Rude and Crude but Definitely Justified


Pushkin House in London, in collaboration with the University of London, recently invited Israeli author Dina Rubina (above) to a literary discussion on Zoom about her books. Then she received the email below from the meeting’s moderator, Nataliya Rulyova, who demanded she state where she stands “on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict” because other invited participants need to “understand your position on this issue before responding”. That note and Ms Rubina’s blistering response are reproduced below.


From: Nataliya Rulyova

Hello, Dina!
The Pushkin House announced our upcoming conference on social media and immediately received critical messages regarding your position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They wanted to understand your position on this issue before responding. Could you formulate your position and send it to me as soon as possible?
— Natasha

Then followed Ms Rubina’s response

From: Dina Rubina
To: Nataliya Rulyova

Dear Natalia! 
You’ve written beautifully about my novels, and I’m so sorry for the time you’ve wasted, because apparently we have to cancel our meeting.

The universities of Warsaw and Torun have just canceled lectures by the wonderful Russian-speaking Israeli writer Yakov Shechter on the life of Galicia’s Jews in the 17th and 19th centuries “to avoid making the situation worse.” I suspected that this would affect me too, since academia is now the main breeding ground for the most disgusting and virulent anti-Semitism, disguised as so-called “criticism of Israel.” I was expecting something like this, and I even decided to write you an email about it… but I put it aside. It’s time for me to publish it.

This is what I want to say to all those who expect from me a quick and obsequious report on my position regarding my beloved country, which currently lives (and always has) surrounded by ferocious enemies who seek to destroy it . My country which is waging a just war today against a rabid, ruthless, deceptive and cunning enemy. The last time I apologized was in elementary school, in the principal’s office, I was 9 years old. Since then, I have been doing what I think is right, listening only to my conscience and expressing exclusively my understanding of the world order and human laws of justice.

Natalia, thank you for your efforts, and I personally ask you to send my answer to all those who are wondering.

On October 7, Saturday, the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah, the ruthless, well-trained, well-prepared and well-equipped Hamas terrorist regime of Iran, Hamas, which rules in the Gaza enclave (which Israel left around twenty years ago), attacked dozens of peaceful kibbutzim and bombarded my country with tens of thousands of rockets. Hamas has committed atrocities that even the Bible cannot describe, atrocities that rival the crimes of Sodom and Gomorrah. Atrocities filmed by the way, by GoPro cameras, the murderers having taken the horror to the point of sending the images to their families or on social networks in real time.

For hours, thousands of happy, blood-drunk beasts raped women, children and men, shooting their victims in the crotch and heads, cutting off the women’s breasts and playing football with them, cutting off the babies from the wombs of pregnant women and immediately decapitating them, tying up and burning the small children. There were so many charred bodies that, for many weeks, forensic pathologists could not cope with the enormous workload of identifying individuals.

A friend of mine, who worked in the emergency room of a New York hospital for 20 years, then in Israel for 15 years, was one of the first to arrive in the kibbutzim, as part of a team of rescuers and of doctors. She still hasn’t been able to sleep since.

While she is an emergency specialist, accustomed to dissected bodies and corpses, she fainted when she saw the macabre sight and vomited all the way back in the car. Among the Hamas militants, Palestinian civilians rushed in, participating in pogroms of unprecedented scale, pillaging, killing, dragging everything they could get their hands on. Among these “Palestinian civilians” were 450 members of this highly regarded organization UNRWA (United Nations Relief Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East).

Judging by the utter joy of the population (also captured by thousands of mobile cameras), Hamas is supported by almost the entire population of Gaza. But the essential is there for us: More than two hundred Israelis, including women, children, the elderly and foreign workers, were dragged into the beast’s den. A hundred of them are still rotting and dying in Hamas dungeons.

It goes without saying that these victims, who continue to be mocked, are of little concern to the “academic community”. But that’s not what I’m talking about right now. I am not writing this so that anyone will sympathize with the tragedy of my people.

During all these years, while the international community has literally poured hundreds of millions of dollars into this piece of land (the Gaza Strip) — UNRWA’s annual budget alone is equivalent to a billion dollars! — During all these years, Hamas used this money to build an empire with a complex system of underground tunnels, stockpile weapons, teach schoolchildren from primary school to disassemble and assemble Kalashnikov assault rifles, print textbooks in which hatred of Israel is indescribable, in which even math problems look like this calling for the murder of Jews with every word:

There were ten Jews, the shahid killed four, how many are left?

