Haven’t You Learnt Anything?

no jewsMy European Jewish brethren are in danger. Again. European streets are ringing with “Death to the Jews” and “Gas the Jews” – ugly mobs, salivating for Jewish blood. Again.

They have almost stopped pretending that Israel’s existence is the reason for this hatred. They hate Jews, pure and simple. But who are the “they”? German burghers, dreaming of re-living their grandparents’ glory days as Nazi stormtroopers? I don’t think so. Germany was thoroughly de-Nazified after WWII and has sincerely atoned for the Shoah. It is, apparently, a different nation.

Or is it hedonistic and pragmatic French gentiles deciding to actively  and energetically take up the anti-Semitic cause? I don’t think so. French life is too good to waste on anyone or anything, other than the pursuit of happiness and the elevation of indifference to the status of a presumed virtue.

Is it, perhaps, Spanish bullfighters, Italian pasta-makers, Portugese fishermen or Belgium’s rug-makers?  Not bloody likely. Those people are too busy, earning a crust, looking after their families and enjoying the fruits of their labours to worry about the mere handful of European Jews, the pitiful remnant of what was, once, one of the most productive  communities  in the world.

After the Shoah, the genocide of  European Jews, Europe is almost Judenfrei. Now, in beautifully maintained German streets, one can see, embedded in footpaths, only small brass plaques with engraved names. These are next to the buildings whence Jewish families were deported to the gas chambers. It  made my skin crawl when  I saw young men of distinctly Middle Eastern  appearance intentionally stepping  on them, laughing.

It is all well and good to remember one’s victims and to feel sorry – but how about not  letting people become victims in the first place? Who else is going to be commemorated in this way? Iraqi Yazidis? Iranian Bahai? Afghanistan Hazaras? How many more brass plaques with victims’ names would we have to embed around this planet’s killing fields?

I had truly thought that it would never happen again, that nobody in their right mind would attempt to repeat one of the most shameful episodes in history. I believed that World War II’s destruction, suffering and slaughter would  have inoculated all humanity against killing the weak and the vulnerable, be they European Jews and Gypsies, homosexuals, Rwandan Tutsis, carriers of genetic illnesses, the  mentally unwell  or Srebrenica Muslims.

I was wrong, because, with others , I believed in the inherent goodness of humans and the human ability to learn history’s lessons.

I was wrong, because the hatred and malice towards Jews, shown in the hearts of European civilisation in Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, London and Budapest have one unmistakable meaning indicative of a deep, recurrent malaise. If  European society has no problem with Muslim intimidation of Jews it can mean only one thing – Europeans are hoping that, by sacrificing their Jewish communities, they will avoid being targets of Muslim aggression themselves. By throwing Jewish citizens under the bus of the Muslim onslaught against  European civilisation, the Continent’s citizenry is demonstrating more than collective cowardice. It is also  prompting the contemptuous conviction amongst their future masters that the fall of Europe is just a matter of time and a bit more terror.

Since time immemorial, a  Jewish exodus and/or maltreatment of Jews  has indicated illness in any society where  Jews resided. There are so many examples I will not list  them. Let me repeat (however strongly it might rankle  and irritate), countries which mistreat their Jews are destined for trouble. That persecution spreads inevitably to the rest. Invariably, those who were jubilant at the attacks on Jews  find themselves, sooner or later, on the receiving end.

That is the reason why I  gave this piece its title. The defence of the rights of minorities’ is not a luxury, a cause of no concern to the mainstream. It is an insurance policy, taken out by a mature and civil society against being targeted as a whole by radical, aggressive elements. If  malicious left-wing ideology and petty anti-Semitism is enough to prevent the mainstream from taking out such an insurance policy, the coming conflagration will be devastating.

It is relevant to remember that France has a poor record when it comes to national resistance or a cohesive national policy.  It failed to resist the Germans during  the WWII;  it  collaborated with the Nazi occupation on a grand scale. Only Charles De Gaulle’s  Free French prevented France from being excluded as a founder of the UN — and an accused at the Nurenburg tribunal. France  betrayed its Jewish citizens by surrendering them to the Nazis en masse;  it betrayed its own by abandoning the pieds noir to rampaging Algerian mobs. Only the refusal of the French Army to follow orders and abandon their countrymen prevented a wholesale massacre.

In other words, the French record of looking after its own is pitiful. Today, what all this means is that  French Jews, in all likelihood, have no hope of remaining French.

I am as distressed at the plight of my brethren in France, as must all Jews. I share French PM Emmanuel Valls’s opinion that, without its Jews, France will cease to be France as we know it. The Jewish exodus from La Belle France will, in all likelihood, open the door to the further Islamisation of that country and might well lead to the loss of  French national identity.

