A UN Vote That Will Live in Infamy

On the 7th of October last year, the terrorist group Hamas, which rules in Gaza and purports to represent the state of “Palestine”, committed the most foul attack upon Jewish people since the Holocaust.  Within days, that atrocity was celebrated all over the world, including in Australia.  Polls have shown the majority of Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank supported that action by Hamas, which is still the nominal government in Gaza. Hamas has vowed to repeat the actions of October 7 as often as is necessary to achieve their aim of eliminating Israel. Does anyone believe that if an election were held in Gaza today, even under, say, UN supervision, Hamas would not win?

Israel is in the middle of defending itself against this future. Australia has now voted in favour of granting Palestine, that non-existent nation, UN membership. In God’s name, what could have convinced the Albanese government that this is the right time to muddy the waters on this vexed question and signal that our support for Israel’s right to exist is less than 100 per cent?  To signal to Hamas that they are winning the propaganda war? To signal Hamas to hang in there, we’ve got your back?

Oh wait, I’m guessing Jason Clare and Tony Burke, inter alia, might have something to do with this appalling decision. The mealy-mouthed defence of this move, i.e., that it is in furtherance of a two-state solution, totally ignores the fact that Israel has offered a two-state solution, on generous terms, on at least three occasions and been rebuffed. From The Weekend Australian:

Australia’s ambassador to the United Nations James Larsen said Canberra had been “frustrated” by a “lack of progress” and wanted to signal “unwavering support for the two-state solution of Israel and Palestine living side-by-side in peace and security within recognised borders”.

So, in order to boost the chance of a two-state solution, our government has supported granting full UN membership to a non-existent state – an entity that does not possess the pre-requisites for nation status – that, under its current governance, repudiates that very same two-state solution.  Regardless of the status of Palestine, I would have thought a non-negotiable pre-condition would be that all its neighbours unconditionally support Israel’s right to exist and to defend itself to the maximum extent required.  

We now have the absurd situation that, within the UN only nine countries oppose the inclusion of Palestine.  Yet at the same time, 30 countries do not recognise Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East.

We now have the absurd situation that Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East, has a permanent agenda item devoted to it at meetings of the UN Human Rights Council.

We now have the absurd situation in which Taiwan, a vibrant and prosperous democracy, is not even afforded observer status at the United Nations, whereas the dysfunctional ethnic rabble that calls itself Palestine now has all privileges just short of voting rights.

Let me try to parse this debacle.  Our Foreign Minister Penny Wong is quoted in The Australian:

The Foreign Minister said the resolution was only the “extension of some modest additional rights” for Palestine to participate in UN forums.

“I want to be extremely clear again that this vote is not about whether Australia recognises Palestine,” Senator Wong said.

“We will do that when we think the time is right”.

“What it [the resolution] did do, consistent with the two-state solution, was to express the General Assembly’s aspiration for Palestinian membership of the United Nations, noting that this must be recommended by the United Nations Security Council, consistent with the UN Charter”.

The UN resolution in question is ES10/24.  At the time of writing, I have been unable to get hold of a copy of the resolution itself. It is not even available on the United Nations website.  It appears to have two elements.  An overarching one – membership of the UN for Palestine.  From the UN website:

Granting Palestinian membership requires a recommendation from the Security Council. At the same time, the Assembly determines that the State of Palestine is qualified for such status and recommends that the Security Council “reconsider the matter favourably”.

In other words, this was a vote for full UN membership.  Absent a veto from the US, full membership is virtually guaranteed.  Wong must be called out on her weasel words.  This was not an expression of an ‘aspiration’, as she claimed. It was a recommendation for membership, pure and simple. 

Certainly, Australian recognition of Palestine as a nation state is a separate question to UN membership. But if I were the people of Israel, and their Australian supporters, I would not be comforted by the assurance that Palestine would only be recognized by Australia when a clearly partisan Penny Wong ‘thinks the time is right’.  And, regardless of that, if Palestine were admitted to full membership of the UN, a New York minute would seem like a year compared to the time in which an Albanese government would be signing off on the lease of the brand-new Palestinian embassy.

