Another Betrayal of Israel and the Jews

obama saudiRepresentatives of more than 70 countries and organisations met in Paris last weekend to discuss and map out a way to a two-state resolution of the war between the Arabs and the Israelis, a war which the Arabs started in 1948 – the day after the Declaration of Independence by the newborn Jewish State. This is not the first time Jews are being betrayed by their ‘friends’.

This conference was not conducted in the French spa town Evian-les-Bains, where, in the Hotel Royal, on 6-15 of July, 1938, representatives of 32 countries slammed the door to safety in the face of desperate German Jewish refugees, under deadly threat from the Nazis. Every delegate rose to express sympathy for their plight, but no country, save the tiny Dominican Republic, offered refuge. The United States and Britain, citing economic concerns, were the undisputed leaders in refusing to admit people on the verge of the Nazi genocide. The other countries followed suit.

The significance of the Evian conference’s outcome, which astonished and delighted Adolf Hitler, was that it gave the Nazis carte blanche to conduct the Holocaust. The Evian conference conclusively demonstrated that no matter what Hitler did, Jews had neither powerful friends they could draw upon, nor could they resist his plans.

Despite the displeasure of some who feel that Jewish insistence on remembering the Holocaust is ‘too distressing’, history cannot be ignored nor forgotten. It certainly cannot be forgotten by the Jewish people, whose existence was threatened to the point of extinction.

The physical existence of the Jews has been threatened many times. It was threatened throughout their long, blood-spattered history in Europe: by Russian pogroms and the English, Spanish and Portuguese expulsions; by the 1506 massacre of Portuguese Jews in Lisbon; by the German gas chambers and by Polish hatred; by Hungarian deportations and Ukrainian massacres; by Vichy France’s collaboration with Hitler in expediting the transfer of Jews to the extermination camps; by the Lithuanian murder squads and many, many, many others, equally enthusiastic in manifesting their antisemitic hatred; and by the British Navy blockade, even after the horrors of the Holocaust, of the Palestine mandate.

And yet, and yet, even in the darkest hours of Jewish suffering, there were some decent people in every nation who helped Jews, placing themselves and their dear ones in mortal danger. That, along with the Jewish belief in One G-d, has confirmed the Jewish dream and the Jewish conviction that no matter what, there are people who refuse to behave like  animals, and who deserve the high distinction of being called human – righteous amongst the nations.

Now, Jewish existence is threatened again. The so-called ‘friends’ of the Jews require, nay, insist that they live with their murderers and tormentors, whose antisemitic hatred knows no bounds, who openly and officially, as a matter of the intending Palestinian policy:

  • teach their children, starting in kindergarten, to hate Jews;
  • glorify Jew-killers in their newspapers, radio and TV, and proclaim them martyrs;
  • name streets and squares after them;
  • pay, using international aid, pensions to the killers’ families;
  • proclaim their hatred for Jews and refuse to live together with Jews;
  • execute anyone of their own who sells land to the Jews;
  • engage in murder, kidnapping, terror and mayhem in order to kill Jews.

According to the last survey by the Anti-Defamation League, 93% of Gazan residents openly hate Jews.

The so-called ‘friends’ of the Jews promptly condemn any and every Jewish attempt to protect themselves and their families, decry their armed resistance against murderers as being disproportionate and inhumane, despite repeated attempts by the Jewish Army, to the detriment of their own safety, to warn non-combatants.

The Paris conference lays the ground for yet another UN resolution dominated by Arab countries, requiring Jews to share the border with the antisemitic regime, openly dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish State. Anything not to incur Arab displeasure, which the meeting’s official resolution clearly will not. As the LA Times reports:

The final statement at the conference called on Israel to withdraw to its 1967 borders, as required by United Nations resolutions, and for both parties to “abstain from unilateral actions” that could jeopardize future negotiations.

Ah, the old two-state solution — a goal impossible to achieve. With whom does Israel negotiate such a pact? With the Palestinian Authority on the West Bank or the Hamas fanatics in Gaza who espise their Fatah brethren no less than they do Jews? The “two-states solution” exists only as a literary and political device to cast Israel as the object of global enmity. The giveaway in the above LA Times report is the demand for a return to 1967 borders, s impractical strategically as is the two-state call immune to practical realities.

In 2005, Israel voluntarily vacated Gaza. To do so, she expelled her own citizens from the flourishing villages which were growing fruit and vegies. The vacuum was immediately filled by terror-espousing Hamas, who  destroyed the Jewish-built hothouses. Now Gaza produces and grows nothing but rockets shot into Israel,  and underground tunnels, which use up the cement ostensibly brought to build homes. These tunnels let the murderers slip beneath the borders to attack Jewish families and kill them – men, women and children – in their sleep.

