Peter Smith

Trumperman and the Joker Legions

BIFF! BOFF! BAM! WACK! THWACK! POW! KAPOW! KRUNCH! WHAM! ZAP! OOOFF! Devotees of Adam West’s Batman will recognise these vivid descriptions, among others, of blows landed on the villains by the crime-fighting duo. I am not sure that Mike Pence quite fits the mould of Burt Ward’s Robin but (HOLY EMULATION!) he comes close enough. Trump, however, is surely the archetypal Batman. Flawed but heroic.

Faster in print than the NYTimes, more powerful than a Clinton, able to build tall buildings before breakfast. They’d like to impeach him here and impeach him there, those Dems they try to impeach him everywhere.

Sorry, I have totally mixed comic book and literary heroes. But, let’s face it, take your pick, Trump is a superhero of one description or another. Making America Great Again, slapping down Dems as he bats away yet the latest fake exposé. Achievements already too long to count, here’s a (very) attenuated accounting.

# Taking the unemployment rate to a fifty-year low and combining that, at last, with rising wages

# Taking unemployment among blacks and Hispanics to record lows

# Performing the impossible miracle (according to Obama) of bringing back hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs

# Reducing those needing food stamps by some 7 million

# Replacing the job-killing NAFTA with the USMCA (if Pelosi would only bring it to the floor)

# Getting out of the useless and economically-destructive Paris climate agreement and making the US energy independent

# Taking on the Chinese trade cheaters when other presidents were too frightened to act

# Rebuilding the military (to keep us all safe in the effete West outside of the US)

# Heavying parasitical Europeans to pay more for their own defence when other presidents only whined about it

# Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem when other presidents wilted when it came to the crunch

# Recognising Israel’s right to the Golan Heights, making any other president you can think of a pantywaist in comparison

# Appointing two conservative (i.e., objective) judges to the Supreme Court and more than 150 (so far) to federal courts

# Building that wall and otherwise trying to strengthen border security against strident globalist opposition

RINOs like Mitt Romney and conservative Never-Trumpers like Bill Kristol viscerally disdain Trump. Seemingly they would prefer that America were destroyed by progressivism than to put up with a few crass presidential tweets? But, disdain doesn’t nearly do it to for the Left. Republican presidents are always demonised by the Left but this time is different. The hate is palpable and unremitting.

Impeachment is a constant refrain and has been since Trump first took office. Russian collusion (a non-crime) fell through after two-and-a-half years of Mueller, as then did the laughable attempt to construe Trump’s objections to Mueller as obstructing justice; i.e., obstructing attempts to fit him up.

Without missing a beat, a plot is now afoot to get Trump for abuse of power (also a non-crime). This time for suggesting that the Ukrainian president look into corruption related to Biden and his opportunistic son. And, incidentally, it is worth noting that the Ukrainian president brought up the topic of corruption in the first place.

In cahoots with a Dem-loving CIA analyst dealing in hearsay, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, of doubtful repute, shifts seamlessly from collusion and obstruction of justice to the new charge. When this fails, as it will, spies in the Deep State are sure to pass on anything they can find that they think might be used to put Trump in bad light. Already a second so-called whistle-blower within the White House has popped up, perhaps in an effort to protect himself from a charge of having illicitly passed information to the first. Fancy if Obama, or any previous president, had been surrounded by an endless coterie of disloyal insider spooks out to get him.

The question arises. Why is the hate and the accompanying desperation to take Trump down so intense? This is my take: I believe  Trump represents a defining threat to the progress of progressivism, which pre-Trump faced no such threat. Give him another five-plus years. Think of it. Many more conservative judges; border security; economic success; and, above all, a resounding election victory in 2020 which results in sensible Democrats trying to wrest back control of their party from The Squad and other green/leftist whacko jobs. It simply can’t be risked.

Stretching ahead, without Trump, is the progressives’ dream: continued indoctrination of the young, crippling climate action, transgender troops in a shrinking army, ever-more intrusive government, an ever-widening compass of disallowed “hate” speech, oppression of Christianity, destruction of national pride and its replacement with self-hatred and globalism, marginalisation of the traditional family, rampant abortion with population gaps more than filled by manipulable and compliant Third World refugees and, make no mistake, the likely  fall of Israel.

Of course, as progressivism wreaks its havoc, Islam or China or both are waiting in the wings. But progressives being deficient in the cognitive ability of weighing consequences can’t see that far.

Will Trump prove decisive in turning the tide? Will they get him first? In any event, is even two terms enough time? I don’t know but we better hope he prevails. No one else is in sight.

Trump is unique; a very special, one-off leader. A cometh-the-moment figure like Churchill in 1940. His achievements are remarkable; even more so when every day with unheard of fortitude he bats away the indefatigable baying media mob.

