Two fresh poems

Two new poems written and read by Patrick McCauley:

The Last Apology.


The apologies have now all been used up.
We are all out of apology.
Those who have not yet received an apology
huddle around red wine
in the suburbs.

We will let no perpetrators
through the curriculum.
Racists will be restored.
We will nurture the race from our blood.
Violence will seep from our bones.
The apologies have now all been made. 

All those who have received an apology
now, please
move to the front of the queue.
Those without
serve the food.

Anthropogenic Global Warming.



Do not breathe.
The earth will catch fire.
Do not breed
things that breathe.
Use old blankets for warmth.
Stay cool in the breeze.
All things pass
but for now
do not go far.
Stay still
do not speak
do not breathe.

Things are dying
beneath the oceans.
The invisible force may be upon us.
Do not breathe
It will hear you.

In the dark
It’s just gone
before you woke
it disappeared around the corner.
Whisper to me
on tipy toe
Do not walk around too much.
I am nothing.
Do not breathe
it will hear you.

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