And now, when finally shocked by the monstrous crime of these bastards, Israel is waging a war of annihilation against the Hamas terrorists who so carefully prepared this war, who placed thousands of shells in all the hospitals, the schools, kindergartens…

The academic community, which was not concerned about the massacres in Syria, nor the massacre in Somalia, nor the mistreatment inflicted on the Uighurs, nor the millions of Kurds persecuted by the Turkish regime for decades, this very worried community, which wears “arafatkas” [keffiyehs], the trademark of murderers, around their necks at rallies under the slogan “Liberate Palestine from the river to the sea”, which means the total destruction of Israel (and Israelis). “Academics”, as polls show, have no idea where this river is, what it is called, where certain borders are located.

And it is this same public which asks me “to express a position clear on the issue”. Are you really serious!

As you know, I have been a professional writer for over 50 years. My novels have been translated into 40 languages, including Albanian, Turkish, Chinese, Esperanto, and many more.

Now, with great pleasure, without choosing my expressions too much, I sincerely and with all the strength of my soul send to all the brainless “intellectuals” who are interested in my position to go fuck themselves.

— Dina Rubina

Editor’s note: In translation, Ms Rubina’s surname can be found online as both “Roubina” and “Rubina”. QoL has opted for the latter spelling

46 thoughts on “Rude and Crude but Definitely Justified

  • Podargus says:

    “Academia”, with some exceptions, seems to be able to produce very stupid and nasty products.
    Why does “education” and, presumably, intellectual stimulation, have this outcome?

    • Katzenjammer says:

      They’ve been told their opinions are rational, based on firm evidence, so they believe their prejudices. The well educated find it easy to fool themselves.

  • Lewis P Buckingham says:

    When Ebrahim Raisi recently fell from a great height this was celebrated by ex pats Australians in a local business.
    Leaving work early the family and friends got together and had a party.

  • Blair says:

    Do the PM and Minister for Foreign Affairs read Quadrant?

  • Peter Marriott says:

    Well put Dina and I agree totally with your position on this barbarous mob ‘hamas’ and their so called ‘supporters’.

  • Katzenjammer says:

    Viewing how academia and the arts fraternity as cultural leaders are behaving today gives an insight into the role played by these same cohorts in Europe almost a century ago. The Nazis were Europe’s alibi.

  • Bron says:

    A lot of Germans would agree with your sentiments Ian. Dina, you put your response beautifully.

  • Ian MacDougall says:

    On the face of things, the Arab-Israeli conflict will be going on for the next 1,000 years at least, with each side backing up its territorial claims with armed force, in confirmation of the principle that goes right back through evolutionary time down through the Animal Kingdom: IF YOU CAN’T DEFEND IT, YOU DON’T OWN IT.
    Perhaps it would have been better in the WW1 (Balfour) and WW2 wash-ups if the Jewish survivors of The Holocaust had been given Bavaria, where Nazism first got going, and with The Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount, Wailing Wall and other Jewish shrines in the Lavant jackhammered out and shipped off to Bavaria, at whatever expense. But that would have turned the German people permanently against America and her allies in the face of the looming Cold War.
    So, the poor colonised (again and again and again) Palestinian population had to foot the bill, and cop it sweet. If I as a property-owner had gone up a nearby hill and come down again telling all and sundry that I had heard the voice of God telling me that the place next door, with all its improvements, rightly belonged to me, I would most likely be carted off to the nearest mental hospital. Or as Dean Rusk once remarked, it’s a bit of a stretch to claim that the first five books of the Old Testament constitute some sort of land title.
    Either the Israel-Palestine issue will eventually get sorted out to everyone’ satisfaction, or the whole Levant will go up in the flames of a nuclear war. London to a brick.

    • RAS25 says:

      Sorry Ian, but there is no historic “Palestinian” people….its a recent term employed by the British from 1917/8 to describe the remaining areas after they and the French had created 5 other Arab-run countries, from the huge area ruled by the Ottomans for 500 years. Those countries were Saudi, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and (Trans)Jordan……delightful, charming, thriving places all of them, which compete to attract the huddling masses yearning to be free.

      Prior to 1918 in the Middle East there were essentially just generic Arabs, mostly Muslims, and some Christians of various persuasions, all speaking Arab..there were Jews in various places such as Baghdad, Cairo, etc, but they were chased out or killed in 1948…..gorgeous tolerant people, those Arabs.

