Mr Rental apologises

Ben-Peter Terpstra wrote to Mr Rental, one of the advertisers on the terrific Bolt Report. This is the reply he got:

The Bolt Report – Mr Rental Apology

Hi Ben,      

Thank you for your email.

Mr Rental would like to apologise for the advertisement that appeared without our prior knowledge on Sunday, 8 May during Channel 10’s ‘The Bolt Report’, which left some customers upset.  

Firstly, this advertising spot was given as a bonus spot by the television network and is not a chosen program in the company’s advertising schedule at all.

Secondly, and most importantly, Mr Rental does not share or support the views portrayed in the program and has informed the station that no ads are to appear in this timeslot again.

Mr Rental is a leading international home appliance rental store across Australia and New Zealand with customers from various backgrounds. The franchise uses its advertising budget to promote the service it provides to its customers and not to represent or endorse views of other parties.

We thank our customers for bringing this matter to our attention…

Jodie Wilson
Events & PR Manager 

Ben-Peter replied:

Hi Jodie – how’s life? But I wrote to praise The Bolt Report and oppose censorship.

Now I’m pissed.


Source: Weekend Libertarian


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