A country suitable for inclusion as a full member of the UN should be one which we are prepared to recognise.  In voting for this part of the resolution – the State of Palestine is qualified for such status – Wong has effectively signalled that, as far as Australia is concerned, that ‘right time’ has actually come. 

The second element, also from the UN website, is:

Here are some of the changes in status that Palestine will have a right to later this year:

To be seated among Member States in alphabetical order,

Make statements on behalf of a group,

Submit proposals and amendments and introduce them,

Co-sponsor proposals and amendments, including on behalf of a group,

Propose items to be included in the provisional agenda of the regular or special, sessions and the right to request the inclusion of supplementary or additional items in the agenda of regular or special sessions,

The right of members of the delegation of the State of Palestine to be elected as officers in the plenary and the Main Committees of the General Assembly,

Full and effective participation in UN conferences and international conferences and meetings convened under the auspices of the General Assembly or, as appropriate, of other UN organs.

Doesn’t sound at all modest to me.  Short of full voting rights, what is lacking?  The key to the executive washroom?  And why do they need voting rights when they can count on the mindless support, for their proposals, of 143 other countries. 

Here is an excerpt from the speech by the Palestinian Observer, Mr Riyad Mansour:

The Permanent Observer said people have to make a decision: stand by the right of a nation to live in freedom and dignity on its ancestral land, standing with peace and recognising the rights of Palestinians or they can stand on the sidelines of history.

A nation ‘living in freedom and dignity on its ancestral land’. That phrase sounds familiar.  Was he referring to Israel, do you think?  No, I thought not.  And no discernible mention in his speech of a two-state solution that I could detect. 

In practical and humanitarian terms, this resolution achieves nothing.  It is virtue signalling on a global scale.  But it is a major propaganda victory for Hamas. The point will not be lost on Hamas that the US now stands virtually alone in opposing UN membership for Palestine.  That it has been abandoned on this issue by its closest allies, in either voting for the resolution or abstaining.  Hamas must conclude from this that its tactics are working.  I imagine the point will not be lost on the USA either. This vacillation is not the message we should be sending to a possibly incoming Trump administration.

That said, however, the US does not escape scot-free.  Its decision to withhold weapons and ammunition will also be seen by Hamas as a sign that 35,000 (claimed) deaths gets results.

This gutless decision is buttressed by the claims of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and many others, that Hamas cannot be defeated militarily, and therefore the civilian deaths occasioned by an incursion into Rafah would not be justified.  If that is true, where does it leave their vaunted two-state solution?  Hamas cannot be defeated at the ballot box, it cannot be starved financially (unless we first starve Iran financially), and despite the appalling atrocities of October 7 it is winning hearts and minds across the Western world.  Now, apparently, it can’t be defeated militarily.  Looks like we’re stuck with Hamas for the foreseeable future.  We had better hope Blinken is wrong and Netanyahu is right.

This cynical vote by Wong also undercuts the government’s limp-wristed effort to rein in the mindless antiSemitism that is infecting our streets and university campuses, and poisoning our social cohesion. 

I don’t believe in the two-state solution.  Not that it shouldn’t happen, just that it won’t, not in any meaningful sense.  Let’s assume some Arab grouping, including representatives from Palestine, agreed to a two-state proposal.   What guarantee do we have that it would hold?  That the players would not just abandon any undertakings ‘when the time is right’ to resume hostilities on some pretext or other?  And what would the UN do about that?  Revoke membership?  How has being a member state of the UN protected Ukraine?  And, more to the point, how has being a member state of the UN inhibited Russia from its depredations on Ukraine?

But even if I’m wrong about that, I’d bet my house that these events have just made such a tenuous outcome even more unlikely.

As I intimated earlier, I have no doubt that this decision – the abandonment of long-standing bipartisan policy – by the Albanese government is driven by the demographics of Western Sydney, exacerbated by uncontrolled immigration.  Don’t be fooled by the overwhelming international support for this move.  The Albanese/Wong vote was driven purely by crass local political opportunism. Is there anything this government can’t stuff up?

52 thoughts on “A UN Vote That Will Live in Infamy

  • DougD says:

    Despite its great and many faults, God save the USA.