An independent Palestinian State, if recent and not-so-recent history is any guide, will inevitably broaden and expand the terrorists’  base — Gaza on steroids, if you will — to spread yet more hate, terror and destruction. The Oslo Accords, so lauded by adherents of the two-state solution, brought only death, insecurity and despair to the Israeli people. The Paris Conference, inspired by the French and actively supported by the Obama administration, sought a further imposition of this horror. The consequent and inevitable loss of Jewish lives was not deemed a likelihood deemed worth consideration.

Recent events in the Middle East have proven conclusively the irrelevance of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict to the misery that mires the Middle East. Continuing inter-tribal bloodshed, hundreds of thousands of dead, wounded, and homeless refugees, destruction of infrastructure and the unfolding implosion of the entire Middle Eastern society has nothing to do with the territorial dispute between the Israelis and the Palestinian Arabs.

More than that, the standard cant of gatherings such as last weekend’s summit runs contrary to the interests of the Palestinian people, blinded by hate propaganda and shunned by their own Arab brethren. Palestinians have long been betrayed by their leaders, who have found it expedient to maintain a state of war, lest their greed and incompetence become clear for all to see. This trivial real estate dispute was never about the settlements, about a separate state for the Palestinians or Arab refugees. Nor does it hang on ‘occupation’. Not at all. It has always been, since  1948, about the very existence of Israel as a Jewish State.

The obsessive insistence of Western democratic governments on the Jewish settlements being the reason for the war’s existence is a fantasy that contributes to the ongoing tragedy, diverting attention from the real reason for this endless and fruitless war: Arab refusal to accept Israel’s existence.

The 2017 Paris conference was a parting ‘gift’ to Israel by Barack Obama. This conference continued the shameful tradition of people claiming to be ‘friends of Jews’ who betray Jews in their time of need. This conference was never going to foster peace. On the contrary, further escalated mutual hostilities.

However, there is a fundamental difference between the Evian and Paris conferences. This time, the Jews will not go quietly. Never again.

Dr Michael Galak and his family came to Australia as refugees from the Soviet Union in 1978. He recounts his family’s story here

19 thoughts on “Another Betrayal of Israel and the Jews

  • Trog says:

    I was very surprised and saddened to read the hatred still expressed by commenters/posters for the Jews and Israel, within the websites I frequent. On the other hand, delighted to read Warren Mundine’s piece on the inspiration he draws from regularly visiting Israel and the insight this gives him into the continued survival/prosperity of his people.

    I firmly believe the great preponderance of people with even a modest awareness of your troubles, cherish your survival, your endeavours and your gifts given in both the arts and sciences,to the rest of the world.

  • bemartin39@bigpond.com says:

    It is uncanny that the previous comment mentions “Warren Mundine’s piece on the inspiration he draws from regularly visiting Israel and the insight this gives him into the continued survival/prosperity of his people.” One wonders if Warren Mundine might also notice how the “champions” of the Palestinians unceasingly pursue policies which guarantee the perpetual suffering of their own people which, in turn, enables them to continue the seeking of their real goal, the destruction of Israel. The “champions” of the Australian Aborigines conduct themselves in an identically despicable manner, in their case in the interest of maintaining the gravy train they are riding in.

  • gardner.peter.d says:

    I agree with the thrust of this article. I would however take issue with this statement: “The physical existence of the Jews has been threatened many times. It was threatened throughout their long, blood-spattered history in Europe: ..and by the British Navy blockade, even after the horrors of the Holocaust, of the Palestine mandate.”

    There was a very urgent problem of conflict between Jews and Arabs & Muslims in Palestine and it is hard to dispute the notion that it was exacerbated by a large influx of Jewish migrants. Stopping further immigration was necessary although one can debate how harsh it need have been.

    • Warty says:

      ‘Stopping further immigration’ of Jews from the DPCs (Displaced Persons Camps) in the immediate aftermath of WWII invited infamy in the way the Bevin Government treated the Jews; this even caused a rift with America. In the light of the holocaust American public opinion was appalled by the British attitude.

    • mags of Queensland says:

      Some of the land which is now Israel was sold to them by Arab owners. Arabs and Jews were able to live and work side by side as their Semitic heritage is comparable.It was the determination of the Egyptian government at the time of partition that created the divide that still exists. Most ” Palestinians” came from Jordan.

  • IainC says:

    I for one am proud to stand with Israel and proud to support Jews in their adversity. Has there ever been a people so relentlessly oppressed, slaughtered, harried, pursued and demonized? In relation to the melting away of friends and allies, I note that there are 10 million Jews and 1500 million Muslims. You do the math.

