Michael Connor

Obama does plagiarism

I saw Simon the other day. He’s the novelist who lives in the granny flat at the back of Tracey’s. I don’t think he has ever written anything but he belongs to the local Writer’s Circle. The one that gets the grants from the Australia Council to encourage community writing and literary discussions over morning teas. He was mad with Obama and is thinking of suing him for plagiarism.

I said I thought he had to have actually published his work to complain of plagiarism but he said no it was a matter of intellectual property. He said it was all explained on Wikipedia.

Simon says that he has been working on the plot for years. He would have started writing it years ago but couldn’t decide whether to make it a bestseller, a blockbuster movie or a TV series. There is this corrupt Black politician who becomes a US senator, which sounds improbable to me, and then becomes the president of America. Simon says his character comes from Chicago, which I found pretty spooky.

And then along came Obama. Simon says he would probably make more from a court case than a TV series but it’s the principle of thing that’s got him upset not the money or the loss of residuals.

It’s not right, says Simon.

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