  • Peter Marriott says:

    Good piece Peter.
    Yet another example of why we need a change of Government here and also in the US.
    The world needs a state of “palestine” like it needs a hole in the head, as the nearest name for it one could possibly get to anything ancestral for the area of gaza would be philistine…….philistine by name and definitely philistine by nature.
    The ancient Romans originally called it Palestine after the long forgotten Philistines with the proper Jewish names being Samaria and Judea…..the ancient Romans are gone and so are the Philistines , this present mob are just Arabs and have no claims to Samaria and Judea although some concession could be made for them in Gaza but it should be called Philistine , which suits them much, much better I think. The other so called “west bank” mob are the same , just Arabs…..of one persuasion or another.

    • Peter OBrien says:

      Thank you Peter

    • cbattle1 says:

      “just Arabs”? Are you implying that “Jews” are good and “Arabs” are bad? Sounds like the old “Ubermensch” and “Untermensch” story. Odd how history repeats itself over and over.
      The “Philistines” have gotten a bad rap in history, mainly because the “history” was written by the Hebrews. The archaeological evidence, after more than 100 years of digging, suggests that the Hebrews were a Canaanite people, living on the highlands, and most probably were originally much like the Philistines, and no doubt practiced human sacrifice and all the rest.

      • Daffy says:

        We know the ancient Israelites practiced the abhorrent human sacrifice: its recorded in Jewish scriptures! That was one reason YHWH judged Israel. But here’s the tip: Jews would be the only religion ever to keep this record in their scriptures. The only group to face their moral dilemmas and work through them, with the great blessing that the sins of the fathers are not visited on their sons. How’s that for moral clarity? Compare it with their enemy who is still reliving the defeats of its historic aggression from the crusades to the 1948 attack to exterminate Israel (a creation of the UN).
        And we come full circle. The West is a more enthusiastic sacrificer of children for adult beliefs than any other culture ever; I think the number is about 40 million abortions. We are in a blood-soaked and evil culture ourselves!

        • cbattle1 says:

          “All men have sinned and thus fall short of the glory of God”, as the Apostle of the Prophet Rabbi Yeshua wrote in his “Letter to the Romans” (or words to that effect). The Zionists expanding the State of Israel to include the lands of the historic Hebrew Kingdoms, are the same as those who killed the Prophets, which is why it is odd to observe American Presidents of Christian faith side by side with Israeli counterparts, wearing the yarmulke and praying at the Western Wall! What does that say? Has an American President ever prayed up at the Al-Aqsa Mosque? Have those Christian American Presidents ever read the “New Testament”?


    “Wong has, effectively, signalled that, as far as Australia is concerned, that ‘right time’ has actually come. ”
    Australia means ALL Australians. There’s been NO consultation, so it’s Peny Wong’s opinion that drives foreign policy. Most egregious! Very totalitarian!

  • DougD says:

    To understand why the idea of a Palestinian state is an absurdity, read Righteous Victims, by Benny Morris. He’s professor of history at Ben-Gurion University in Beersheba. It’s perhaps surprisingly objective.

  • padmmdpat says:

    In chapter 5 of the Qur’an, verse 21, Moses, speaking to the Israelites says this – O MY PEOPLE, GO INTO THE HOLY LAND THAT ALLAH HAS ORDAINED FOR YOU.
    It would seem some Palestinians don’t know their Qur’an.


      Regarding chapter 5 of the Qur’an, verse 21 Moses speaking to the Israelites: Islam is cunning with the interpretation of the Quran in that it provides an escape from what Westerners would assume to be ‘set in concrete’ verses. This is called Abrogation (Naskh) where a particular verse might not always apply to every situation. I dare say that the mechanism of abrogation will be used to justify the Muslim stance on Israeli territory today. Anyway it would be interesting to quote the subject verse to pro-Hamas/pro-Palestinian protestors to see the reaction. Penny Wong might even be interested. I doubt that though, She’s too far invested in the cause. More seriously, though, Hamas operatives would probably want to deprive you of your head regardless.

