Australia’s rotten education system from the inside. Daniel Searson is a 17-year-old student studying for a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Western Australia:

Indoctrination is rife in English Literature. Students are asked to analyse texts in the context of gender representation, cultural identity, race and social class. Before 1984 in Western Australia, students were marked on how well they could explain the message, context and language of the text and author. Nowadays, students are expected to make presumptuous assumptions about the text along with irrational evidence being acceptable. Not only is this negatively affecting academic standards, the education system has taken one step further by teaching students the ‘answers’: gender representation is only allowed to be used in a patriarchal sense, women were always powerless and men are evil; cultural identity (usually in the context of Australia) is concerned with multiculturalism and how this only brings natural order in a novel, play or poem; race is sensationalised and the term ‘racism’ is taken out of context extensively; and finally social class where obviously, capitalism is represented as evil and chaotic, while Marxism is the ‘stable’ alternative.
As conservatives it is our duty to turn the education system around to improve academic standards and counter left-wing indoctrination. Focusing more on grammar, literacy and rote learning will improve our students’ academic performance.

Source: Menzies House


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