      The Ottomans never had a single administrative area of Palestine. There were 3 distinct vilayets, administered from Beirut, Damascus, and Jerusalem/Jaffa. The British used the term Palestinian for anyone living in their new administrative Palestine, which included my Jewish grandfather born in Ottoman Jaffa, later migrating to Melbourne.

      There are now about 1.8 million Arabs as citizens of Israel, and I understand, they call themselves Arab Israelis…..the term Palestinian is now a concoction for the Arabs and their descendants, who were NEVER accepted as Arabs into the rest of the Arab world….Greece/Turkey or Pakistan/India did population swaps after wars, as happened to Germans scattered through southeast Europe, but the Arab world preferred to leave their own kith and kin in stateless misery, to weaponise against the Jews…..what they created was the rabid junkyard dog that they now wish to have nothing to do with.

      The only viable solution is for the non-lunatic Arab states,: UAE, Jordan, Saudi and Egypt – to take over the running of Gaza for 20-50 years, until the generations whose only life ambition is to kill Jews disappear…..but that would involve some Noblesse Oblige….i doubt any of the Islamic world has such in them

      • Katzenjammer says:

        I have never read a convincing argument for establishment of an Arab Palestinian state. Being a resident in a particular territoty has never been considered a valid criteria for sovereignty. If it were, then we would need a Maronite state of Palestine, a Druze state of Palestine, a … etc. Minority rule of Middle East states in the Levant is common – Alawites in Syria, Sunnis in Iraq, an imported royalty inposed by Britain for Jordan, so a Jewish sovereign state in the Palestine Mandate region when Jews were still a minority shouldn’t have been an objection.

    • John Murphy says:

      That post is entirely ahistorical.

      The so-called Palestinians are Arabs, not descendants of some ethnic group indigenous to the land.
      You seem to be hoping that readers will think that everyone east of the Mediterranean was forever an Arab. That is dishonest at best.

      There were no Arabs in the area until about 635CE. After they conquered the place, they didn’t name it “Palestine” and they governed it variously from Damascus and Baghdad as an administrative district before being conquered by the Seljuk Turks in about 1072CE. They were conquered by the Mamluks around 1250CE, who in turn were conquered by the Ottoman Turks in 1516CE, who in turn were conquered by Britain, France and Australia in 1918CE and who gave up any claim to their former empire.

      All through this there were Jews in the land and had been since around 1500BCE at latest. For what it is worth, there is no other ethnic group that can be identified as living there for that time.

      In particular, the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians have no claim whatsoever to any of Israel.

      All that said, you are apparently prepared to dissemble and justify and reward the perpetrators of 7 October, which Ms Rubina summarised.

      Here’s the go.

      I know of one 14 years old girl who was released by these animals last November – pregnant. You seemingly want to reward her rapists.

      I know of an older woman – late 30s – who was returned last November with the semen of 67 men in her vagina and anus. You seemingly want to reward her rapists.

      I know of another woman, murdered on 7 October. Before she died, she was gang raped. Then her assailants filled her vagina with fragments of plaster and nailed it shut – yes, nailed – and drove nails into her thighs and belly. Then they blew her brains out. They uploaded video of this atrocity. You seemingly want to reward her rapists.

      Even the Nazis didn’t boast in public about the atrocities they committed. Indeed, the adverse psychological effect of shootings on members of the Einsatzgruppen was such that it formed a major part of the impulse that led to the creation of the death camps.

      Your friends exult in their cruelty; wallow in their depravity. They are even more depraved than the most depraved Nazi, so one is entitled to ask why they are your friends. One is entitled to ask why, in the third decade of the twenty-first century, you regard armed force as the arbiter of moral right as did Mao when he opined that “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun,” and proceeded to murder 75 million innocents – an act of which you must logically approve.

      Finally, I wholeheartedly endorse Ms Rubina’s parthian shot. People like you should follow her advice.

  • Paul.Harrison says:

    I commend your courage Dina, for your welcome words seem enough to break through the scum on the top of the septic tank, and finally seep through and into the unspeakable filth that they are, and ultimately into the heads of the mongrel bastards who call themselves human beings engaged in a holy war. I’m in lovely and peaceful Australia, and the assorted scum who claim fellowship with the animals of the Hamas kennel live among us also, evenf here in the land downunder. Please know this: I am the first to volunteer to join the squad of strong men who will be your guardians, for I think you will need us.

