Barry Humphries: Favourite Poems

Barry Humphries has chosen two favourite poems.

Both poems are read by Lionel Farrell.

Severn Meadows by Ivor Gurney

Only the wanderer
     Knows England’s graces,
Or can anew see clear
     Familiar faces. 

And who loves joy as he
     That dwells in shadows?
Do not forget me quite,
     O Severn Meadows. 

Spleen (for Arthur Symons) by Ernest Dowson

I was not sorrowful, I could not weep,
And all my memories were put to sleep.

I watched the river grow more white and strange,
All day till evening I watched it change.

All day till evening I watched the rain
Beat wearily upon the pane.

I was not sorrowful, but only tired
Of everything that ever I desired.

Her lips, her eyes, all day came to me
The shadow of a shadow utterly.

All day mine hunger for her heart became
Oblivion, until the evening came,

And left me sorrowful, inclined to weep,
With all my memories that could not sleep.

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