No More Than Moderately Barbarous

muslim sworsdmanI have lost count of the times we have been assured Man Haron Monis’ actions were un-Islamic, an outrage perpetrated by a lone wolf of dubious sanity. Mad or not, the Lindt hostage-taker insisted he was acting in support of ISIS in Syria, and he requested an ISIS flag to demonstrate that commitment to a national and international audience. This was the propaganda moment ISIS had demanded. The clear motive was to intimidate Australia and other Western nations into butting out of Syria, and since the political and religious motives of Islam are identical, the religious aspects cannot be ignored.

While we have heard much about the supposedly un-Islamic nature of ISIS, surely it cannot be a coincidence that every action, strategy and tactic followed by ISIS is modeled almost exactly on the same tactics, strategy and actions employed by Mohammad in his seventh-century campaigns of conquest. The forced conversions, the beheadings, the rapes, the executions, the selling women into slavery were Mohammad’s stock in trade. The Agenda of the Caliphate is Mohammad’s agenda. ISIS appears to be strictly following Islamic precedents, as set out by the Prophet himself. Since Mohammad is regarded as the “perfect man”, nothing could be more Islamic than following his example, both in daily life and war.

Further, no less an authority than Allah Himself, writing in the Qur’an, addresses the duty of the good Muslim to take up the sword.

9:38     “Believers, why is it that you linger slothfully in the land? Are you content with this life, in preference to the life to come?  Few indeed are the blessings of this life, compared with those of the life to come.  If you do not go to war, He will punish you sternly, and will replace you by other men.”

9:81:    “Those that stayed at home, for they had no wish to fight for the cause of God with their wealth and with their persons said to each other: Do not go to war, the heat is fierce. Say to them: ‘More fierce is the heat of Hellfire!’ Would that they understood.”

4:74     “Let those who would exchange life of this world for the hereafter, fight for the cause of God; whoever fights for the cause of God, whether he dies or triumphs, on him We shall bestow a rich recompense. “

The fighters in Iraq and Syria and their supporters could not be more Islamic if they tried; to attempt to dismiss them as un-Islamic lunatics is quite silly. Muslims lack doctrinal support for the much vaunted “moderate” position, but there is an ample case for the warlike one. In Mecca, when Mohammad was politically weak and isolated, he professed a conciliatory attitude toward the  non-Muslim population in which he lived. In such an environment Muslims dissembled, and generally identified themselves as “moderate”. After the Hijrah, the move to Medina in 622 AD, Mohammad’s political and military strength increased and the Caliphate agenda of world domination began. As for those “moderates”, they just drifted away.

Islam slips seamlessly between its Meccan and Median personae, depending on the political winds of the time. This is why Monis’ demand for an ISIS flag is so important. The thing about a flag is that it shows which way the political wind is blowing. Is it Meccan or Median today? Let this quote from the Sydney Morning  Herald serve as a troubling indication. They are the words of a Muslim community leader, presumably a moderate, who was asked by police to locate the official Isis flag that Monis was demanding. The emphasis is mine:

“I must have called 50 people trying to find an IS flag. I found plenty of people who had one, but they didn’t want to give them up. They also believed that the police were trying set them up,” the leader said.

Could this clandestine ownership of IS flags, not to mention the loathing of police, suggest that there are many more firebrand Muslims than we have been led to believe? No doubt police are making inquiries as to the names of those who thought it worthwhile to spend good money on a butchers’ banner. After Martin Place, one would certainly hope so.

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  • en passant says:

    After 24,760 deadly Islamic attacks since 9/11 let’s try and join the dots (after all, Xmas is the time for quizzes and games). Try honestly answering ten simple questions to test your understanding of what is going on:

    1. Is Islam a _______?
    a. Religion
    b. A political system
    c. A cult
    d. All of the above

    2. Does Islam revere and respect _____? (Choose only the one that is most important to islam)
    a. Love
    b. Death
    c. Diversity
    d. Women

    3. Does islam tolerate _____? (Choose carefully)
    a. Freedom of worship
    b. Gays
    c. Equality of the sexes
    d. The right of Jews to remain alive

    4. Does islam support _______?
    a. Honor killing of females for dishonouring the family
    b. The right to marry who you want
    c. Female genital mutilation to remove any female pleasure from sex
    d. All of the above

