Culture catcher: 11

Blogger Tim Lambert, a computer scientist at the University of New South Wales, on the Sydney [Left] Writer’s Festival’s "Forum on Climate Change" – from scienceblogs.com:

That left half an hour for questions from the audience. We kept our answers short and were able to answer lots of questions. I thought there might have been a statement dressed up as a question from a denialist but no-one was game. Perhaps my mockery of Andrew Bolt cowed them into silence, sorry I mean CRUSHED THEIR DISSENT [punctuation as in original].


Blogger Harry Clarke, an economist “working on environmental problems and the economics of addictions including substance abuse”, on Quadrant Online’s ETS Forum – from harryrclarke.com:

Democracy in operation or irresponsible politicking? Quadrant has outdone itself this time with a forum of views encouraging the Senate over the next week to reject the proposed ETS.

Blogger "Phil the Greek" on Quadrant Online’s ETS Forum – from catallaxyfiles.com:

None of those Quadrant contributors appear to be environmentalists or have ever shown the slightest interest in environmentalism from the perspective of giving a brass razoo about the environment other than treating it as a resource to be exploited.

Therefore all the contributors must forever more (or until they change their stripes) be disqualified from having anything meaningful, reliable or useful to say about environmental issues.

Sorry, but that’s the ditch you dig for yourselves.

You’ve zero credibility.


Blogger "Nugget of Sydney" on Quadrant Online’s ETS Forum – from Andrew Bolt’s blog:

Ho hum!! The usual very limited gang of denialists. These same names keep cropping up time after time on denialist material. Their proponents are achieving the exact opposite of what they’re attempting to do. Their parading simply proves how few in numbers denialists are. The more I see them the more I realise they should be ignored and let the rest of us get on which [sic] the real work of defeating the climate change monster that’s otherwise set to totally destroy the earth as a habitable planet.

Blogger "dianeh of NSW" on Quadrant Online’s ETS Forum – from Andrew Bolt’s blog:

I just read a number of those links [to Quadrant Online], and I am sitting here open mouthed. These are not the words of crackpots. These are respected people in their own fields, and for many of them this is the fields associated with climate change.

Take this one for eg.

William Kininmonth is a meteorologist and former head of Australia’s National Climate Centre. He was Australian delegate to the World Meteorological Organization’s Commission for Climatology (1982-98), including two terms on its management board and is the author of Climate Change: A Natural Hazard (2004, Multi-science Publishing Co, UK).

This is very sobering. The Quadrant website should be mandatory reading for all senators prior to voting.

No wonder the govt has stooped to name calling and ridicule in an attempt to stop these people. They prove the ETS is no answer to anything except increased taxation. 

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