    Further, but in the same mode, my government (small g) and others, have recently voted in favour of Palestine joining the United Nations. My Government, earlier this year, paid over to the UN the yearly donation? that some one of the mongrels made law, at some stage. This amount was roughly $65 Million AUD. Now I couldn’t care less if anybody disagrees with me, but Palestine is Hamas, always has been, and the very same Australia, and the UN, have voted Hamas a terrorist organisation. Hamas, of course, is laughing all the way to the money, for as a member of the UN Hamas willl be able to source the untold riches funneled through the UN to all the failed states which deliberately support hamas and all it stands for. So, by the obviousness of it, and the stupidity of it, and the deliberateness of it, and the treason of it, and so on, hamas will quickly become the best funded terrorist organisation the world has ever seen.

    A pox on allah, and all the believers who ascribe something to it. Thank you Dina, you make me feel better that there is some person somewhere who will call these filth out for what it is. If possible, I would source a weapon of accurately measured capacity, so that it could be caused to drop on the filthy land they call Palestine and explode with such a force that the entire country and it’s cesspit of people, would be removed from the map, requiring that the coastline would need to be re-drawn.

    A pox on the houses of allah.

    • David Isaac says:

      Very gallant of you but when US aid is factored in I think the ledger is heavily in Israel’s favour. I don’t think we or America should be abetting either side. There’s plenty of resources in SW Asia to do that and to take the inevitable refugees.

    • Lewis P Buckingham says:

      One of the clear features of the Trotskyite left at Australian universities and city streets is the abject rhetoric of violence.
      This extends to boycott divestment and sanctions, a sort of soft sell Kristallnacht without the storm troopers and the bricks.
      Added is ‘the river to the sea’ and of course, the reference to the gas chambers.
      So if this is so, why advocate the destruction of the Palestinians with destruction of their land?
      Their land, from a geopolitical view, is a good place to put a gas line from Russia.
      So Russia and Iran have interest in it.
      However if Israel is to survive, it has to defeat Hamas and engineer a just peace, free from unexpected attacks of sex crazed vivisectionists heavily into mutilation of women’s bodies and capture and mutilation/hostage taking of civilians.
      Not the action of soldiers.
      Our own media, including SBS tonight, appear to see Hamas as soldiers of a fair professional force defending their children and people from indiscriminate attacks from the evil IDF.
      Incidentally some of the pictures looked staged.
      There was no blood soaking out of the white sheets wrapping the bodies of the slain.
      Its a disgrace that Hamas did not engineer a civilian refugee movement out of their last stronghold to preserve their people from inevitable harm.
      Where was Russia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria or Iran ready to broker a deal to get them out?
      As this war slowly ends with the local destruction of Hamas, its best not to add fuel to the fire by advocating more destruction.
      It remains cogent to see who we can trust in politics and our universities to have a clear eyed view of the situation.

  • Citizen Kane says:

    ‘… but when US aid is factored in the ledger is heavily in Israel’s favour’.

    Yep, That’s what moral courage and leadership looks like in the noble cause of wiping the Hamas scourge off the face of the planet just like what happened to the third Reich. And no amount of Neo Nazi inspired Jew hatred from the likes of you will change the moral righteousness of that endeavour.

  • wdr says:

    Good on her!

  • IainC says:

    These days, getting educated at a University means learning a theoretical basis for your prejudices.

  • Bron says:

    Paul. Harrison
    Be a bit more careful in what you write. You may be endangering Quadrant staff.

  • cbattle1 says:

    So, are we to fully engage in a campaign of hate against anyone who dares to criticise the State of Israel or disagrees with Zionism? I am shocked to see so much blatant and visceral hate-speech on Q.O.L.!
    For example, Paul.Harrison’s comment above; is that not hate-speech? Given Mr Harrison’s pro-Zionist bravado, would he have any objection to the forwarding of his comment to organisations representing our fellow-citizens who are of the Islamic faith? How would they react, or does it not matter what they think and feel?
    Why is there no explanation for the failure of the IDF and Mossad to foresee the actions of Oct 7, and why did it take hours to effectively respond? Were they off somewhere celebrating a Jewish holiday instead of watching their avowed enemy? Please explain.

    • Citizen Kane says:

      That is textbook victim blaming right there. Why didn’t the innocent raped woman and murdered child do more to know that their sociopath perpetrator lay in hiding ?

      You really are a toad.

      In Dina’s immortal words – ‘Go f@€k yourself’ Heinrich.!