      • padmmdpat says:

        Ha ha! Yet why am I laughing? Because the Qur’an is laughable. Do you think Albanase or wrong Wong have read it? Of course they haven’t.
        I’m sure abrogation would come into play. It’s what one would expect from a man made ideology that covers all bases to ensure their religion is one made in the image and likeness of man.
        And yes, I should like to quote that text to the useful idiots on the campus lawns and in parliament.
        And as for fearing my head might get shopped off? Well, if I was threatened, I would respond, “And when would you like to come around and kill me? ” That usually separates the sheep from the pigs.
        Thanks for picking up on my previous comment.

    • Lazlo says:

      Ah, yes……it also says everyone is born Muslim………….they just didn’t know it at the time!

    • Lazlo says:

      Ah, yes……it also says everyone is born Muslim………….they just didn’t know it at the time!

    • cbattle1 says:

      The Koran acknowledges the Torah as God’s first communication with humanity, and the Israelites as the people chosen to communicate that message of God to the world. However, a number of times the Koran admonishes the Israelites for arguing among themselves and ignoring or killing the Prophets that God sent to them. According to the Koran, today’s State of Israel is the opposite of what God has ordained as the role of the “People of the Book”, and thus it is condemned by the faithful believers. From a Koranic perspective, the only true believers of God among the Jews are the ones who refuse to recognise the modern State of Israel, while faithfully and humbly awaiting God’s call to return to Zion. Among the “true believers” were the Jews that attended the “Holocaust Denial” international seminar in Iran, their point being that God punishes His people when they stray from the Torah, using the agency of the numerous conquering armies and periods of exile. In other words, the faithful and true believing Jews acknowledge that the modern State of Israel was an invention by the group of Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews, identifying themselves as “Zionists”, and so, purely and simply, it was human intrigue and political manoeuvring that brought about the today’s State of Israel and not the Hand of God!

      • Citizen Kane says:

        Hail Heinrich!

      • Citizen Kane says:

        Seriously.! Having now tacitly conceded that the ancient Israelites were indeed the antecedent inhabitants of the Levant, thereby destroying any argument that Israeli is an illegitimate occupation and colonisation, you resort to an argument that they weren’t ‘worthy’ in the eyes of god and the Muslims and their Koran who came a whole 3500 years later. You are pathetic. You really have nothing substantive left to add to this debate as this ‘bottom of the barrel’ contribution demonstrates.

  • exuberan says:

    Any thought of a two state solution is pure fantasy and naivete in the extreme. Nor is there any real separation between Hamas and the Gazan citizenry, that massive tunnel construction would have required years of widespread civilian co-operation. The children undergoing the massive uplift in their lives now wont forget and will emerge as the new hate filled generation dedicated to the destruction of Israel. This hate is self perpetuating. Everything Wong has done is Labor self serving exactly as Peter has described in his superb and stimulating article.

  • Peter Smith says:

    Good forthright piece Peter. What a disgrace. I wrote this on another site (in “Australia ain’t what it was”- on Catallaxy): “Australia was part of the hateful 143 countries which effectively voted for the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews. Can it be put more nicely? Perhaps. But what does it mean to Israel if those sworn to its destruction are given an elevated status in the UN, and so quickly after October 7? How can that be interpreted in any benign way?”
    Provocative maybe, but it’s an outrage to think that Albanese and Wong and their green / left / Muslim mates make out that they represent Australians at the UN. It is a great distortion of reality. They certainly don’t speak for me nor, I suspect, for any decent Australians.

  • Peter OBrien says:

    Thank you Peter. I would not class your comment as in the least provocative.

    Recently, Neil Brown, in Spectator, ran an evaluation of bad minsters in history and chose Andrew Giles as th e winner. But in my view the damage is has wrought on the country will pale into insignificance beside that being engineered by, primarily Brown, but also increasingly by Wong, who has mastered the art of speaking out of both sides of her mouth. Possibly an admirable skill in a Foreign Minister as long as it is employed in the interests of this country.

  • Citizen Kane says:

    The fact that Hamas even exist in governance over Gaza was due to an olive branch step on the road to a two-state solution by Israel at the time of the Oslo Accords in 2005. What did they get for their trouble – endless indiscriminate rocket attacks and a neighbour hell bent on their annihilation.