Imagine any other leader charged, in his adversaries’ words, with trying to get dirt from the Ukraine on his political opponent. Spin, distract, say you were taken out of context and keep your head down. Trump? He publicly invites China to also investigate Biden’s corrupt dealing. Cue: Romney appalled, media frenzy.

Trump’s a street fighter when that is exactly what is needed. Those prissy conservatives following Marquess of Queensberry Rules are akin to a Maginot Line against the Left’s blitzkrieg.

Where Trump gets the strength is completely beyond me. I don’t believe anything quite like it has happened before. If he isn’t a superhero he makes a good fist of acting like one.

11 thoughts on “Trumperman and the Joker Legions

  • Rob Brighton says:

    Wonderful article.

    For all of Trumps faults (they are legion) he does one thing that I adore.

    He annoys the right people, for that reason alone he deserves my support and yours.

  • Egil Nordang says:

    The left/socialists like to name themselves and operate under the grossly misleading term progressives.
    This is blatant theft of a positive term.
    More and more top journalists, I am pleased to report, now rightly qualify the term or avoid it.
    Referring to left/socialists as so called progressives or ‘progressives’ is one small step
    towards reclaiming the stolen language.
    Apart from that;
    Great article.

  • ianl says:

    > “He annoys the right people …”

    More than that, he drives the corrupt and despicable MSM utterly insane with their loss of credibility and power. Using tweetie-pie to circumvent MSM bile has become a wondrous, unexpected, entertaining part of life.

    A factor missing from the above list of achievements is the enabling of shale oil fracking. It has powered enormous economic progress; most (if not all other) politicians would squelch it to win a few greenie votes. Australia has a smaller opportunity in the NT shale oil sedimentary basins, now being tested with advanced drilling. All Aus States have widespread, promising deposits but only the NT has allowed the tests to proceed. Trump enabled an entire country to do this.

    [One may hope that cold, rancid tea is now spluttered all over leftie keyboards].

  • Edwina says:

    Why does the Donald and NEVER anyone else, have to always be described as “flawed”?
    Why and exactly how is he flawed? No one ever says. I would personally describe him as anything but “flawed”.
    I refuse to finish ANY article that includes this.

  • Edwina says:

    Why does the Donald and NEVER anyone else, have to always be described as “flawed”?
    Why and exactly how is he flawed? No one ever says.
    I would describe him as anything but “flawed”.

  • Doubting Thomas says:

    Edwina, that’s modern journalism. Editorialising, starting almost always in the first sentence, by using words such as “flawed”, “controversial” is nature’s way of identifying articles best ignored. We should be grateful that, like American Democrats, the ignorant idiots know not what they do.

  • Peter Smith says:

    Dear Edwina, I take your point. I too despise this craven caveat before any positive story about Trump. And I have never before, to my recollection, ever fallen into the trap. This time I led myself inadvertently into it by liking Trump to Batman who is portrayed as a flawed character. There it is . Mea culpa. And I promise never to repeat such a flawed caveat when covering the redoubtable Trump.

  • Ian MacDougall says:

    “A 2013 report published by the International Monetary Fund concluded that global fossil fuel subisides amount to $1.9 trillion annually. $1.4 trillion of this is due to externalities, $800 billion due to climate change. This estimate is based on a conservative social cost of carbon of $25 per tonne of CO2 emitted. An arguably more realistic estimate of $100 per tonne of CO2 would bring global fossil fuel subsidies to over $4 trillion per year, with $3.2 trillion due to climate change.”

  • Edwina says:

    Thank you Peter! I have to confess that I did read your superb article after all!
    I did think it an aberration at the time you using “that word” and I have to add most unlike you!

  • Lawrie Ayres says:

    Peter. You have written a wonderful summary of the most important and most influential man this century for sure and perhaps since Reagan and Thatcher. I sometimes think he was sent by God to begin to put right the foolishness that has beset the West since Vietnam. My fear is that the MSM and the Left will have him assassinated rather than allow him to serve the two terms he will otherwise have. If even the CIA are wanting to destroy him anything is possible but his courage seems to ignore the risk. I do pray for him to keep on being the Trump.

    I believe you meant to “liken” him to Batman not like him to Batman.

  • Lawrie Ayres says:

    Ian MacDougall takes his science from John Cook’s Skeptical Science the same source that gave us the really flawed survey where in he claimed 97% of scientists agreed with the concept of man made climate change. When analysed by statisticians it was determined that .3% agreed and 99.7% had some other response including no effect whatever. So Ian is misinformed. Whilst calling the non payment of a non charge a subsidy for fossil fuel he overlooks the positive contribution of that extra CO2 in increased food production which amounted to the biggest grain crop ever and the fewest people going hungry. What price that Ian? Also the reduction in desertification and increase in forests due to CO2 must surely be a credit to the burning of fossil fuels. On the one hand we have positive outcomes ignored whilst imagined negatives are loudly proclaimed. The left seem hell bent on destroying society as we know it and replacing it with something (never described) much much worse.

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