Invasion is the end of land rights

Press release from Senator Eric Abetz:

Invasion” tag undermines Native Title

The political correctness of the Sydney City Council in referring to white settlement as “invasion” has been labelled as “unhelpful” by Opposition Leader in the Senate Eric Abetz.

“Invasion is both an inflammatory term which does not help anyone but also undermines the jurisprudence of native title which is based on the fact that white settlement was not designed to be a conquest,” Senator Abetz said.

“If it were a conquest then under International Law, native title rights would be extinguished.”

“The courts have determined otherwise. Indeed they found that white settlement and native title could and did co-exist dispelling the ‘invasion’ theory.”

“The comparison of white settlement to the Holocaust, reportedly attributed to the head of the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council, is offensive and trivialises and makes light of the unmitigated evil of the Holocaust. The Holocaust was pursued as a result of a genocide ideology.”

“White settlement, albeit in today’s terms, in a clumsy manner sought to give rights to the indigenous people which saw white men executed for the murder of indigenous people,” Senator Abetz concluded.

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