every turn (including those who have infiltrated his administration). I think Mueller, Sessions, Kelly, Ryan, Rosenstein and others are among the less obvious (unlike Flake & McCain) who are just awaiting their chance to bring him down. Sessions is so ineffective he succeeds in promoting the Deep Swamp agenda by just doing nothing. Blue Tack has more holdfast tenacity & gripping strength.

    The Secret Service had better be right on top of its game for MAGA to continue. Trump is healthy, strong, mentally astute and he has a clear vision of what he wants to achieve. Like all the best people, his agenda is about his country, the USA and not about him. All but 40% of Americans will support him, but that 40% contains all the John Wilkes Booth’s, the Liberal Left Hollyweirds, the MSM and the irrational haters.

    A great move would be to kick California out of the Union and let them turn the place into another Venezuelan or NORK paradise, but first, build the Wall to keep them out of the new Nirvana.

    Oh, and we should do the same for our own loony-Left and set SA free to save the world. Consider the following: it is 53 years since the Vietnam war ended. It left a devastated country, a zero economy, a starving people and almost no electric power (you know, like SA in 2018 …).

    Vietnam is now a rich capitalist country with the world’s 20th largest economy (it will be 18th by the end of 2018). It went from zero to becoming the world’s second largest coffee exporter (after Brazil) by easily overtaking the Trump s***hole African countries and Whitlam’s fasiled state PNG creation.

    Now tell me about where the SA economy and Oz civilisation has gone on the past 53 years – before asking me why I moved to Viet Nam.

    As Jared Diamond postulated in his book “Collapse”, civilisations CHOOSE to die, whereas SA chose to vote for batteries, wind and solar (which is much the same thing, just slower and more painful).

    • ianl says:

      What an invigorating piece of tinged analysis – I’m genuinely inagreement.

      Tropical climate aside (still not for me), what is actually required to emigrate to Vietnam ?

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    Intelligence, money and a passport.

  • en passant says:

    It was 18C when I awoke this morning – perfect. Rode the M/C to town for breakfast ($8), went for a haircut, hairwash and 30-minute scalp massage ($9). Had coffee at a seafront coffee shop and read my emails for 3-hours ($2.50). Temperature was 22C when I came back to the condo. Had a local 333 beer $1.10) while reading ‘Atlas Shrugged’ and now its nearly time for the “Sunset Ritual” with a chilled glass of superb Chilean Sauvignon Blanc ($3), Truffle Cheese and crackers ($5), then going to see the Japaneses period epic “The Battle of Seghiwara” ($3.50 for the VIP seats – with free popcorn). A total of about $35-$40/day, including electricity, 24-hour/day building security, petrol for the bike and setting enough aside for the maid to come in and clean up tomorrow …. I think that adequately covers Keith’s three points …

    We have two English visitors, who have arrived early from Hoi An in Central Vietnam as it was too cold for them. Last wet season we spent some time in Dalat in the cool Central Highlands. Don’t forget the Vietnam stretches from Brisbane to Melbourne, so forget ‘only tropical’ and choose your spot. 9-months of the year the weather is perfect, rather than the 5-months good weather I enjoyed in Melbourne.

    But it isn’t just the climate as I said in an article I published: “Steve Jobs said that the IPad and Apple would bring people together, but then realized that social media has exactly the opposite effect and in fact isolates people. Look around you and you will see people texting, but not talking to each other. Well, Dinner Parties and BBQs are my attempt at reversing this ‘isolationist’ trend. If I need to know what is going on (and I no longer do!), then our ‘Expatriate TV Package’ (for $16/month) provides access to 40 English language channels of news, general film, documentaries and drama programs + we have a choice of 20 x NetFlix movies every day.

    Not surprisingly, I love Vietnamese food. We buy fresh seafood (straight from the fishing boats), fresh meat, vegetables and fruit. We buy groceries from the huge mall where it is good to know that my Australian sugar and cheese are halal certified. A touching reminder that the Oz asylum is run by lunatics …

    My electricity bill is less than $600 for the year, yet we are all-electric and run three air conditioners constantly. At night we light the place up like Luna Park for the ships to navigate by. Did I mention that my cheap electricity is because the Vietnamese built the world’s 11th largest coal-fired power station in Ba Ria?

    The Vietnamese economy is robust and growing and is now the 20th largest in the world whereas Oz has become a nightmare in which to be an entrepreneur. After my most recent 2-year bureaucratic nightmare I will NEVER! invest in another Australian business again.

    Vung Tau is a strongly Catholic area with 17 churches within a 10km radius. They are filled to capacity every Sunday (and sometimes during the week too!). There are also some very large Buddhist Temples located almost side by side. The two religions live together harmoniously and sometimes families go to both the Church and the Temple. You can never be too careful …
    There is almost no crime, no violence and no danger at all. Viet Nam sounds like the Australia I emigrated to in the 1960’s and thought I knew until the ‘Strength through Diversity’ mantra lead Australia into decline and the sunset of a new Dark Age.

    I could add commentaries about clean streets (that’s what the unemployed do for food), hygiene (I have not had a ‘Bali Belly’ stomach upset yet in 20 months), medical services (I thoroughly tested these when I cut my figure to the bone). It took 20 minutes from arrival at the surgery to get six stitches and some antibiotics. The services {including the drugs} cost $18. A week later a cute nurse removed the stitches for another $3 – and gave me a free bottle of mercurochrome.

    For the next 5-years at least I expect to spend 7-8 months a year using Vung Tau as a base. After that I will reassess my state of decrepitude and whatever future remains.

    Of course, as is always the case with living anywhere, Vung Tau has several major downside issues.

    Umm, if and when I find them, I will get back to you and let everyone know … but don’t wait up.”

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