Many readers of Quadrant Online will be familiar with Ron Kitching, and the lucky ones know him personally. Ron was the guy who took the memorable photo of Hayek and Inflation in the article, "Hayek’s got Inflation by the Balls."

Ron is a legend in the mining and exploration industries, even after years of what passes for retirement for a man like him, he was still doing consultancy until fairly recently.

He probably has many mates here, hence this announcement.

We have to report that Ron is currently in hospital in Rockhampton after surgery for bowel cancer. It is not good news, as the cancer was extensive. Doctors have removed as much as possible and he is currently recovering which seems to be a slow process. There are chemotherapy options available and Ron will have some decisions to make when he is well enough.

We all wish him the best, Ronny is is a tough old nut and will still have a fair bit of fight left in him.

Ron has requested no calls as he needs a lot of rest, but is happy to get letters and cards from old friends. These can be sent to, PO Box 9809, Frenchville, Qld 4701 and they will be passed on to him. 

Best wishes Ron.

Jim Fryar blogs at Real World Libertarian

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