    The ‘River to the Sea’ is not the ancestral lands of trans Jordanian Muslim Arabs, certainly not more so than that of Jewish culture that pre-dates its existence in the Levant by some mere 5000 years. Unless or until this argument is clearly put and accepted for the factual history that it is, the ahistorical ‘de-colonialist’ leftist narrative will persist. But lets not beat around the bush here, the ‘anti-Zionists’ are a front for bitter and twisted anti-western sentiment pure and simple – they don’t just want Israel to fall they wish to take down the whole Western cultural edifice. This also need to be clearly articulated by Israel’s supporters.

    Whether this really is the sentiment of the vast majority’s hearts and minds around the globe, I am yet to be convinced. It is a noisy minority of leftist ratbags, mirrored by the same cohort in our parliaments and institutions (thanks to the long march of Neo Marxism and Postmodernism through those said institutions) who unfortunately far outnumber any wise adults in the room. With the exception of the most diehard activists and bad actors, the limited attention span of younger generations will soon grow bored and tired with the Pro-Hamas and Pro-Palestine cause and move on to the next big thing. Gaza will fade into history with Tibet and West Papua (how easily their occupation is now forgotten and overlooked) as the cause du jour of the insincere virtue signalers of the moment. Even with the atrocious UN decision, Palestine will always remain a failed proxy state of Iran with nothing to show or offer the outside world other than abject poverty, huge gulfs of inequality, political upheaval and a breeding ground for Iranian backed militia and terrorism. Israel just needs to stay the course and achieve military victory in as much as this can be achieved.

  • pgang says:

    I expect nothing less from Wong. When has she done anything in Australia’s best interests?
    On the other hand, I expect very little from Dutton either.

  • Ceres says:

    Great piece Peter.
    Decent, civilised people look on this as a litmus test of those who support murders, violent rapes and beheadings and those who do not. Labor, and Wong’s weasel words, failed this test miserably.
    Sacrifice Australian integrity, moral principles and civilised values, probably for the jobs of two Ministers Burke and Bowen. Disgraceful.

  • STD says:

    Peter I think the incompetence of the left generally and in particular Wong defies every metric of what it means to be Australian- not the least of which is common nous and a sense of practicality
    Both Wong and Albanese are representing their own political interest’s and both I consider to be political operatives of the UN first and foremost.
    Neither Wong or Albanese are even remotely what I would call Australian; both being fair dinkum liars.
    I wonder whether Dutton will get the chance to put a referendum to the Australian people to renegotiate many of the UN treaties we are signatory to…….maybe he could ask the UN if the Australian people could have a say on immigration.

    The manifestly misinformed incompetence of Wong is made abundantly clear in the following video, which really does deserve the 30min or so- it won’t disappoint.
    Democracy in the Middle East is really what is at stake here, make no mistake Putin’s fingerprints are on most of the global instabilities.
    October 7 was a gift from the Iranian proxy Hamas to the nuclear Tzar Vladimir Putin, the 7th October being his birthday.

  • Podargus says:

    The UN is way past its use by date. In fact, it stinks.
    We would all be well served if Australia departed the “organization”.
    All except Pong&Co of course.

  • dtu31393 says:

    Excellent piece Peter, with the exception of the mention of Ukraine and Russia. Russia invaded Ukraine for pretty much the same reason that Israel invaded Gaza. To stop Nazis killing their people.

  • Michael Mundy says:

    ‘Hamas cannot be defeated.’
    Hamas should be universally condemned. October 7th justice should have been swift and severe. Netanyahu has ensured that not only will Hamas survive his prolonged ‘war’, but Hamas, or a new antisemitic cult, will thrive on the electorally motivated strategy that Netenyahu has employed. Pre-October 7th Gaza was a radicalising nursery. Post-7th October Gaza and I’m talking November-May Gaza, has become a local and global terrorist super breeder. All of this ‘In God’s name’………insert name here.

