The Death of Europe

rollicking refosIn recent months, we’ve seen pictures and read reports of thousands of people, mostly males from Muslim lands, swarming into Europe, overpowering all attempts to halt the flow. Just a few years ago, this was unimaginable to almost everyone except Osama bin Laden, who is proving to be the prophet of the age and whose death, according to Jeremy Corbyn, the new leader of the British Labour Party, was a tragedy. What will happen now?  Here are three possible scenarios.

Scenario 1: There is no change from the present – border controls remain down, people continue to pour in, numbers grow to millions, governments bleat helplessly, disorder spreads, the welfare state collapses under the strain, society haemorrhages, the young migrate and a new European dark age begins.

Scenario 2: Barriers are put up to prevent the invasion and colonisation of Europe. John Howard’s approach is adopted – “We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come.”  Pleas from the usual suspects are ignored; legal objections are overruled or circumvented.   Those attempting to breach the borders are repelled with whatever force is necessary.  Those who evade the border controls are rounded up and expelled.  National and regional border controls are reintroduced to ensure defence in depth.

Scenario 3: Europe tackles the problem at source – effectively taking control over the failed states concerned and ensuring they are run properly for at least a century.

Scenario 3 is clearly impractical. Europeans do not have the belief, the confidence, the will or the financial and military capacity to undertake such a herculean task.

Scenario 2 will certainly be attempted but, from what we can see at present, in a half-hearted, spasmodic and ineffective fashion, for nationalism is now considered wicked — akin to racism — and multiculturalism implies that all cultures and religions must be given equal respect.   The political classes, Brussels bureaucrats and others of their kidney throughout Europe will sponsor endless statements condemning violence and pleading for community understanding, and they will promote a plethora of ineffective laws.  But the situation will prove beyond them.  If the people fail to rise up and throw out their betters, one can foresee their retreat to protected compounds where they will lament the death of the European dream (for which they will blame the unenlightened lower orders, not themselves) and adopt the foetal position if and when crowds bent on loot pound on their gates.

In Africa and the Middle East, whole countries are emptying.  But from what are their people fleeing?  In essence, they are fleeing from themselves, and when they enter other countries, they bring with them what they fled from. We can expect all the toxic hatreds that have festered for centuries in their countries of origin to be imported with them. Is this the end, a kind of zombie apocalypse?  Has the once robust civilizational confidence of Europeans been so undermined in recent years that they will be helpless in the face of those who would destroy them, the fate eerily foreshadowed by the French writer, Jean Raspail, in his 1973 novel Camp of the Saints.

Why are so many reduced to wittering helplessly?  Perhaps in large part it’s due to the Western world being weakened by the malign cultural influence of the left, many of whose members have followed the precepts first advanced by the Italian Communist, Antonio Gramsci, who proposed that rather than standing for elections, which they would lose, those on the left should bring about a cultural revolution by infiltrating key institutions.  This has been substantially accomplished. Educational institutions and much of the media throughout the Anglosphere now spread the message that Europe’s record in relation to the rest of the world is one of racism, xenophobia and oppression — the Australian story, for example, being one of exploitation, cruelty and dispossession. How can a people, so unworthy, with faith in neither God nor themselves, resist a people whose religion insists they should have primacy, that they are entitled to what they seek as of right?

Ethnic conflicts in the past were resolved with borders, partitions, ghettos – devices that were always necessary to keep the peace unless there was a hegemon, such as the British Raj.  Expulsion of whole peoples would sometimes occur.  For example, after World War II, at least 12 million ethnic Germans were expelled or fled from Eastern Europe.

History has shown that the Europeans are capable of anything and with the collapse of the European project we can expect new leaders to emerge from the ruins, many of whom will not be nice.  There will be new Nazis, new Communists.  New Identities, loyalties and borders will be established.  Our descendants will live in interesting times!

5 thoughts on “The Death of Europe

  • brian.doak@bigpond.com says:

    I am claiming the word ‘Leftianity’ and my observation of mainline churches is that Leftianity is replacing Christianity. The transiton is much completed in Australia, and in Europe where the church has lost self confidence and is not resisting the second Mohammedan Hegirae.
    The first anno Hegirae, the start of the Muslim calendar, occurred in AD 622 when Mohammed moved from Mecca to Medina to create the first Muslim state.
    Commendation to Anthony Carr for his article.

  • rh@rharrison.com says:

    Agreed – a good article.

    Another scenario to consider – call it Scenario 2(a) – is that some countries in Europe refuse to follow Mama Merkel’s script and decide to defend themselves. Hungary’s border fences come to mind: that country and the rest of the Visegrad Group (Czech Rep, Slovakia and Poland) and the Baltics look to have more of a spine then nations further west. Perhaps the resulting threats from Brussels and Berlin will help convince them that membership of the EU is actually not in their national interests.

    • jenkins says:

      The Visegrad Group, like the “racist bogans” of southern and western Sydney, have real experience of what it means to be “neighbours” to those lovely Muslims. Unlike Eastern Europe, the bogans don’t have a government or police force that will protect them, or even an honest local media to report the facts of their situation.

  • gardner.peter.d says:

    Immigration of Alien cultures is properly a matter for nation states but the EU cannot admit this. Were it to do so it would have to admit it has no useful role to play in this European crisis. It would follow that the aim of the European project is unattainable and it might as well be abandoned right now. What the EU has now done instead is to assert its authority as the supra-national government and dictate to the smaller countries of Eastern Europe what their ethnic and religious make up should be. No government should have that power. It is wrong. It is anti-democratic. It is extremely dangerous, particularly in respect of Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

    Just out of interest I looked up the weighting of Qualified Majority Vote shares, by which this diktat was decided. It used to be the case that Germany, UK, France and Italy each had 8.2% of the vote in the EU Council and other countries a smaller share. From Nov 2014 UK’s share increased to 12.6% (No wonder Westminster loves the EU) and Germany’s to 15.9%. And those of countries in the Visegrad Group, like the Czech Republic, became vanishingly small: 2%.
    Within the eurozone, Merkel is now practically a dictator with 24.2% of the vote.
    What were those war aims of Germany’s in 1914? Customs union? Vassal status for several countries. Niall Ferguson has argued that had Britain had not sided with France, the EU would now be celebrating its centenary, we would have avoided WW2, and Hitler would have been no more than an unknown Bavarian artist.
    Perhaps. But do we want Angela Merkel to have 100% of the votes?

  • Jody says:

    I’ve form the opinion, over time and looking at history, that Germany does everything political to extremes: WW1, WW2, the Eurozone and now unchecked third world migration. It will have consequences for the whole of Europe as well as Scandinavia and the UK.

    When I was in Brussels in 2011 it was virtually a ‘no go zone’. It must be hell now.

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