      • William says:

        The ‘murdered babies’ have been shown to be (deliberately?) false allegations for at least a few weeks – the figures (UN) show 1 baby died when a house was shelled and one baby died in utero when the mother was killed. There is no evidence of rapes – and this is in direct refutation of Israeli allegations immediately after 7 October.
        cbattle1’s question raised a problem with the narrative- the most heavily funded intelligence agency in the world did not see people racing on motor bikes towards a ‘music festival’ held (inexplicably) right near the Gaza border? Really? This is the intelligence agency that managed to smuggle a phone into Lebanon that blew the terrorists leaders head off when he answered it?
        Now, if you have information that challenges that, by all means assert it. Instead you characterise very sage questions as ‘victim blaming’ before immediately resorting to ‘ you really are a toad’ and ‘go f@€k yourself.’
        This does not in any way help your case.

        • Citizen Kane says:

          My case does not in any way need to be helped, because it is on the right side of the Angels, facts and history. You, like all pure blood Antisemites, on the other hand are clearly the modern day equivalent of a holocaust denier. I have seen enough of the videos of October 7 and know full well what took place. I will call out toads such as yourself on every occasion they crawl from their winter hibernation, as you have chosen to do.

        • John Murphy says:

          That is out an out false.

  • Bron says:

    You really should consider taking several of these postings down.

  • Archidendron lovelliae says:

    There can not be any resolution to this Mid East conflict. The surrounding sub species of cave dwellers can not scale the evolutionary hill in a realistic time scale.

    • William says:

      That is an extraordinary thing to say – you should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Citizen Kane says:

        Middle East Islamic nations are by predominantly medieval theocracies which have failed to evolve for over a 1000 years. In many women are not even allowed to drive or have limited rights to drive during daylight hours and are punished by law if out and about without a veil. You keeping fighting the ‘good’ fight, you champion of human rights that you are – a moral and intellectual fraud no less. Truth hurts sometimes!

  • johno says:

    Interesting to see QoL’s readers include Chattel 1 and William above taking pains not to reveal their anti-semitism. Are they worse than the double talk of Vice Chanckkor Scott of Sydney University who does not know what “antifada” and “From the river to the sea” means used by when anti-Israel pro Palestinian demonstrators on his own University’s turf, is he pretending ignorance to conceal his own anti-semitism? Johno

  • johno says:


    Interesting to see QoL’s readers include Chattel 1 and William above taking pains not to reveal their anti-semitism. Are they worse than the double talk of Vice Chancllor Scott of Sydney University who does not know what “antifada” and “From the river to the sea” means used by when anti-Israel pro Palestinian demonstrators on his own University’s turf, is he pretending ignorance to conceal his own anti-semitism?

  • seagull says:

    A sorry litany of Zionist propaganda of the most extreme form from Dina Rubina. Hamas was created by Netanyahu to undermine and divide the Palestinian Authority. Netanyahu used a map to claim sovereignty over Palestine “From the river to the sea” for Zionist Israel in his address to the UN in 2023. It is also part of the Likud Party platform. Of the 2,500 persons killed on Oct 7th to 10th about half were killed by indiscriminate shelling of houses and vehicles by Israeli helicopter gunships and tanks.
    Zionist Israel was founded by terrorist acts and will probably collapse, after 75 years of warfare with all of its neighbouring Arabic speaking countries, as it is totally dependant on US for armaments and money. Both US political parties support Zionist Israel in return for the supply of $Billions of election funds. A younger generation will wake up to this.
    It is a pity that most of Quadrant Online commentators appear to have no knowledge of the history of Zionism and the creation of Israel. They appear to be unaware of the long and ongoing program of ethnic cleansing in all parts of Palestine. Nor have they read the evidence put to the ICJ concerning genocide attacks on the non-combatant people of Gaza.
    Accusing every critic of Zionist Israel of antisemitism will not excuse the war crimes of Zionist Israel. We do not want Islamic extremism, but in the Middle East, Zionist Israel is the main driver of this extremism.