  • Ross Tucker says:

    Thanks Peter. You encapsulate and concentrate to aspects effectively.
    Senator Wong says about Australia recognising Palestine:
    “We will do that when we think the time is right”.
    “will” is a commitment. Not ‘may’ or ‘consider’.
    “time is right” What on earth could that mean to Australians? Right for whom? Frightening.
    I could never have believed Australians would support the annihilation of another country – any country and its people in that country or anywhere in the world.
    My father’s and grandfather’s generations would be doing about 10,000rpm in their graves. I dread facing them in my demise.

  • vagan says:

    Logically why wouldn’t the govt also vote for other imaginary states like West Papua & Bougainville? Or even our own “sovereign nations”?

  • Max Chugg says:

    The UN and Palestine – “Birds of a feather, flying together.”
    Visit the “U.N. Watch” site, listen to the arguments presented by Hillel Neuer, confirmed by a clear inability to respond to the grave complaints made.
    Visit the site “Algeria, where are your Jews?” where Neuer asks that question of UN members who were accusing Israel of apartheid.
    Is the criticism of the UN valid, or is it propaganda?
    Available evidence is in favour of the arguments raised by UN Watch.
    Wikipedia comments that in Algeria, 97% of the population is Sunni Islam, the Jewish population has substantially decreased. It once constituted 2% of the population, so today that proportion of a total population of 44.6 million (2020) would be around 900,000. The only sites producing statistics of the Jewish population in Algeria are Jewish, most saying there are no Jews there, one site estimates 100.
    The complaint that in 2023 the UN supported at least as many resolutions against Israel as the entire rest of the world is supported.

  • Watchman Williams says:

    The recognition, by an Australian government, of a non-existent pseudo “state”, opens up the opportunity for other UN members to return the favour by granting recognition to non-existent pseudo “states” within Australia. “Australislam” perhaps, or an aboriginal “Wagyllium”. I’m sure China’s President Xi already has an alternative name for Australia.
    Ah! How wonderfully unifying and restful is multiculturalism; and how grateful we should all be for the wisdom of our political class in overruling the wishes of ignorant citizens and opening our borders to those who hate us.

  • en passant says:

    Well said Peter.
    Tony Burqa et al are so self-centred in their comfy sinecures that the deaths of thousands, the immorality of their position and the cause and consequences of their actions seem to either be beyond their comprehension or their moral compass.

  • vickisanderson says:

    Wong’s refusal, as I understand, to visit and examine some of the most horrific sites and photographs and records of 7 October should have forewarned us. I have seen it before. So many who simply won’t face, or even try to deny, the atrocities that were committed on that day.

    Why is this so? It is the old story – those who cannot concede that they have misjudged a political contest or the history that propels it. It is the gravest of errors, because it prolongs conflicts and the miseries that follow.

  • Greg Lloyd says:

    The labor party’s position on this is much more malign than domestic vote buying. Antisemitism is in the dna of this far left government, ever since these politicians were whipper snappers with loud hailers on campus. And they haven’t considered that position since.

  • David Isaac says:

    On the basis of which domestic policies are you claiming that Labor is anti-Semitic (I have seen no evidence of this in any if its domestic policies)? It is virulently anti-White and particularly anti-Australian (an Australian being a descendant of those born here before the multiracial, multicultural catastrophe). The Liberal party is frankly no better.

  • Bron says:

    David Isaac
    Your definition of an Australian is self-serving.
    I was born overseas and am proud of it. My children earn incomes in excess of Mrs Botswana levels. My son would consider giving you a thump if you said he wasn’t dinki di to his face.
    Have you been to Auschwitz yet, you expert on the holocaust?

    • David Isaac says:

      I’ve never claimed expertise on “the holocaust”.
      Whatever your attitude to where you were born, it makes no difference to the facts of Australianness. After the multicultural scourge of the 1980s it has become increasingly difficult for even the children of dinky-di Aussies to grow up feeling properly Australian. The children of blow-ins have Buckley’s and none, irrespective of income level. The very fact of you suggesting that this could make a difference is indicative of your foreignness. You, and I suspect your children, are cosmopolitan globalists with full voting rights in the administrative zone of Australia. That’s nice but it doesn’t make you Australian

      • Sindri says:

        “You, and I suspect your children, are cosmopolitan globalists with full voting rights in the administrative zone of Australia. That’s nice but it doesn’t make you Australian”.
        Good lord, he’s mad. What he means is that he suspects that Bron and his children are Jews, and therefore not Australians, but characteristically he’s too spineless to say it.
        Is “David Isaac” of German descent? If that is the case, he or his parents were in all probability “New Australians”. On his own reasoning, why is he an Australian?

