How Dare You Make Me Punch You!

trump hateThings are pretty calm Stateside. Donald Trump hasn’t said or done anything particularly interesting since stitching up the Republican nomination. The Democrats continue their drawn-out bloodbath, ensuring Hillary Clinton will limp into the general election looking like a pre-op Darth Vader. Good news for Trump and anyone else running for president, excluding David French.

Speaking of pre-ops, the head of the Georgia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union – a group of left-wing, censoriously PC lawyers roughly comparable to the Human Rights Commission, and sporting an equally Orwellian name – resigned after three drag queens followed her girl-children into the toilet. For those who haven’t been following the transgender bathroom row, the Obama Administration is fighting for sex-changers to have access to all public restroom facilities, with “transgender” defined as … well, it’s not defined per se. Basically, anyone who says they’re a woman can use the women’s lavatory, and ditto with men. This, by the by, includes public school locker rooms. Which has unnerved some parents who aren’t too keen on pubescent ragamuffins being given a warm welcome to the showers where their daughters are washing up after gym class.

This, apparently, includes Maya Dillard Smith, who had to console her daughters after a trio of six-foot-tall men with bulging Adam’s apples and other things took loud, stand-up pees in the stalls next to them, trading cosmetology tips in crooning baritones. Following her resignation, Smith founded a new website (just what we needed!) called Finding the Middle Ground, which promises – couched in the language of political correctness – a “safe space to talk about civil rights for all.” Ho ho! Not likely, Ms. Smith. Having risen through the ranks of the PC Gestapo, you should know there’s not going to be a “safe space” for those who contradict Big Brother’s latest definition of “civil rights”. There’s something quaintly pathetic about the name “Middle Ground”, as though the elites have ever accepted any compromise in their ideological war against decency and common sense.

That’s not to say the rules of political correctness are fixed. They’re not. Take the riots that have erupted outside Donald Trump’s rallies in California. Supporters are being intimidated, egged, and beaten up by vicious young men of Latino extraction who burn the American flag and assert Mexico’s right to reclaim its former territories in the Southwestern United States. Yes, it’s a travesty against free speech, free assembly, human decency, etc. And yes, it’s beneath contempt that anyone would think to condemn the good people of Arizona to Mexican citizenship.

trumpette eggedBut the worst part may be the smug, unironic victim-blaming directed against Trump and his cadre. “At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign,” Sam Liccardo, the mayor of San Jose and a Clinton supporter, told the Associated Press afterwards. “It is regrettable that this has become a pattern for cities hosting Mr. Trump across the nation.” One of those who “must take responsibility” is pictured at left — a Trump supporter who was cornered by the mob against a locked door, pelted and assaulted.

Just imagine the uproar if Mr. Liccardo had responded that way to a rape: “At some point Anna Miller needs to take responsibility for her irresponsible behavior – walking through a rough neighborhood at night dressed in provocative clothing. It is regrettable that this has become a pattern for cities hosting immodest women across the nation.” Shame on you, Mr. Trump, for forcing a bunch of innocent Chicanos to beat up peaceful voters attending a political rally! And shame on you, Angela Merkel, for allowing the women of Cologne to wander around train stations without a male escort. That’s the reason Islamic ladyfolk wear burqas, don’t you know, and why you infidel fraus and frauleins need to do likewise.

I don’t know on whose behalf to be angrier: the Trump supporters and German women who are assaulted en masse, or the Hispanics and Arabs who are reduced to brutish animals, unable to resist any impulse to beat or rape. No, never mind – it’s the former.

Still, it just goes to show the real-world implications of political correctness. Maya Dillard Smith deviated from the ACLU’s left-wing orthodoxy, and so she’ll be cast out of polite society forever (a process already underway). All her years of devoted service will count for diddily-squat.

What she is learning, is that she has the right on paper to free speech, if your speech is the wrong speech – politically incorrect speech – you have to accept the consequences of exercising that freedom, which includes (but isn’t limited to) being king-hit by Mexican revanchists.

Oh, and as soon as you regain consciousness, get your pen out and pay your taxes: your attackers need their welfare checks. It’s the least you can do, really, after inflicting so much distress.

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