    • cbattle1 says:

      Thank you seagull for flying in and expressing your opinion and providing some important facts to broaden the context of this so-called “debate”.
      Last time I checked, Quadrant Online advocated for “free speech” as being one of the central tenets of our Australian Democracy. But why is there so much vilification and demonisation on this platform, of those who criticise Zionism? Is it not a fact that only a minority of Jews support the Zionist cause? How is it “anti-Semitic” to “anti-Zionist”? I respect and admire many non-Zionist Jews, mainly those of an atheist proclivity, such as Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Murray Bookchin, Trotsky, Noam Chomsky, etc, but I support neither the “Bolshevist” nor the “Zionist” political agendas as being a solution to the “Jewish Problem” as Winston S. Churchill discussed in his article, “ZIONISM versus BOLSHEVISM – A STRUGGLE FOR THE SOUL OF
      THE JEWISH PEOPLE.” Published in the “Illustrated Sunday Herald” on February 8, 1920, page 5.
      OBTW, referring to the slogan “from the river to the sea”, we read in the Original Likud Party Platform (1977):
      “The Right of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel (Eretz Israel)
      a. The right of the Jewish People to the land of Israel is eternal and indisputable and is linked with the right to security and peace; therefore, Judea and Samaria will not be handed to any foreign administration; between the Sea and the Jordan there will only be Israeli sovereignty.”
      That sounds quite exclusive to me!
      I believe the more Zionist of the Likud Party include the lands on the east bank of the Jordan River, given by Moses to the tribes of Reuben, Gad, and half of Manasseh, to be an integral part of Eretz Israel.

      • Katzenjammer says:

        “Is it not a fact that only a minority of Jews support the Zionist cause?”
        That’s definitely not a fact. Ditto next sentence, and the one after, and …

      • Sindri says:

        “I respect and admire many non-Zionist Jews . . . such as Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Murray Bookchin, Trotsky, Noam Chomsky”
        Spare us the sniggering undergraduate antisemitism.

    • Citizen Kane says:

      It never ceases to amaze me how virile Antisemitism (always hiding behind the mask of Antizionism) will always seek to concoct the most moronic of narratives to support their unbridled hatred of Jews.
      1. Hamas emerged from the Muslim Brotherhood – only the most unhinged antisemitic conspiracy would attribute it to Netanyahu. The most basic history demonstrates that Hamas origins predate that of Netanyahu in power.
      2. Gaza came under Israel control from Eygptian rule after the 1948 six day war. It was part of Ancient Israel dating back to 3500BCE. It was onlt ceded to Palestinian control and then Hamas dictatorship in 2005 as a concession from Israel as part of the Oslo peace accords.
      3. Of the over 1200 Israeli citizens raped, tortured and murdered on Oct 7, Hamas was 100% responsible – even they will vouch for that.
      4. Most QoL commentators are well aware of the history of Zionism, the simple desire to occupy the ancient homelands of Israelites and Jews – nothing remotely sinister in that historically based aspiration. It is you who is a complete ignoramus – seagull by name, seagull by brain capacity it would seem. Go find a map and then a history book and locate where the Hebrew language and Judaism arose on this planet and when.
      5. Islamic extremism persists exactly because of half-wit useful idiots such as yourself.

  • en passant says:

