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September 29th 2012 print

Professor Bunyip

His Majesty, Stephen Conroyalty

Stephen Conroy's first big idea, apart from squandering billions on the NBN, was to censor the sites Australians can visit on the web. Indecent as that synaptic flicker may have been, the latest manifestation of his arrogance takes the cake

Time was when Cabinet ministers at the very least paid lip service to the quaint notion that they administered their portfolios in order to serve the nation. Thanks to Communications Minister Stephen Conroy we can now add that archaic propriety to the long list of those already trashed by his party’s leader and her minions.

You know, little things like honouring election promises, for instance, or resisting the temptation to promote a class war in the interests of being re-elected.

In the most bizarre example of hubris yet seen, we have Conroy crowing to a New York audience that he can order his Australia subjects to wear red underpants on their heads, if that is his whim of the moment. Let us therefore give King Conroy his crown and kneel before his awesome majesty.

When the queen’s fool thinks he is an emperor, God only knows what inane mischief the next 12 months may bring.

Australia needs an election. Not in 2013 but right now.