        • STD says:

          Before the multiracial, multicultural crap that we were unwillingly served and forcibly made to underwrite there was a different way of feeling being Australian. Multiculturalism has changed that, some of us feel we / or no longer have an Australian identity or society; that is with the advent of the political multicultural civil invasion that has been unleashed and given rise to people pouring in here with scant regard for the wishes of Australians, but with the complicit privileged acquiesced consent of the government that is pandering to the wishes of forces outside of democratic Australia. Ask some of the lottery winner’s if they give a stuff about changing the face of this country. We have been hoodwinked.
          One can call one’s self Australian because they live in a region or they have in law Australian citizenship: but are they actually Australian. For example I would say at the risk of being racist and that most Muslims for my money, are not what I would call Australian- they look different, they think differently, they worship something altogether different(they are different) from the pre Islamic Christian notion of what Australia was-and they do not like us (enclaves)- these people abhor secular values in all its guises and they don’t deny it.
          Most Australians do not specifically want need or hanker for this type of ideological mindset being imported into this country. Think of it like going to the fruit shop and giving preference to bruised missile apples and shunning the like minded good ones- it’s madness.
          The political elites have progressively destroyed the Judeo-Christian culture and simple flavour of this country. It has been a deliberate political agenda on both sides of the political sewer..……For example John Howard ramped up immigration on his watch to record levels : and Tony Abbott was behind the manoeuvring that saw Pauline Hanson jailed………which I believe was a deliberate attempt to send a signal ( as Kim Beasley put it, ‘what we want is a knowledge nation- a noodle nation’)and message to forces outside of this country-in other words we will put a lid on this, that is any dissent that is swimming against the political globalist agenda of multiculturalism. You can take that to the bank!!!!
          Sorry Tony, don’t take it personally, (you are likeable, as you are one smart cookie that also has a good brand of bull)these are the facts as i see them and I think this has been borne/born out of the fact that neither side of politics in this country has actively sort the will of the Australian (not the Australian) people in regard to immigration; and all you conceited politicians know there is a problem because that little lady Pauline Hanson had to explain to you rotten people in really simple terms so you couldn’t hide behind the appearance of ignorance.
          Again Tony don’t take it personally, it’s just that the politicians are deliberately destroying our country by not representing democratically THE WILL OF THE MAJORITY ON THIS SUBJECT by serving us with a referendum.

          • Sindri says:

            You may well be right. Who is the bruised apple, “David Isaac” with his attempts to sanitise and rehabilitate the Nazis, or Bron and his family?

  • Bron says:

    David Isaac,
    All of my children grew up in a rural location and were champion horse riders. One of my daughters was given winning ribbons by Sir Charles Court at the Perth Royal Show. My son represented Australia in the Prince Phillips Games, held in Canada that year, and the Australian team won. Australian enough for you?
    The reason income was mentioned was to point out my children are not on social security, unlike your Arab mates.
    My kids refuse EU passports because they believe Australia is the best country in the world. But my grandson goes on skying holidays in Switzerland and Japan with his parents at the age of 13. Does that make him a globalist?
    Anyway you haven’t answered my question- have you been to Auschwitz?

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    16 May, 2024
    Monica Smit (Dutch father, Canadian mother), Avi Yemini (Jewish heritage), Rukshan Fernando (immigrated from Sri Lanka as a child)–they proved their loyalty and worth to this country during the Panicdemic. Saying that it is IMPOSSIBLE for someone to be an Australian, merely because of where or when he was born and who his parents are, is blatant discrimination. Actually, it is identity politics–the belief that a person is not what he is because of his own character, but because of the group of which he is a part (whether or not he even identifies himself with that group).

  • Bron says:

    David Isaac
    Oops. Skiing not skying. You have to excuse me, English is not my first language.

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