    5. Does islam see the life of their murderous psychopathic prophet as the perfect life to be emulated?
    a. Yes, unreservedly
    b. Yes, but with modern interpretations as if it is an allegory
    c. In parts, but only where compatible with modern civilised behaviour
    d. No, it is outdated and should be read only in context

    6. Does Islam really intend to implement its war cry of world domination through the eradication of all other religions and their worshippers?
    a. Yes, and they will continue to indiscriminately kill and terrorise to try to attain their goal
    b. Yes, but through peaceful means, violence being an aberration (just ask Waleed Aly)
    c. No, it is rhetoric only, like the old Christian missionaries bumbling through Africa
    d. No, they neither believe it nor are they striving for it

    7. Can Australian muslims successfully integrate and blend into Australian society?
    a. Yes, in a generation or two they will just be another blended multiculti section of society
    b. Yes, but for religious reasons they will remain separate
    c. No, their beliefs are so incompatible with Australian culture they will remain a permanent problem
    d. No, because they have no intention of blending in

    8. Do their beliefs mean that they will always find it difficult find decent jobs?
    a. Yes, stopping four times a day for 15-minutes at fixed times to pray is too disruptive for most employers
    b. Yes, because their inability to interact with females and kuffirs is limiting their options
    c. Yes, but it is our fault for not accommodating their requirements
    d. No, but the generosity of Centrelink is too much of an attraction to forgo

    9. Is there any solution to this imported problem?
    a. No, we are now stuck with regular murderous attacks forever
    b. No, but we can mitigate the effects by throwing huge and financially crippling amounts of surveillance money at it forever
    c. Yes, but it requires breaching some UN Treaties and laws, but what the hell ..
    d. Yes, but it requires taking radical and undemocratic action against targeted individuals

    10. If a murderous jihadi who has posted videos of himself beheading prisoners returns to Australia, should he ..
    a. Be charged with war crimes in Australia and on completion of his 300 hours community service be allowed to rejoin Centrelink and have his disability pension reinstated?
    b. Be charged with war crimes and extradited to the Hague
    c. Be entitled to medical services and a disability pension for claimed injuries incurred in Syria e.g. repetitive strain injury from sawing off prisoners heads
    d. Have his citizenship and passport revoked and refuse him and his delightful wife and little Ozzie kids the right of return to Oz (in contravention of UN Laws). What the hell …

    I know some of these are tricky and so non-PC it will make your head hurt, but that’s why we elect the brightest and the best to govern us, you know, umm, like, ah umm like Jacqui, Sarah, Billy and the alien now masquerading as a ‘liberal’ PM.

    I suppose it is almost crass of me to predict the future as it is so easy because Sweden has shown Europe the righteous Path to Self-Destruction. Is this the path we too are to follow all the while adopting a smug sense of superiority at or own virtue? From the Gates of Vienna website:

    “A series of bombs has exploded in Malmö over the past few days. As most readers know, Malmö is the most culturally enriched city in Sweden, although Gothenburg and the suburbs of Stockholm are rapidly catching up.”


    “This evening, in the city of Nantes in western France, an unnamed man drove his truck into a crowd of pedestrians at a Christmas market, injuring eleven people (Sanitation of this report was required, so the report ends appropriately…)

    Eleven people were wounded, five very seriously and one is in critical condition. All the injured are in the CHU (hospital).
    NB: I have a earlier version of this page that says that several witnesses heard the attacker scream “Allahu Akhbar”.
    This has been changed on the actual page. They now say that: “some people say that they heard the attacker screaming ”Allahu Akhbar”… Well, that’s OK then.

    Brigitte Lamy (prosecutor) says that nothing they know shows it was a terror attack (she lies…). Pierre-Henry Brandet (interior ministry spokesman) said that the ”Allahu Akhbar” scream is only a rumor and that nothing links this event to yesterday’s attack in Dijon. – Damned lone wolves again

    Brigitte Lamy emphasized that this was “an isolated event”. (Aren’t they all?)
    The attacker, a 40-year-old man from the Charentes maritimes (no name yet…), tried but failed to commit suicide by stabbing himself several times after the attack. He’s in intensive care.

    Have a Merry Xmas and Alluha Akbar you infidel kuffir!

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