  • gardner.peter.d says:

    There is already a two state solution: the first division of Palestine into a part reserved for the Jewish homeland and Trans-Jordan. If the consensus is to go back to what are incorrectly called 1967 borders, why not all the way? I have read papers arguing that a better solution today, given all that has passed is to offer a choice of two citizenships to the so-called Palestinians: Israeli or Jordanian and if Jordanian they may apply to Israel for permanent residence. Looking at the partition of India, the current situation in Kashmir as well as the Middle East, that populations must be re-arranged along ethnic and religious lines if they are ever to be able to live in peace. This was the principle of self-determination on which the League of Nations and the UN were founded. The UN has long since become partisan and was never intended to be a moral arbiter and certainly doesn’t aspire to be moral other than in its publicity and rhetoric. But self-determination requires a willingness to move people and boundaries. Israel has always been willing – land for peace.
    The reason it is incorrect to refer to 1967 or any other borders of the state of Israel is that her borders have never been defined. The 1967 lines are ceasefire lines. The nearest Israel came to definitive borders – apart from the initial partition of Palestine in the 1920s – was the UN resolution 425 (?) in 1948 which was accepted by Israel but rejected by all the neighbouring Arab nations who then promptly invaded. Hence ceasefire lines.

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    What happens in 100 years time.
    The numbers are 1.5 billion to 10 million now.

    the death of monotheism in the west. Believe in god will pretty much cease in the west.
    There will be no reliance on Mid eastern energy.
    The west will win the war on terror and that will lead to the destruction of Islam.
    Israel, Iran and Saudi all will have nuclear weapons
    The USA will be isolationis.
    Israel will be improvised and will have neighbours of improvised billions.

    In a 100 years where will the settlements be?

    The Jewish State’s current behaviour and if replicated over the next few decades can only lead to its own destruction.

    Who will go to war to defend Israel?

    The answer is to broker a peace now. Not to do so is suicide for the whole region.

    • bemartin39@bigpond.com says:

      In far less than 100 years much of Europe will have been islamicized, not by terrorism but by immigration and and the high rate of breeding of Muslim immigrants, resulting in Muslim majorities in many European countries, stupidly facilitated by the PC authorities.. Tragically, that simply means that the arena for the various versions of Muslims to murder one another will have been considerably extended beyond the Middle East.

      • Jody says:

        We’ll all be dead and buried by then. As Woody Allen wrote in “Hannah and Her Sisters” for his character talking to his father,

        Woody: “Doesn’t the thought worry you that when you’re dead and all those theatres, concerts and restaurants will continue to exist and you won’t be here to enjoy them”.
        Father: “Why should I worry, I’ll be dead”.
        Woody: “But doesn’t the idea of being dead worry you?”
        Father: “How should I know; I’ll be dead, so I’ll worry about it then”.
        Woody: “Don’t you ever wonder what it will be like when you’re dead?”
        Father: “How should I know; I’m having enough trouble getting the can-opener to work!”

      • Warty says:

        Bill, I think there will be civil war long, long before then. We are just beginning to hear the rumblings of the avalanche yet to come. I suspect the Muslims may wish they never stepped ashore on European soil. The EU will have dissolved and conservative governments will be in the majority. In a hundred years time, when we are ‘dead and buried’ as Jody says, it will all be just a bad dream.

  • Matt Brazier says:

    Great article.
    A factor in discourse on the subject that never ceases to amaze me is the widespread ignorance of some simple facts about who’s who. Palestinian Arabs are Arabs who have assumed an artificially created subgroup identity that defines a largely nationalistic distinction rather than so much an ethnic distinction, much like being a Jordanian Arab. Being Jewish on the other hand is ultimately defined by a person’s religion or religious roots. Anyone can become a Jew by converting to Judaism. Noting that there is a segment of the Israeli population referred to as Arab Israelis, I recently silenced a critic of Israel by posing the simple question of whether in a supposed future Palestinian state there could be anyone who was a ‘Jewish Palestinian’. If yes then why would the settlements be a problem. If no then be prepared to defend a policy of ethnic cleansing.


    I used to like the Jews until I heard that they sweated on Abbott to keep 18C.

  • gary@feraltek.com.au says:

    It’s just another minor regional dispute between two contenders for one of the territorial divisions from the breakup of empires after the Great War. It would be so easy to resolve if it wasn’t overlaid with all the old myths held by more recent cultures of the west and middle east about who has the right to tell Jews where they can and can’t live. They haven’t come to terms yet with the idea that Jews can decide for themselves.

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    And when they are eventually outnumbered in Israel by Palestinian Muslims, where will they go?

  • whitelaughter says:

    Antisemiticism seems eternal – so let’s use it. Require all immigrants to pay $X towards buying military equipment from Israel: our military finally gets some good equipment paid for by useful immigrants, while the Marxists, Islamofascists, NeoNazis and latte sipping trendy set will all refuse: and so be barred from our country.

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