Let’s Blame America

A protest song for any occasion – written and sung by Dennis Boothby 

Verse 1

There’s people a dying from hunger and cold. (Let’s Blame America)

There’s no cure for Aids yet, we’re all getting old. (Let’s Blame America)

Don’t want to work, ‘cos I know I got rights, to sleep in till midday
and party all night 

It’s not my fault for anything, so blame the capitalists, 

If they didn’t make beer, I wouldn’t get pissed.


Verse 2

There’s earthquakes in Turkey, Japan’s got bad storms. (Let’s Blame America)

There’s blizzards in Moscow, Hong Kong’s getting warm. (Let’s Blame America)

Hated my school and I can’t read or write, smoked lots of dope
so my brain has been fried 

I got the clap from sleeping round with girls who love to share 

But I won’t have to pay, we’ve got Medicare 



Everything is boring, who needs peace and quiet 

I hate fairy stories, gonna start a riot 

Verse 3

Let’s ban all the fast food, it just makes us fat. (Let’s Blame America)

So turn on your TV, and eat your Big Mac. (Let’s Blame America)

I want a system where nobody fails, that kills unborn humans
and save all the whales, 

Where feelings over-ride the facts so I don’t need to think 

‘Cos all I want to do is shag and smoke and drink.



Also playing on Quadrant Online

Dennis Boothby’s climate rock anthem

“The King Has Got No Clothes”

Listen here… 


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