Michael Connor

Bob Brown has an affair

ACCUSATION: Tasmanians awoke on Saturday to find claims, in the Mercury, of Bob Brown’s affair – chronicled in satire defying prose:

Printed proof of love affair

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Senator Bob Brown has been holding a sustained and passionate love affair with Tasmania. Although visual proof is hardly necessary there are more than 100 photographs to attest to his reverence and adoration. The natural environment of Tasmania is Brown’s cathedral with the trees stretching their boughs to the sun being his fan vaulted columns.

Even more eclectic [than “the glistening wariness of a copperhead snake”] are photographs of his homely Liffey abode seen in an eerie haze of smoke and his partner glimpsed through a glass lightly.

AUTHOR: Clyde Selby (art critic for the Mercury)

SUBJECT: An exhibition of photos by Senator Brown

SOURCE: Mercury, February 28, 2009 – fortunately, not online

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