    Yes, it’s all Mossad’s fault …
    I gave a presentation last October in which I explained (in part):
    “An introduction to Intelligence Operations:
    Information is the data that you receive.
    Intelligence is like a jigsaw about how you interpret the conflicting information to create one of many possible pictures on which to plan your course of action.
    Intelligence will always be an art as both sides feed misinformation and disinformation to the other side as both try to seed confusion and disguise their real intentions. It is a deadly game of hide & seek with pieces missing and some wrong, your task is to create the correct picture and formulate what should be done.
    Four Issues:
    1. Israeli Intelligence Failure: This attack by Hamas had been meticulously prepared for more than two years. Yet they fooled ALL of the western intelligence services from the US NSA, the UK GCHQ – and Mossad. Quite a feat. So how was it done?
    Since 2009 Hamas had regularly plied their ‘normal business as usual’. A raid, here, a raid there, a couple of Israeli civilians killed, the raiders exterminated, a tunnel built into Israel, a fire drone flown to cause a wildfire, a propaganda protest at the fence (hopefully with a stone-throwing Gazan youth killed), rockets fired regularly, particularly at Sderot. Win one, lose five, repeat infinitely.
    2. Hamas Deception: About three years ago, a change began to take place as Hamas was threatened by a new Islamic Jihad {IJ} (also funded by Iran) that set up for business and fought with Hamas for control of real estate on the Gaza Block. Hamas was apparently distracted by this as missile attacks dropped off significantly. Then the tunnel attacks also slowed. Best of all Hamas began to provide real-time intelligence on where the IJ launch sites were – and sometimes when they would fire. Israel would then destroy the IJ terrorists and their launch sites. How good is this? Your sworn enemy kills your enemies threatening you! Surely a win-win for all …
    Over the next two years the Israeli-Hamas relationship improved (but not to the point of leaders marrying off their sons & daughters to each other’s children).
    3. Sleeping with the Enemy: Hamas also informed the IDF when it was undertaking small military training exercises in Gaza (after all, they were being paid to be militant terorists). This might seem odd to some, but during the Cold War in Germany this was normal practice so the other side did not presume WW3 was beginning as troops mobilised. They were closely watched by the IDF – and it confirmed in their minds that Hamas were a mob of amateurs.
    Hamas and Israel also discussed improving the lot of the Gazans by increasing the number of ‘day-workers’ from the current 17,000 to more than 25,000 over the next 6-months. An additional 3,000 visas were already being processed. This was a pet project of the Israeli Left and their Useful Idiots in the West. The thought-bubble remains that, if the Gazans economic situation improved, they would lay down their arms and become more civilised like us …
    Hezbollah in the north in Lebanon, in the east in Syria and on the West Bank was far more active, thus causing the focus of the IDF to be drawn to them. Both Hezbollah and the Mullahs in Tehran began criticising Hamas for its lack of action, but it was all part of the Deception Plan.
    4. Israel has a small population, with limited manpower. This places a limit on how many of its Army Reservist majority can be away on operations and how much it can afford to pay. Fortunately, they have so many implacable enemies willing to do whatever it takes to obliterate their country and all their people, that despite being such a fractious society, and despite a recent hiccup within the IDF, their military is competent, focused and understands the stakes. Fight and win, or everyone dies.
    As usual, with the ‘improved relations with Hamas’, political and economic forces defeated the purely military requirements. Music-loving civilians paid the price.
    Hamas Main Objectives:
    1. Kill & Kill Again: Hamas had a genocidal agenda to kill everyone they came across. Men, women, children, helpless babies – everyone . The idea is not just to kill, but first to defile, torture, and create terror that this could be you and your family. In one case I watched the video showing one family that was wiped out by a ‘day-worker’ they had employed for years, but who now came back to kill them.
    2. Demonstrate to Israel that this is an Infinite War of Attrition: Hamas wanted every Jew in Israel to know their families and their children would always be vulnerable by maximising the killings in the most brutal ways. The girl in front of you might not be that pretty, and she is making a lot of noise, but Hell, for Allah, a Jihadi just has to sacrifice himself and brutally torture and rape her before cutting her throat on camera. It’s the right thing to do. This is intended to create a constant fear that is supposed to lead to a mass exodus of Jews from Israel. Which begs the question: where is safe for them?
    This has already been a propaganda success with even homosexuals and mentally ill freaks, who would be killed within hours of setting foot in Gaza, seen out protesting, marching, shouting slogans, all the while looking as cherubic as a freak can. They just need a cause to belong to …”
    I was asked by one of the audience: “What can be done to end this?”
    “Kill them all.”
    Of course, I meant Hamas, for the morally confused in the address list.

    • Katzenjammer says:

      “Israeli Intelligence Failure: This attack by Hamas had been meticulously prepared for more than two years. Yet they fooled ALL of the western intelligence services from the US NSA, the UK GCHQ – and Mossad. Quite a feat. So how was it done?”

      Remember the series of Israeli elections during half a dozen years with attempts to dethrone Netanyahu, yet he keept being returned. But the planning for October 7th began during the one time Netanyahu wasn’t prime minister and Likud wasn’t the government. Hamas planned it, thinking Bennet and Lapid would be in office for their attack. But their government collapsed, and Netanyahu was returned at the very end of 2022. Within a week the country was divided over legislative reform, with heads of military security and intelligence among those demanding Netanyahu’s resignation. After October 7th the heads of intelligence and military appologised to Israeli public, with the notable absence of Netanyahu. Did the security heads fail to advise Netanyahu, believing another minor attack they knew was being planned by Hamas might unseat Netanyahu?

  • Peter Marriott says:

    Hear, Hear, en passant and Citizen Kane.

  • Peter Fenwick says:

    The perfect response.

  • Lazlo says:

    Clearly, the truth has got out!
    Thank you Dina.

  • ChrisPer says:

    Wow! Top of the external links at Powerline Blog. This is a link that matters. Go get ’em!

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