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Comments from the ABC’s Counterpoint “Guestbook”


 After John Roskam of the IPA was interviewed:

Patrick Brosnan: “Thank Dog [sic] the IPA and their fellow travelers [sic] will never have any influence in this country.”


After Michael Kile read The Aztec Solution:

Captain Underpants: “Some unfunny whistling in the dark from Quadrant (Quadrant! Bloody hell!) doesn’t do a lot for what little remains of your credibility.”

Chris Dunne: “A programme which hails Ian Plimer as the messiah of anti-anthropomorphism on the climate change issue, has already declared its lack of intellectual rigour, and the childish Aztec piece only further confirms this fact.”

John Law: “I strongly object to my money being used to publicise such drivel as the readings from the Aztec solution.”

Gerard Siero:  “Climate is but one aspect of the ecological crisis humanity is creating, which could cost us our civilisation, and perhaps cause our extinction. Degeneration to bloody human sacrifice may well be an outcome – is not that the nature of (climate) wars like is already happening in Dafur? PS – What will we say to our grandchildren?”

Hermann Schwabe: “I would appreciate notification when this first modern human sacrifice will take place as I would like to witness the event.”

Fred: “Can I suggest that the first human sacrifices to the cause be Michael Duffy and Paul Comrie-Thomson. These could be followed by Barnaby Joyce, Wilson Tuckey, Steve Fielding, Nick Minchin, John Howard, Peter Walsh, George W Bush, Dick Cheney and Mitch Hooke. There will surely be more sacrifices needed in the future, so we could martyr members and supporters of the Shooters Party, the Liberal and National Parties and any other lunatic right wing party, plus the Exclusive Brethren. Scientologists could also be sacrificed to the cause, as could any religious fanatics, regardless of creed. I have little confidence that any of these sacrifices will do anything to prevent dangerous climate change, but by geez the world would be a better place with them gone!”


Listen to Michael Kile read "The Aztec Solution" on Counterpoint here

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