However, by contrast with the times of the Shoah, French Jewry has an out: emigration to Israel. The French Jewish exodus, as a result of Muslim pressure, is gathering momentum. The impending result will be the loss of the intellectual, artistic, commercial and scientific Jewish contribution to contemporary French democracy.

And what will France gain?

It is impossible to tell how soon France (and the rest of Europe)  will become Judenfrei, but the process is  underway. The lesson of history is as unmistakable as it is worrying.

I ask my Gentile friends again, “Haven’t you learnt anything?”

Dr Michael Galak and his family came to Australia as refugees from the Soviet Union in 1978

9 thoughts on “Haven’t You Learnt Anything?

  • Jody says:

    I’m sad and angry reading this article. France, as we once know it, is finished. The immigration flood gates opened and the French were not in the least discerning about the types of people they let into their country; they know pay the price and it will become more burdensome going forward. The moment the French censored free speech with political correctness and opened its doors to any minority group, giving them unfettered rights, the game was up.

    I feel sorry for the whole of France, not just the Jews of Europe, as they will ALL PAY THE PRICE sooner rather than later.

  • en passant says:

    Michael, the truly sad part is that you are envisioning the fate of Australia thanks to the open doors the Green-Labor Government promoted to bring in barbarians who hate us so much they would rather destroy us and themselves than live a productive, tolerant and peaceful life.
    We can watch the following video about the cancer that is Lakemba http://gatesofvienna.net/ and then be told by our cowardly ‘leaders’ that there is nothing that can be done as we cannot disenfranchise them, take away their citizenship, exile them as all this defensive action would be ‘inhumane’ to the destroyers of civilisation. No, the right thing to do is to let them kill us (and our families, of course), silence free speech and any criticism (Oh, I forgot, the Labor-Liberal cabal already did that) cower in supplication and loudly praise the multiculti model that has enriched us so much, just as Winston Smith did so enthusiastically. NOTHING will awake the current crop of generously superannuated politicians, but under our democratic system we have the opportunity bring in new politicians able to deal with this problem before it finally engulfs us.

  • Jody says:

    Honestly, I think the horse has bolted. My husband and I will not be here to see the consequences of what I call “excessive liberalism” – the right of people to do as they see fit, all built on the principle of “me”, my rights and entitlements. That includes breathtaking naivete in public policy, the right of people to have the State fund their lifestyles without reciprocal responsibility.

    We have reached the stage where generational unemployment has created an underclass which is angry, entitled and willing to do what it wants in order to demonstrate their beliefs that “I’m just as good as you are”. No road courtesy, no dress codes, no consideration for others on the pathways, no seats given up to the elderly, pushing and shoving, crossing the road while texting, driving while texting, drunken behaviour on the streets so that the population has to get out of the way. The riots in Cronulla were the natural consequence of people who were fed up to the back teeth with minority bullies and what happened: the ‘progressive’ classes blamed the local Australian population. So absolutely intellectually lazy and dishonest and so fundamentally disconnected with the lives of Australians are they that their poison doctrines are swallowed whole by a society distracted by “bread and circuses”. Meanwhile, the new arrivals are rapidly asserting their own rights and the expectation is that they can have these – on their own terms.

    A stupid country. Nero fiddled while Rome burned and this is happening here; it’s the boiling frog syndrome.

    The world is getting fuller and fuller of people I like less and less.

  • jenkins says:

    I think you are right about the scape-goating. In the commentary I have read since the shootings there has been very little on the targeting of the Jews, including here, until now. Sad that it has been left to a Jewish refugee.

  • acarroll says:

    Let’s not forget the victims of the European immigration policy that have no voice — the poor indigenous populations who have to live next to or amongst the immigrant community. They’re the ones getting raped, robbed and assaulted on a daily basis. And they have no where to go. It’s no wonder that Nationalist parties are rapidly rising in Europe — the mainstream political elites don’t care about the majority. Multiculturalism there, like here, purposely undermines the majority population: any attempt to speak out in protection of their traditional nations has been bashed down with the “bigot” and “racist” labels and hate speech laws.

    Who benefits by breaking the hegemony and cohesion of the ethnic majority in any region by deliberately Bulkanising it? The majority? Not one of these nations had the decision to drastically change the nature of their countries (including Australia) put to referendum.

    Always ask Cui bono.

  • mvgalak@bigpond.com says:

    It is truly remarkable, how foundational principles of a democracy have been turned against the very same democracy.

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